1. Looking online for industrial part number that isn’t listed anywhere, even on our website?
  2. Been informed that the part number you are looking for is obsolete / discontinued?
  3. Not having success with the manufacturer of the original part?

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Here at Raptor Supplies,

we understand that industrial part purchasing isn’t just about finding part numbers on websites. We also recognize that with so many part numbers, its impossible to list every single US brand industrial part number online.

Often times parts that have lasted for years break or need to be replaced and the company who sold the original part is long gone.

So we have build a sourcing team that can source virtually any US brand industrial part. Our ongoing relationships with hundreds of US manufacturers means we can get you a quote for the exact part number or replacement part fast and often at a lower cost.


What info is required to get a sourcing quote?

Honestly, whatever info you can provide. Whether its part number info, pictures of nameplates and the items or even an old purchase order if available. You can send this info via email or Whatsapp if easier.

What about sourcing motors and pumps?

Often the part numbers listed on motors and pumps will not be stock model numbers but were instead manufactured for a specific company. In that case, its important to provide the brand and model number of the equipment the motor or pump is used in.

How long does it take to get a sourcing quote?

Depending on the info provided, it can take up to 3 – 5 days to get a quote. Of course this depends on how old the item is, does the manufacturer still exist as an independent company and the quantity of information you can provide about the item you need to source.

Will you let me know if you cannot offer a quote?

Absolutely, in cases where not even an alternative exists, we will inform promptly via email.


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