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With its headquarters in Owatonna, Minnesota, United States, OTC Tools manufactures diagnostic & repair tools for the manufacturing and automotive industries. Read More


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Fleet and Vehicle Maintenance Filter

Automotive MechanicalView all

  • Brake Tools

    OTC brake tools include a wide range of brake service tools designed to assist in servicing drum brakes on vehicles. They also have wheel hub kits, replacement pads, brake bleeders, brake pad gauges, master cylinder auto fillers and disc park brake calliper tool kits.

  • Car Dollies

    OTC car dollies are used to move vehicles after removing the drive train. They feature an adjustable threaded lift saddle having rubber pads & 5-inch polypropylene casters. These dollies are capable of handling a maximum load of 1800 lb.

  • Drive Train Tools

    OTC drive train tools help in servicing timing belts / timing chains and head gaskets to ensure accurate cam timings. They include cam tool kits, axle installers, master cam tool sets and supporting bars.

  • Engine Specialty Tools

    OTC engine specialty tools include belt tension gauges, master harmonic balancer installers and various sleeve removal plates in different bore sizes.

  • Exhaust Tools

    OTC exhaust tools include sensor wrenches that feature flexible head design for removing stubborn or damaged O2 sensors. They also have hanger pliers to remove rubber exhaust system hangers.

  • Fuel Systems Tools

    OTC fuel systems tools are used for fuel system repair and maintenance tasks. They include fuel injector cleaner kits, oxygen sensor sockets, propane enrichment kits and fuel line disconnect tool sets

  • Heating and Cooling Tools

    OTC heating and cooling tools like high-performance 4 CFM vacuum pumps are used with A/C systems using HFCs, HCFCs and CFCs. They feature die-cast aluminium housing and have offset rotary vanes, an integral check valve, an Iso-Valve and a durable polycarbonate base.

  • Oil Filter Wrenches

    OTC oil filter wrenches are designed for removing spin-on oil filters in automotive maintenance, transportation and manufacturing applications. Selected models feature adjustable design with heavy-duty jaws for maximum grip.

  • Suspension Tools

    OTC suspension tools include rear suspension bushing tools, ball joint service kits, hub clamp expander kits, tie rod wrenches and related accessories that are necessary for servicing vehicle suspension bushings.

Automotive Lifting ToolsView all

  • Engine Stands and Cranes

    OTC high-quality engine stands hold heavy diesel or gasoline engines mid-air for repair and maintenance jobs.

  • Service Jacks

    OTC Service Jacks include heavy-duty air lift jacks and stands and hydraulic service jacks having wheels for easy transportation. They can lift a maximum load of 10-ton and are offered in different handle materials and lengths.

  • Transmission Jacks

    OTC transmission jacks are suitable for lifting engine / transaxle assemblies, electric bus batteries, drive axle assemblies and gas tanks. They include low-lift transmission jacks and power train lifts having maximum lifting capacities of 2200 and 2500 lbs, respectively.

  • Vehicle Stands

    OTC heavy-duty adjustable stands with a steel base are used to hold loads, such as vehicles, steel rolls and heavy pipes up to 20 tons at an elevated position. They can provide lifting support between 15-1/4 and 44-1/4 inches.

Automotive Lifting/Garage EquipmentView all

  • Brake Drum Dolly

    OTC brake drum dollies are designed to install, remove or transport bulky truck brake drums and hub assemblies. They come equipped with pneumatic rear tyres, a ratcheting jack with a 14-inch vertical lift, a fold-down handle and an onboard lube tray and toolbox.

  • Oil Filter Crusher

    OTC oil filter crushers are ideal for crushing oil filters in automotive, maintenance and recycling operations. Selected models have a large crushing chamber for handling up to 4 filters simultaneously and are available in air operated and electric/hydraulic variants.

  • Vehicle Lift Systems

    OTC vehicle lift systems are suitable for places where restricted floor space or a lack of clear access complicates elevation. They have a single controller that works both sides of the system for a seamless level lift from the bottom of the tires to the ground.

Automotive Maintenance ToolsView all

  • Automotive Specialized Tools

    OTC automotive specialized tools include a broad range of steel, steering wheel puller leg kits, clutch adjusting tools, flywheel puller sets, pulley removers and diesel filter cleaners.

  • Thread Chasers

    OTC thread chasers are used to cut, clean or restore external threads on a part. These thread chasers are critical while dealing with torque-load threaded holes like cylinder head bolt holes in an engine block's deck.

Automotive ExteriorView all

  • Exterior Automotive Accessories

    Includes automotive cylinder seal replacement kits designed to seal the gap between different parts of a hydraulic cylinder. Contain 2 Alemite grease fittings, an external retaining ring, a U-cup packing, a slip retainer, a wiper rod, a cylinder bushing and a retaining ring and nut

Automotive LubricantsView all

  • Fluid Evacuator

    Lightweight and portable fluid evacuators to extract or remove a wide variety of fluids including engine oils, coolants and transaxle grease from small engines, RVs, ATVs and reservoirs

Automotive Diagnostics and InspectionView all

  • Tester Kits

    Includes OTC Tools cylinder leakage tester kits, UV detection kits, tech-scope kits, memory savers, battery testers and fuel pressure/temperature analysers used for virtually diagnosing vehicles

About Otc Tools

The OTC Tools catalogue comprises infrared thermometers, battery testers, diagnostic tools, pullers, bearing splitters, service jacks, grapplers, power train lifts, work lights, service hammers, tire pressure monitoring devices, wrenches, sockets, fluid evacuators, suspension tools and hydraulic pumps. The brand's pilot bearing pullers are designed for pulling the pilot bearings from the crankshaft's end and for removing and installing spare parts / components in automotive maintenance facilities. These OTC Tools bearing pullers feature a built-in restriction plate for preventing the puller jaws from spinning once the force is applied. They feature Tee handle design for ease of operation and eliminating any requirement for additional tools. These pilot bearing pullers have heat-treated steel construction for withstanding harsh industrial abuse. OTC Tools pilot bearing pullers are subjected to rigorous tests which exceed their rated capacity, ensuring complete user safety in industrial environments.

OTC Tools infrared thermometers are designed for measuring the surface temperature of the target for automotive applications. These IR thermometers have an integrated optical lens for precisely collecting the radiated infrared energy & delivering high accuracy measurements on a wide temperature scale. These thermometers also have a built-in laser pointer for measuring the temperature of the surface with precision. They feature low battery visual indicators for warning against low battery in advance. Choose from a wide range of OTC Tools puller devices and speciality tools, such as hydraulic presses, engine stands, lifting systems, crimping tools and wheel dollies, on Raptor Supplies.

Things To Consider

Cross-Reference Alternatives

OTC Tools part numbers often cross-reference to various Robinair products. So, if you're looking for an OTC Tools device that is either obsolete or out of stock, chances are we have the equivalent item available.


These diagnostic tools are small in size and require compact packaging. They are suitable for courier shipment & air freight.

Major Trade Names

Otc Tools Competitive Advantages

OTC Tools Grip-O-Matic pullers

OTC Tools Grip-O-Matic pullers offer jaw style design, providing complete grip on machine elements (couplings, bearings & pulleys) to extract. These jaws can be locked in place for preventing any chances of slippage during part extraction. OTC Tools jaw style pullers have heat-treated steel construction for withstanding harsh industrial abuse. Additionally, these mechanical jaws can be easily adjusted for gripping a range of couplings, bearings & pulleys depending upon the application requirement.

OTC Genisys Evo software

OTC Tools Genisys Evo software diagnoses faults in vehicles for automotive maintenance and repair applications. This software is installed in OTC Tools diagnostic tools to perform various checks, including lateral sensor calibration, inspection / service interval reset, alternator field control IVD sensor calibration etc.

Grip-O-Matic pullers

These pullers offer jaw style design, providing complete grip on machine elements (couplings, bearings & pulleys) to extract. The jaws on these pullers can be locked in place for preventing any chances of slippage during part extraction. Their heat-treated steel construction resists bending / joints breaking under heavy loads, ensuring durability. Additionally, these mechanical jaws can be easily adjusted for gripping a range of couplings, bearings & pulleys depending upon the application requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What safety precautions do we take while using OTC Tools pullers?

  • User should check the puller for any cracks, dents or excessive wear before extracting the machinery component. Additionally, forcing screws of the puller should be checked for any traces of seizing or galling.
  • User should choose the puller size depending upon the application requirement. It should be noted that pullers rated capacity is not exceeded for operation.
  • Before extraction, the user should ensure correct alignment between the puller & the workpiece. Puller should be seated on the workpiece that needs to be removed.
  • Before applying any force, cover the workpiece with a protective cloth or shield to contain flying breakage and debris.
  • Users should not use any style of impact wrench for applying force to the puller, rather apply gradual force with hand.
  • User should wear approved eye protection, such as a protective face shield or safety goggles.

What are the types of pullers?

Various pullers are available for extracting components in machinery & vehicles like bearing splitter plates, bearing pullers, slide hammer pullers and bar type pullers.

What are the uses of OTC Tools pullers?

OTC Tools pullers are used for removing various parts like gears, bearings & pulleys from shafts. These tools have multiple arms (two or three) that circle around the part and force screw that centres up against the end of a shaft for a secure grip.

What are the uses of OTC Tools jaw type pullers?

OTC Tools 3 jaw pullers are used for removing wheel hubs, gears and pulleys for various automotive maintenance applications.

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