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A part of Myers Industries, Inc., Akro-Mils offers reliable storage and transport solutions for material handling applications. Its extensive catalogue includes cabinets, louvred systems, bins, containers, shelving systems and nest & stack totes. Akro-Mils storage drawers feature a large handle to allow easy pulling while ensuring a comfortable grip, ideal for dust-free and secure storage of essentials. These drawers are made of plastic and have a backstop tab which enables easy hanging from shelves. They are available in blue and grey colou

Bin Cabinets
  • Bin Cabinets
Products (9)
Bin Dividers
  • Bin Dividers
Products (46)
Bin Rail Systems
  • Bin Rail Systems
Products (4)
Bin Shelving
  • Bin Shelving
Products (91)
Conductive Bins
  • Conductive Bins
Products (5)
Cube Trucks
  • Cube Trucks
Products (3)
Divider Boxes
  • Divider Boxes
Products (33)
  • Dollies
Products (2)
Drawer Bin Cabinets
  • Drawer Bin Cabinets
Products (45)
Drawer Bins
  • Drawer Bins
Products (17)
Giant Hopper Bins
  • Giant Hopper Bins
Products (60)
Hang and Stack Bins
  • Hang and Stack Bins
Products (103)
Label Holders
  • Label Holders
Products (3)
Mobile Bin Carts
  • Mobile Bin Carts
Products (1)
Nesting Bins
  • Nesting Bins
Products (1)
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