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Material Handling

Storage Bins and Containers

  • Attached Lid Containers

    Industrial-grade reusable and stackable lid containers with textured bottoms for a slip-resistant grip. Ideal for shipping, distribution and order picking applications

  • Bin And Box Accessories

    Includes storage equipment accessories such as bin cups, lids and rails; label holders, and hanging brackets and straps

  • Bin Dividers

    Used to create compartments in a bin to increase and customise storage space. Available in hanging, insight, shelf bin, stacking bin, shelf drawer and tote divider variants

  • Conductive Bins

    ESD-conductive bins to protect sensitive electronic parts or devices from static electricity. Widely used in electrical and electronics industries for storage and distribution applications

  • Divider Box Accessories

    Long and short dividers used for creating subdivisions in Akro-Grids. Made from industrial-grade polymer and resistant to most of the chemicals and solvents

  • Divider Boxes

    Dividable containers used in sorting inventories. Made from industrial-grade polymer and have a maximum storage capacity of 50 lb

  • Drawer Bin Cabinets

    Includes a wide range of rust-, corrosion- and dust-proof Akro Mils storage cabinets with a fully welded heavy-duty construction. Available in different colours, materials and dimensions

  • Drawer Bins

    Heavy-duty storage drawers with a large handle for better gripping; used with mini-cabinets, racks and other shelving systems and can also be stacked to optimise storage space. Available in five different colours

  • Giant Hopper Bins

    Multipurpose and heavy-duty stackable storage containers ideal for use on shelving, carts and dollies. Feature an anti-slid stop that prevents the bins from shifting when stacked. Available in different colours and capacities

  • Hang and Stack Bins

    Akro Mils stackable bins made of industrial-grade polymer or polycarbonate. Used to optimise storage space and feature an anti-slide stop that prevents shifting of bins when stacked

  • Label Holders

    Card stock holders used to store and organise cards / documents for quick retrieval. Available in different dimensions

  • Louvered Racks and Panels

    Wall-mounted and mobile louvered panels made from cold-rolled steel for extra strength and durability. Can be used with AkroBins and InSight Bins, and are available in single- and double-sided panel models

  • Nesting Bins

    Lightweight and durable nesting containers made from industrial grade polymer. Have a maximum load capacity of 200 lb and volume capacity of 2.19 cubic foot

  • Shelf Bins

    Includes various Akro Mils shelf bins, compartment bins and indicator bins made of high-quality industrial-grade plastic. Used to organise stored items and increase storage space in shelving and cabinets. Available in different colours, capacities and dimensions

  • Stack and Nest Containers

    Corrosion-resistant and sturdy stack and nest containers with a ribbed design and textured bottom for preventing unnecessary movement of the containers when stacked. Have a maximum load capacity of 500 lb

  • Straight Wall Containers

    Heavy-duty stacking and wall containers with open handles on all the sides. Have strong stacking rims and external ribbing for secure stacking and are available in solid and mesh variants

  • Tip Out Bins


  • Tote Lids

    Reusable lids for nest and stack containers and are used to prevent stored contents from dust

  • Totes

    Cross-stacking totes featuring an anti-slide stop and reinforcing ribs for preventing shifting of totes. Made of high-density industrial grade polymer and have moulded-in handles

Shelving and Storage Racks

  • Bin Rail Systems

    Heavy-duty steel racks designed to hang and stack multiple AkroBins and InSight Bins, resulting in optimal space utilisation and increased material handling efficiency. Available in single- and double-sided pick rack models

  • Bin Shelving

    Durable and rust-resistant shelving made from industrial-grade steel. Available in single sided and double-sided pick rack models

  • Rack Accessories


  • Shelving


Hoppers and Cube Trucks

  • Cube Trucks

    Medium- and heavy-duty polyethylene cube carts having a maximum load capacity of 450 lb. Feature rubber / semi-pneumatic wheels with sturdy handles for easy movement

  • Tilt Trucks


Utility Carts

Hand Trucks

  • Cylinder Hand Trucks

    Steel-made hand trucks, including cylinder caddies and heavy-duty holding chains, used for safely transporting and storing multiple gas cylinders at the same time. Have a maximum load capacity of 50 lb

  • Specialty Hand Trucks


Mobile Bin Carts and Workstations

  • Mobile Bin Carts

    Steel-made mobile bin (wire) shelving with 6 shelves and 30 plastic bins to move tools or equipment in a workplace for easy access. Offer a maximum load capacity of 2000 lb

Stock Picking and Putaway Carts

  • Platform Trucks

    Versatile and heavy-duty structural foam platform trucks with a non-skid and chemical-resistant surface. Available in 24 x 48 inch and 30 x 60 inch variants with a maximum load-holding capacity of 2000 lb


  • Bin Cabinets

    All-welded, powder coated steel cabinets featuring a keyed handle with a 3-point locking mechanism. Louvered panel variants also available

Dollies and Movers

  • Dollies

    Steel dollies used to move and transport large storage bins and containers. Have an all-welded 13-gauge steel body with a powder coated finish

A part of Myers Industries, Inc., Akro-Mils offers reliable storage and transport solutions for material handling applications. Its extensive catalogue includes cabinets, louvred systems, bins, containers, shelving systems and nest & stack totes. Akro-Mils storage drawers feature a large handle to allow easy pulling while ensuring a comfortable grip, ideal for dust-free and secure storage of essentials. These drawers are made of plastic and have a backstop tab which enables easy hanging from shelves. They are available in blue and grey colours for easier identification of inside contents. For secure & organised order picking, closed-loop distribution and storage applications, Akro-Mils offers containers with attached lids to keep contents dust- and damage-free. These containers feature a textured bottom offering secure grip on a conveyor belt and moulded-in handles for easy lifting & carrying. Raptor Supplies is an authorised Akro-Mils distributor offering a wide range of these containers and other company products such as platform trucks, hand trucks, dollies and mobile carts.