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Test Instruments

Nonelectrical Properties Testing

Electrical Power Testing

Temperature and Humidity Measuring

Data Recording

Electronic/Bench Testing

  • Decade Boxes

    Durable capacitance & resistance boxes ideal for applications in circuit development. Feature 3 binding posts for isolated substitutions, and 7- and 5-decade ranges of resistance and capacitance, respectively

Air Movement

  • Air Velocity Meters and Anemometers

    Air velocity meters / anemometers accurately measure and log wind velocity, temperature, pressure and relative humidity, and are used to air-balance different environments. Available in rotary vane, metal vane, compact and hot wire variants

Process Monitoring

Indoor Air Quality

Pressure and Vacuum Measuring

Hand Tools

Measuring and Layout Tools


Extension Cords and Outlet Strips

  • Cord Adapters

    AC adapters for use with Reed data loggers and scales, thermal imaging cameras and carbon monoxide monitors

Temperature Controls

Wire Connectors

  • Battery Clamps

    Include Alligator clip sets used to connect cables / wires and charge batteries. Ideal for heavy-duty use and available in different jaw opening sizes

Plugs and Receptacles

Lab Supplies

Water Testing Equipment and Meters

Lab Equipment

Lab Instruments


Spill Control Supplies

Furniture Hospitality and Food Service

Food Service Cookware and Preparation

  • Food Service Thermometers

    Includes NIST-certified infrared thermometers used to measure temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius

Material Handling

Scales and Scale Accessories

  • Bench and Floor Scales

    Highly accurate and portable countertop scales with stainless-steel platforms and large LCD displays used for measuring weight of loads during shipping, receiving, scrap-recycling and inventory control operations

REED Instruments is a leading manufacturer of premium-quality portable instruments ideal for precision test and measurement applications in various maintenance, quality control, HVAC / R and electrical industries. The REED Instruments Catalogue includes a wide range of electrical, temperature measurement, humidity measurement, industrial maintenance, water quality management and calibration instruments. The brand's thermo-anemometers are versatile units that quickly measure the air velocity in HVAC inspections, duct traverses and testing. The brand's R1900 Series air velocity meters are capable of measuring & displaying the air velocity (in fpm, m/s, km/h, mph & knots) and temperature (ranging from 14 to 122 degrees F), simultaneously and come with a Beaufort scale featuring a digital bar graph indicator, a data hold function and a rotating vane with low friction & improved accuracy (batteries are included). REED also manufactures humidity measurement instruments, such as psychrometers, moisture meters and heat stress meters, for use in laboratories and museums to maintain a comfortable temperature and humidity level. Most of the REED instruments are supplied with a NIST traceable calibration certificate.