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80/20 1010-BLACK-72 Extrusion, 4 Open T-Slot, 72 Inch Length, Aluminum, Black | AF8ZTR 29NZ64

80/20 1010-BLACK-72 Extrusion, 4 Open T-Slot, 72 Inch Length, Aluminum, Black

Item: AF8ZTR Model: 1010-BLACK-72Cross Ref: 29NZ64
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£57.47 /unit (Inc. VAT)
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Product Specifications:

ItemFraming Extrusion
Bore Dia.5.2 mm
Drop Lock2 Deg.
Modulus of Elasticity10200000 lbs./ sq. in.
Moment of Inertia0.0442 in4
Slot Width6.47mm
Surface Area0.435 sq. in.
Weight/Ft.0.5088 Lb.
Yield Strength35000 psi

Shipping Info:

Ship weight (kg) 1.28
Ship height (cm)2.54
Ship length (cm)182.88
Ship width (cm)2.54
HS code7610900050

Product Details:

80/20 1010-BLACK-72 aluminium rail extrusion is ideal for shaping displays, work benches, sound enclosures, machine guards and panel mount racks.


  • 80/20 1010-BLACK-72 black aluminium extrusion is equipped with 4 open square T-slots for ease of fastening hardware from any direction.
  • It features an anodised finish for aesthetic appearance and corrosion resistance.
  • This black aluminium extrusion has a yield strength of 35000 PSI.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is the significance of T-slots in 80/20 black aluminium rail extrusion?

A. T-slots allow users to connect a broad range of hardware to the extrusion and adjust them as required.

Q. What maximum stress can this anodised aluminium extrusion withstand before getting deformed elastically?

A. 10200000 lb/sq.inch.

Product Variants

ProductModelLengthWidthHeightGradeMoment of InertiaPrice
80/20 1010-72 Extrusion, 4 Open T-Slot, 72 Inch Length, Aluminum, Clear | AC3BNA 2RCP8
1010-7272"1"1"6105-T50.0442 in4£44.69
80/20 1010-97 Extrusion, 4 Open T-Slot, 97 Inch Length, Aluminum, Clear | AC3BNB 2RCP9
1010-9797"1"1"6105-T50.0442 in4£55.91
80/20 1010-BLACK-145 Extrusion, 4 Open T-Slot, 145 Inch Length, Aluminum, Black | AF8ZTQ 29NZ63
1010-BLACK-145145"25.4mm25.4mm6105-T50.0442 in4£133.92

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80/20 1010-BLACK-72 Extrusion, 4 Open T-Slot, 72 Inch Length, Aluminum, Black
£57.47 /unit (Inc. VAT)