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OTC Tools, a subsidiary of Bosch, manufactures a wide variety of vehicle diagnostic equipment for applications in the automobile industry. Its extensive catalogue includes digital multimeters, battery chargers, pry bars, electronic testers, pullers, drum and car dollies, floor cranes, service jacks, drive train tools and circuit testers. OTC Tools indexing pry bars are designed for prying heavy and large objects during forcible entries in emergency & rescue operations. These bars are capable of indexing up to 180 degrees and a feature a 14-position locking facility for accessing constrained spaces and a knurled handle for high gripping action. For removing tie rods, pitman arms and ball joints from vehicles, OTC Tools mechanical pullers are an ideal choice because of their forcing screw providing an ample amount of power to remove stubborn components. They are available in 3/4-16 and 3/4-17 screw sizes and jaw spreads ranging from 2.25 to 2.875 inches. Choose from a wide range of these products along with other brand products, such as multimeters, engine stands, fluid evacuators and hydraulic presses on Raptor Supplies, an authorised OTC Tools distributor.

Brake Drum Dolly
  • Brake Drum Dolly
Products (2)
Brake Tools
  • Brake Tools
Products (10)
Car Dollies
  • Car Dollies
Products (1)
Drive Train Tools
  • Drive Train Tools
Products (6)
Engine Specialty Tools
  • Engine Specialty Tools
Products (13)
Engine Stands
  • Engine Stands
Products (2)
Exhaust Tools
  • Exhaust Tools
Products (2)
Fluid Evacuator
  • Fluid Evacuator
Products (3)
Fuel Systems Tools
  • Fuel Systems Tools
Products (9)
General Purpose Kits
  • General Purpose Kits
Products (1)
Hooks and Picks
  • Hooks and Picks
Products (1)
Hydraulic Presses
  • Hydraulic Presses
Products (2)
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