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ALLPAX GASKET CUTTER SYSTEMS AX6020 Gasket Cutter Kit, Heavy Duty, No Cutting Board, 1/4 to 25 Inch Cutting Diameter | AG8XRW

ALLPAX GASKET CUTTER SYSTEMS AX6020 Gasket Cutter Kit, Heavy Duty, No Cutting Board, 1/4 to 25 Inch Cutting Diameter

Item: AG8XRW Model: AX6020
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£311.06 /unit (Inc. VAT)
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Product Specifications:

ItemGasket Cutter Kit
Block MaterialBrass
Board Size18" x 18"
Body MaterialBrass
Coating FinishChrome Plated
Cutting BoardYes
FinishChrome Plated
Gasket Cutter TypeExtension Style
Height3 1/2"
Includes(6) Standard Blades, (6) Heavy-Duty Blades, (1) Short Center Pin, (1) Medium Center Pin, (1) Long Center Pin, (1) Disc Pin, (1) Post with Offset Pin, (1) Pivot Post, (1) Extension Bar Pivot Post, (3) Knurled Nut for Pivot Post, (1) Extension Bar 13"-25
Length18 1/2"
Max. Work Thickness3/4"
Maximum Cutting Diameter25"
Minimum Cutting Diameter0"
Number of Pieces30
System of MeasurementImperial
TypeHeavy Duty
Used ForBrass, Chrome, Plastic, Steel
Width18 1/2"

Shipping Info:

Ship weight (kg) 5.09
Ship height (cm)8.89
Ship length (cm)46.99
Ship width (cm)46.99
Country of OriginUS

Product Details:

Allpax AX6020 heavy-duty gasket cutter kit is used in maintenance and repair, plumbing and HVAC systems to efficiently cut accurate flange gaskets on-site. It is designed for field use to enable users to reduce costly downtime by producing accurate gaskets on the spot.

Working Mechanism:

  • Choose the appropriate gasket from the Allpax gasket cutter kit.
  • Create or obtain a template that outlines the exact shape and size of the gasket you need.
  • Place the gasket material on a flat surface and secure it to prevent movement.
  • Set the gasket cutter to match the dimensions of your template.
  • Align the cutter with the gasket material's edge, ensuring it is properly positioned.
  • Apply even pressure and roll or move the cutter along the material, following the template's shape.
  • Check the cut gasket for any imperfections, like rough edges or incomplete cuts.
  • Place the gasket between mating surfaces to create a leak-free seal.


  • This gasket cutter kit features a brass cutter block with contoured edges to minimise gasket material buckling and ensure precision cuts.
  • It comes with heavy-duty blades that guarantee precise cuts through any type of gasket material.
  • This kit has chrome-plated steel extension bars that allow for gasket cuts up to 61 inches in diameter, accommodating a wide range of gasket sizes.
  • It offers an 18 x 18-inch board with a plastic non-slip, textured surface for reduced blade friction and increased durability.
  • This kit offers an ergonomic design for a secure and comfortable grip, enabling users to make accurate cuts with ease.
  • This kit is integrated with contoured edges on the brass cutter block to maintain the integrity of the gasket material during cutting and ensure precise results.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How do I clean Allpax AX6020 heavy-duty gasket cutter kit?


  • Remove any cutting blades, spacers, or other removable components from the gasket cutter.
  • Use a clean cloth or paper towel to wipe down all the components of the gasket cutter, including the main body, cutting board, and blade holders.
  • If the cutting board has accumulated debris or adhesive residue, use a mild detergent or solvent recommended by the manufacturer to clean it. Gently scrub the cutting board with a soft brush or sponge, and rinse thoroughly with water. Allow it to dry completely before reassembling.
  • If the cutting blades are dirty or have adhesive residue, carefully remove them and clean them individually. Use a solvent or cleaner suitable for the specific gasket material being cut, following the manufacturer's instructions. Ensure that the blades are thoroughly cleaned and free from any debris or residue before reassembling.
  • Once all the components are clean and dry, reassemble the gasket cutter by placing the blades, spacers, or any other removed parts back into their respective positions.
  • After cleaning and reassembling, ensure Allpax AX6020 gasket cutter kit is stored in a clean and dry environment, protected from dust and moisture.

Q. What factors should be considered while choosing a gasket cutter kit?


  • Consider the maximum and minimum diameters required for your application.
  • Ensure the kit can handle the specific materials you'll be cutting.
  • Look for features that ensure repetitive and precise cuts.
  • Assess the kit's user-friendliness and ease of maintenance.
  • Check for sturdy construction and materials.
  • Consider if the kit is lightweight and comes with a storage option.
  • Compare pricing, features and reputation for cost-effectiveness.

Q. What is the maximum cutting diameter of this set?

A. This set has a 25-inch cutting diameter. However, if you require a wider hole, then check out the brand's AX6050 gasket cutter set having a cutting diameter of 61 inches.

Q. What is the difference between manual and powered gasket cutters?

A. Manual gasket cutters require human effort to operate and are suitable for smaller projects. Powered cutters, such as CNC machines, are automated and used for larger, more precise tasks.

Product Variants

ProductModelMaximum Cutting DiameterMinimum Cutting DiameterUsed ForSystem of MeasurementMax. Work ThicknessPrice
ALLPAX GASKET CUTTER SYSTEMS AX6010 Gasket Cutter Kit, Heavy Duty, No Cutting Board, 1/4 to 13 Inch Cutting Diameter | AG8XRV
AX601013"0"Brass, Chrome, Plastic, SteelImperial3/4"£455.33
ALLPAX GASKET CUTTER SYSTEMS AX6030 Gasket Cutter Kit, Heavy Duty, No Cutting Board, 1/4 to 37 Inch Cutting Diameter | AG8XRX
AX603037"0"Brass, Chrome, Plastic, SteelImperial3/4"£510.82
ALLPAX GASKET CUTTER SYSTEMS AX6040 Gasket Cutter Kit, Heavy Duty, No Cutting Board, 1/4 to 49 Inch Cutting Diameter | AG8XRY
AX604049"0"Brass, Chrome, Plastic, SteelImperial3/4"£554.47
ALLPAX GASKET CUTTER SYSTEMS AX6050 Gasket Cutter Kit, Heavy Duty, No Cutting Board, 1/4 to 61 Inch Cutting Diameter | AG8XRZ
AX605061"0"Brass, Chrome, Plastic, SteelImperial3/4"£564.25

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ALLPAX GASKET CUTTER SYSTEMS AX6020 Gasket Cutter Kit, Heavy Duty, No Cutting Board, 1/4 to 25 Inch Cutting Diameter
£311.06 /unit (Inc. VAT)