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DESTACO 640-R Straight Line Action Clamp, Flanged Base, Toggle Lock Plus | AJ8BGR

DESTACO 640-R Straight Line Action Clamp, Imperial, Toggle Lock Plus, 7500 lb

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Item: AJ8BGR Model: 640-R
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Product Specifications:

ItemStraight Line Action Clamp
Base Length8.53"
Base Width3"
Handle StyleStraight
Holding Capacity7500 Lbs.
Mounting BaseFlange
Overall Height4.28"
Overall Length12.650"
Plunger Height1.25"
Plunger Thread Size1/2-13
Toggle Lock PlusYes

Shipping Info:

Ship weight (kg) 3.06
Ship height (cm)10.87
Ship length (cm)32.13
Ship width (cm)7.62
Country of OriginUS

Product Details:

Straight line action clamps are suitable for holding workpieces securely by moving the clamp plungers along their axis using heavy duty push & pull toggle clamping action. These straight line action clamps can either be locked in both extended and retracted positions for use as both pull and push clamps, or in only extended position for use as push clamps. They are used in the aerospace, consumer goods, automotive and food & packaging industries for testing, welding, fixturing, tensioning, CNC machining & plastic injection moulding applications. Destaco 640 Series clamps feature a lever handle that is moved for locking the round sliding plunger in either pulling or pushing direction to hold workpieces. These clamps feature the longest plunger stroke of all Destaco straight line action clamps and a flanged base for easy mounting & heavy duty clamping of workpieces. Destaco 640-R straight line action clamp has imperial internal threaded plungers for quick fastening of the imperially threaded spindle. It is made of steel to provide structural rigidity & long life and prevent damage caused due to rough handling. This clamp is integrated with the Toggle Lock Plus mechanism to prevent accidental opening of the clamp & ensure maintenance of over-centre locking condition.
Raptor Supplies also offers similar manual clamps with metric internal threaded plungers for accommodating spindle assemblies to hold workpieces. Also, these straight line action clamps are available in a variant without the Toggle Lock Plus mechanism to save operating costs where secondary locking of the clamp is not required.


  • This Destaco 640-R straight line action clamp is used for assembly & testing, checking & welding fixtures and tensioning operations in the aerospace, automotive, transportation and food processing & packaging industries.


  • Destaco 640-R straight line action clamp is equipped with a round plunger having a height of 1.25 inches and 1/2-13 (imperial) thread.
  • It has Toggle Lock Plus mechanism to prevent accidental opening due to vibrations.
  • This clamp has steel construction for holding a maximum load of 7500 lb without breaking or bending.
  • It has the longest stroke plunger travel (4 inch) of Destaco's straight line action clamps.
  • This clamp can be locked in both retracted and extended positions for user convenience.
  • It also has a handle with ergonomic grip to minimise user fatigue over prolonged use.
  • The clamp's handle rotates and falls below the mounting plane to lock the clamp in the retracted position.
  • This clamp provide an exerting force (pushing) to applied force (pulling) ratio of 35:1.
  • It has a flanged base for secure installation over horizontal surfaces while handling heavy duty operations.

Compatible Accessories:

  • Raptor Supplies can deliver hex head spindle (220203) to fit into the Destaco 640-R clamp plunger for secure holding of workpieces.

Standards and Approvals:

  • Destaco 640-R straight line action clamp is ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 9001:2015 compliant for user safety, environmental health and efficient performance of the clamp.


  • Destaco 640-R straight line action clamp is securely mounted to surfaces using 3 threaded holes on both sides of the clamp base.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What other variants of Destaco 640-R clamp are available on Raptor Supplies?

A. Raptor Supplies offers these manual clamps with M12 (metric) threaded plunger (640-MR) to accommodate metric threaded spindle assemblies. Destaco also supplies a similar clamp without the Toggle Lock Plus feature (640) to reduce operating costs where this secondary locking system is not required. For more variants related to Destaco 640-R clamp, refer to the Destaco 640 Series Clamps page on our website.

Q. How do straight line action clamps work?

A. Straight line action clamps are manually operated using levers or handles for pushing clamp plungers against the workpieces and holding them securely.

Q. What are the benefits of using the Toggle Lock Plus mechanism in Destaco manual clamps?

A. Many Destaco manual clamps have the Toggle Lock Plus feature for acting as a secondary locking mechanism and to ensure that the clamps stay in the over-centre toggle lock condition. This mechanism is useful when fixtures of the clamp are in motion in a vibratory environment or are inverted. It provides an extra level of safety for the user and the workpiece.

Q. Are Destaco clamps corrosion resistant?

A. All Destaco carbon steel clamps are zinc plated to resist wear & tear due to harsh industrial environments and provide rust resistance. Destaco also supplies stainless steel clamps for applications requiring clamping in outdoor conditions.

Q. Does the red colour of the handle signify anything on Destaco clamps?

A. The red coloured handles alert the user about the location of the operating handle and where he should grab it.

Q. Can we remove the handles of Destaco clamps?

A. Most Destaco clamps feature grips that can be easily removed by sliding them off. But some handle grips undergo vinyl dipping to fit the underlying handle and hence, have to be cut off for removing them.

Q. Are Destaco clamps load rated for hoisting and / or lifting applications?

A. No, Destaco clamps are not designed for hoisting or lifting applications to allow safe & secure operation.



Product Variants

ProductModelPlunger Thread SizeToggle Lock PlusHolding CapacityMaterialMounting BasePlunger HeightPlunger Price
DESTACO 640 Straight Line Action Clamp, Flange Base, Steel, 7500 Lb Holding Cap. | AC8PLH 3CXT5
6401/2-13No7500 Lbs.SteelFlange1.25"Round-£187.87
DESTACO 640-M Straight Line Action Clamp, 12.65 Inch Length, 7500 Lb Holding Cap. | AJ8BCM
640-MM12No7500 Lbs.SteelFlange1.25"Round-£367.54
DESTACO 640-MR Straight Line Action Clamp, Toggle Lock Plus, 7500 Lb Cap. | AJ8BLX
640-MRM12Yes7500 Lbs.SteelFlange1.25"Round-£389.59

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DESTACO 640-R Straight Line Action Clamp, Imperial, Toggle Lock Plus, 7500 lb
£366.01 /unit (Inc. VAT)