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Conduit Mounting

  • Malleable iron beam clamps with a corrosion-resistant electroplated finish; used to secure conduits or cables on walls and ceilings

  • Steel made solid, slotted and half-slot channels used to mount and support lightweight structural loads, such as pipes and wires in building construction

  • Includes channel angle brackets, angle plates, clamps, cap screws, clevis hangers, connecting plates, spring nuts, joiner fittings and other fittings

Superstrut is a brand of ABB offering a complete line of fittings, hardware and accessories for various metal framing jobs. The Superstrut Product catalogue includes metal framing fittings and brackets, concrete inserts, pipe / beam clamps, strut channels and various strut channel accessories. Superstrut beam clamps are manufactured from hot-rolled carbon-steel bars, hot-rolled strip steel and malleable iron, along with a corrosion-resistant & electroplated finish. They are used to secure conduits or cables on walls and ceilings, and are available in different load ratings. The Fittings range from Superstrut includes channel angle brackets, plates, cap screws, hangers, connecting plates, joiner straps and channel nuts. Superstrut fittings (brackets) are made of hot-rolled carbon-steel and have a multi-process finish composed of electroplated zinc and gold-coloured trivalent chromium providing corrosion resistance. The malleable iron-made Superstrut pipe clamps are used to secure pipes or conduits at right angles to beams and can easily be installed using a wrench. Raptor Supplies is an authorised seller of the aforementioned Superstrut products.