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  • Airline Cooling Systems

    Portable airline cooling systems designed for use with ambient air pumps to provide cool breathing air. Feature a telescoping handle, inlet filter, relief valve and 5-ft hose for easy handling and functioning

  • Airline Filtration and CO Monitors

    Includes NIOSH-approved three-stage filtration systems featuring a pressure regulator, a gauge, a pressure relief valve and an optional CO monitor

  • Breathing Air Cylinder Carts

    Used as a mobile primary or emergency air supply source with pressure demand respirators and feature a low-pressure alarm and an in-line check valve

  • Cascade Airline Kits and Manifolds

    Used in reducing high-pressure airflow through respirators using a series of tee and flexible pigtail connectors

  • Fit Testing

    Includes a wide range of Bitrex fit test kits, saccharin fit test kits, smoke test kits, testing hoods, nebulisers, pipettes, tubings, and sensitivity and fit test solutions

  • PAPR Accessories

    Include various PAPR replacement parts, such as lens, gas filters, tubes, belts and blowers in different materials and sizes

  • PAPR and Supplied Air Hoods and Helmets

    Includes NIOSH-approved lightweight air hoods and helmets featuring anti-fog polycarbonate lens with anti-scratch coating to ensure a distortion-free vision

  • Respirator Accessories

    Contain various respirator replacement parts that can be used to replace worn-out parts of the breathing apparatus

  • Respiratory Equipment Storage

    Includes a wide range of respiratory equipment storage and carry bags in a variety of colours, dimensions and materials. Used to protect respirators from harsh industrial conditions

  • Supplied Air Accessories

    Used with air respirators and include couplers, plugs, gauges, regulators, filters, connectors and other replacement parts

  • Supplied Air Compressors and Ambient Air Pumps

    Lightweight pumps used to meet portable air requirements in painting, cleaning, chemical handling and similar applications. Available in a variety of flow rates and operating pressure ranges

  • Supplied Air Pump Packages

    Includes full-mask portable air systems in one, two and three full-mask supplied air respirator options

  • Supplied Air Respirators

    NIOSH-approved air respirators with "over-the-shoulder" hose design. Offer low pressure and continuous flow protection and feature a low-profile design that can fit under welding shields

Confined Space Equipment


  • Cooling Vest Inserts

    Feather ice and phase change cooling vest inserts used to reduce heat-related injuries and to keep workers cool in hot work environments. Available in different sizes in packs of 4

  • Cooling Vests

    Designed to keep workers cool in high-temperature industrial environments. Available with zippers or hook and loop closures in a variety of sizes and colours


  • Back Supports

    Include a wide range of two-stage hook-and-loop and buckle-and-lock back supports featuring a nylon suspender. Available in different materials and sizes

  • Protective Elbow and Knee Pads

    Made of high-quality, heat-resistant leather and feature an elastic strap that maintains a secure fit. Available in a variety of colours and pad materials

Disposable and Chemical Resistant Clothing

Fire Protection

  • Fire Extinguisher Cabinets

    Wall-mounted cases made of high-impact, corrosion-resistant ABS ideal for protecting fire extinguishers from dust and other contaminants. Have a load capacity of up to 30 lb

Emergency Eyewash and Shower Equipment

HVAC and Refrigeration

Specialty Heaters

  • Confined Space Heaters

    1500-watt CSA-approved confined-space tent heaters designed to raise the temperature in a work tent. Feature heavy-duty steel housing with enclosed heating elements for use in rugged environments

Gas Heaters and Accessories

Air Treatment

  • Air Cleaners

    Includes 8-inch adapters for use with axial blowers in welding and construction industries to draw or disperse fumes or contaminants out of a work area quickly and effectively


Fume Extractors and Accessories

Welding Helmets and Welding Protection

Material Handling


Hand Tools

Tool Storage and Transfer Tanks


Replacement Parts

Test Instruments

Indoor Air Quality



Lab Supplies


Sump Effluent and Sewage Pumps

  • Utility/Dewatering Pumps

    Portable and submersible pumps used in manholes, vaults, construction site drainage and effluent transfer. Ideal for use in continuous discharging operations

Since 1987, Allegro has been providing high-quality safety products and ventilation or confined space equipment for applications in construction sites, the oil & gas industry, mines and petrochemical processing facilities. The extensive Allegro Air Source Equipment range comprises ambient air pumps, air hoses, breathing cold air sources, fume extractors and blowers. Allegro ambient air pumps are compatible for use with constant flow respirators, air cylinders, pressure-demand respirators and airline respirators. These pumps feature an adjustable pressure relief valve for protecting the low-pressure components and a HEPA filter to prevent the entry of harmful particles, such as tobacco smoke and dust mites inside the equipment. They are capable of withstanding pressures and temperatures ranging from 0 to 15 psi and 32 to 104 deg F, respectively. Allegro pneumatic venturi blowers are used for ventilating hazardous or explosive vapours from tanks, process towers and large pipes in shipyards, refineries and power plants. These blowers come equipped with multiple inlet ports for ensuring high airflow output and a galvanised steel diffuser for transferring air into the sewage or industrial wastewater.The air-powered, electric and fuel-powered Allegro fans are designed to circulate air and remove toxic fumes from constrained spaces. The brand's jet fans can be used as a blower or an exhaust vent by simply reversing the mounting direction. The compressed air supply in these fans is pushed through a nozzle at the end of each blade, thereby facilitating the fans to propel at speeds up to 11000 cfm at 80 psig. Raptor Supplies, an authorised Allegro distributor, offers a wide range of these air circulation products along with respirators, protective goggles, chemical-resistant hoods, manhole cover lifters and cabinet accessories.