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DESTACO 803 Pneumatic Straight Line Action Clamp, 600 Lb Holding Cap. | AC8PJB 3CXJ5

DESTACO 803 Pneumatic Hold Down Clamp, 600 lb Holding Capacity, Steel

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Item: AC8PJB Model: 803Cross Ref: 3CXJ5
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Product Specifications:

ItemPneumatic Hold Down Clamp
Cylinder Bore1.26"
Duty CycleFair/Medium
Holding Capacity600 Lbs.
Max. Input Air Pressure (PSI)80
Operating Temp.-10 To 90 Deg.C
Plunger Height1.09"
Plunger Thread Size5/16-18
Port Size1/8 NPT

Shipping Info:

Ship weight (kg) 1.09
Ship height (cm)10.92
Ship length (cm)17.27
Ship width (cm)8.89
Country of OriginUS

Product Details:

Destaco 803 pneumatic hold down toggle clamp employs air-actuated cylinders to apply clamping pressure & hold workpieces in place. It is suitable for quick clamping in repetitive production operations. This portable pneumatic clamp allows economical use on short-run jobs with temporary fixturing. Destaco 803 pneumatic clamp is the pneumatic version of Series 603 manual clamps. It is actuated by double acting pneumatic cylinders with a maximum clamping pressure of 80 psig. This Destaco clamp is equipped with a non pivoting cylinder that can easily be hard-piped into fixtures and is equipped with a magnetic piston ring for accurate position sensing. It is completely self contained & requires only a pressure source for user safety. This pneumatic hold down clamp is sensor ready for both round and T slot style sensors and features in built flow restriction to eliminate the need for external flow controls. It has an enclosed design for spot & MIG welding in dirty working environments. It is equipped with a bolt retainer for handling loads up to 600 lb and can be operated at temperatures ranging from -14 to 194 degrees F.


Destaco 803 pneumatic hold down clamp offers a broad combination of features, making it adaptable to applications such as gripping, clamping, system checking, fixturing, testing, welding, CNC machining and locating in the aerospace, automotive and food & packaging industries.


  • Destaco 803 pneumatic hold down clamp features a lever to apply pneumatic pressure to the clamping head.
  • It comes with built-in flow controls for unrestricted airflow and smooth operation.
  • This pneumatic hold down clamp is equipped with a magnetic piston ring that allows accurate position sensing.
  • Destaco 803 pneumatic toggle clamp is used to hold & fix workpieces in assembling & welding applications, and relieve operators from strenuous clamping movements.
  • It has a holding capacity of 600 lb.
  • This pneumatic toggle clamp utilises air-actuated cylinders to operate clamping action.
  • It has a T slot cylinder design to enable easy fitting into sensors & provide low-profile mounting.
  • Destaco 803 pneumatic hold down clamp features steel construction to resist corrosion.
  • This unit offers maximum air pressure input of 80 psi and can operate at temperatures ranging from -14 to 195 degrees Fahrenheit.

Compatible Accessories:

  • Destaco 807CYL: These replacement cylinder assemblies are designed to replace faulty cylinders in case the old one wears out or is defective.
  • Destaco 810169: These round reed switches feature a quick disconnect mechanism with an LED for easy set-up. These switches are IP67 rated and are activated by a magnetic ring installed on the clamp's cylinder. They are designed to be mounted to cylinders with 4 mm round grooves.
  • Destaco 8EA-109-1: These T-slot reed switches have a quick disconnect mechanism designed to be mounted to cylinders with T-slot grooves. They are IP67 rated and get activated by a magnetic ring installed on the clamp's cylinder.

Standards and Approvals:

  • Destaco 803 pneumatic hold down clamp conforms to international standards like ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 9001:2015 for ensuring environmental health & safety, and efficient performance of the clamp.


  • Destaco 803 pneumatic toggle clamp comes with threaded holes on the base for easy and secure installation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What are pneumatic toggle clamps?

A. Pneumatic toggle clamps feature the same basic design and operation as manual hold-down or straight-line toggle clamps, but are operated pneumatically. They are completely self-contained and require only a pressure source hook-up.

Q. Which grease is ideal for Destaco clamps for their rebuilding?

A. A coupling grease like Mobil XTC should be used when dealing with Destaco mechanical clamps, while the Magnalube G grease is great for use with pneumatic cylinder seals.

Q. What does holding capacity mean in terms of clamps?

A. The holding capacity or the holding force depicts the clamp's capability to hold down equipment or sheet metal on assembly lines or during manufacturing processes.

Q. What does clamping force mean?

A. Clamping force is the amount of force actually applied to a workpiece by closing & locking the clamp. It is normally less than the stated holding capacity. The actual clamping force depends on various factors, including cylinder bore, cylinder area, spindle position (clamping arm length) and available air pressure. In most cases, the clamping force is approximately 2 to 3 times the force exerted by a pneumatic cylinder.

Q. Does Destaco supply any water resistant clamp sensors?

A. Yes, Destaco also supplies inductive sensors designed in accordance with IP65 standards to ensure protection from powerful hydraulic jets, dust & heavy rain.

Q. How much pressure is a toggle clamp capable of?

A. Destaco hold down toggle clamps apply downward clamping force by increasing the applied load via toggle mechanisms. You can see the clamping force on the packaging itself, which is specified in Newton (N). Use this information with the size of the toggle clamp to work out the degree of pressure that the tool will have to exert on a piece of wood. The larger the piece of wood, the greater the pressure required.



Product Variants

ProductModelPlunger Thread SizePort SizeHolding CapacityCylinder BorePlunger HeightOperating Temp.Duty Cycle Price
DESTACO 803-ME Pneumatic Straight Line Action Clamp, M8 Plunger Thread | AJ8AXP
803-MEM81/8600 Lbs.1.26"1.09"-10 To 90 Deg.CFair/Medium-£459.00

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DESTACO 803 Pneumatic Hold Down Clamp, 600 lb Holding Capacity, Steel
£301.09 /unit (Inc. VAT)