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HVAC and Refrigeration Filter

A/C RefrigerationView all

  • A/C Refrigeration Accessories

    Colour-coded nylon fin comb kits ideal for straightening and cleaning fins on standard condensers and evaporators. Come equipped with a key chain to hold all the combs in one place and provide a comfortable grip

  • Halogen Leak Detectors

    CE certified ultrasensitive leak detectors featuring an electrolyte sensor, UV lights and SmartAlarm indicator to test the leak intensity on a scale of 1 - 9. Selected models (Nitrogen / refrigerant type and electronic detectors) have an instantaneous response time and automatic calibration facility

  • Manifold Gauge Set Accessories

    Includes hoses, adapters, gauges & couplers available in different angles, colours, connection sizes and materials for upgrading / replacing the existing components of manifold gauge sets

  • Manifold Gauge Sets

    Highly reliable manifold gauge sets with easy-to-read and colour-coded dial gauges ideal for testing the pressure of liquids and gases in cooling, heating, ventilation and refrigeration systems. Available in aluminium, forged aluminium alloy and forged brass materials & hose lengths up to 72 inches  

  • Refrigerant Evacuation Pumps

    Evacuation and vacuum pumps used to remove unwanted air and water contaminants from various air conditioning systems. Available in different body materials and current ratings

  • Refrigerant Recovery Systems

    Fully automatic, 1/2 hp refrigerant recovery machines for recovering liquid and vapour refrigerants. Shut off automatically at 15 inches of vacuum and restart when pressure rises

  • Refrigerant Scales

    Portable electronic refrigerant charging / recovery scales with a 9 x 9 inch platform for measuring the weight of a refrigerant cylinder before adding the refrigerant to a recovery system. Come with a charging module, a power pack and a carrying case

Refrigeration Test EquipmentView all

  • Gauges and Electronics

    Superheat / subcool calculators; and digital LCD, SuperEvac LCD & handheld vacuum gauges used for taking precise readings and sensing deep vacuum ranges. Feature a factory-calibrated sensor capable of handling pressures up to 760000 microns and an automatic battery saver that shuts off the gauge after 20 mins

About the Brand

Yellow Jacket, a brand of Ritchie Engineering Inc, has been offering a wide range of tools and equipment for the automotive and HVAC / R industries. Its extensive catalogue includes charging systems, diagnostic tools, specialised gauges, refrigerant recovery and vacuum pump systems, charging hoses, leak detectors and monitors. Yellow Jacket vacuum gauges are designed for monitoring air pressure inside engines and industrial machines for nautical research and development applications. These gauges feature a patented thermal conductivity sensor for compensating the temperature and an automatic shut-off mechanism for reducing the power usage when not in use. Yellow Jacket vacuum pumps are ideal due to their oil reservoir port with a wide mouth opening allowing easier filling operation. These 2-stage rotary vane pumps also have a completely sealed chamber to prevent oil leakages and are capable of displacing liquids at a maximum rate of 8 cfm. Choose from a wide range of these products along with hand ratchets, manometers and manifold gauge set accessories from Yellow Jacket on Raptor Supplies.

Brand Exclusive Products