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  • Aluminum Extrusions

    T-slotted / flanged extrusions manufactured from extruded 6105-T5 aluminium; ideal for automation applications, machine guarding and machine frames

  • Structural Framing System Acc.

    Joining plates, end caps, base plates, T-slots and brackets used with aluminium extruded rails in factory automation and machine guarding

About 80/20

80/20 catalogue comprises T-slot aluminium extrusions, fasteners, door & panel components, wrench sets and power tools. The brand's 15 Series inside corner brackets feature aluminium construction for structural rigidity. They have anodised finish that resists corrosion in the exposed surfaces. 80/20 single flange linear bearings provide stability and guidance to the linear motion mechanism. With a flange short design, these bearings accommodate profiles with at least three open T-slots. The bearing pads are constructed from self-lubricating UHMW, enhancing durability and performance.

Major Trade Names


UniBearings have an open design to enable custom layouts in applications with guide rails. They are easy to install / remove without taking them apart to reduce downtime & increase productivity. Their...Read More 

Xtreme DIY Series Solutions

80/20's Xtreme DIY Series solutions are a compilation of customisations to fit specific application requirements. They allow users to try diverse 80/20 T-slot aluminium profiles solutions like sliding...Read More 

Ready Tube Series

Square Ready Tube profiles having pre-drilled holes along each face fit tube insert profiles to create a custom connector for applications, such as racks, conveyor tables & shelves.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of aluminium extrusions?

Aluminium extrusions are excellent conductors of heat, suitable for use in applications requiring heat exchanging or dissipation. They are also corrosion-resistant for outdoor operations.

What finishes are available for 80/20 products?

80/20 aluminium products undergo metallic finishing processes like milling, anodising, blasting, chromate, zinc plating, powder coat & electroplating.

How are aluminium extrusions made?

Aluminium extrusion are made by pushing aluminium material through a shaped die. The extruded material comes out of the die by forming an extended piece having the same profile as the die opening.

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