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Material Handling


  • Chain Slings

    Made of rust- and abrasion-resistant alloy-steel and ideal for rugged lifting applications. Grade 100 and Grade 80 slings available in different dimensions and attachment types

  • Round Slings

    Colour-coded nylon / polyester slings used to lift a variety of cargo. Available in endless and eye and eye variants

  • Sling Accessories

    Replacement accessories such as recovery strap pads with a durable polyester webbing and plastic corner guards suitable for use with Lift-All load huggers

  • Web Sling Wear Pads

    Nylon / Pukka wear pads used to prevent property damage and personal injury. White and yellow variants available in different sizes

  • Web Slings

    Lightweight polyester / nylon web slings used for lifting highly fragile and heavy loads. Can be used in basket and choker hitches

  • Wire Mesh Slings

    Corrosion-resistant galvanised carbon steel slings ideal for highly abrasive loads. Used in vertical, choker and basket applications

  • Wire Rope Slings

    Abrasion-resistant steel slings ideal for heavy-duty lifting and rigging. Available in eye and eye and two bridle variants

Straps and Tie Downs

  • Cargo Straps

    Sturdy and flexible polyester straps with steel ends used to hold down cargo during transit. Available in different sizes, adjustment types, fitting styles and breaking strengths

  • Load Binders

    Lever- / ratchet-type load binders suitable for tightening loaded ropes / straps / chains to ensure a secure grip. Allow incremental release of tension by pivoting the body to prevent kickback of loads

  • Logistics Straps

    Ratchet and cam buckle steel straps used to secure cargo in transit vehicles. Available in different working load limits, strap lengths and colours


  • Winch Cables

    Steel winch cables and cable extensions used for pulling or lifting heavy loads; 6 x 19 and 6 x 19 fibre core variants available in different working load limits and lengths

Chain and Chain Accessories

  • Chain and Cable Hooks

    Sling hooks designed to easily connect to loads (max 13200 lb) having hoist rings or eye bolts. Feature a bridle design to enhance load control & balance, and built-in mounting hardware for preventing cuts / abrasion at load-bearing points

Fleet and Vehicle Maintenance

Automotive Towing

  • Towing Chains and Cables

    Includes nylon / steel / polyester chains, chain slings, and recovery and tow straps used for towing and hauling applications. Available in different work-load limits, breaking strengths and sizes

Automotive Exterior

  • Exterior Automotive Accessories

    26-ft-long, two-ply web slings featuring eyes twisted at 90 degrees for easy attachment on crane hooks and compatibility with vertical, choker and basket hitches


Pneumatics Hoses

  • Hose Safety Cables

    OSHA-compliant safety cables used to prevent accidental release of pneumatic / hydraulic pipes & hoses under pressure. Feature strong & flexible nylon-webbing construction to withstand a max pressure of 52000 psi and rubber grommets for keeping the choked eyes in place

Lift-All, an AWRF-, NSF- and ISA-affiliated manufacturer, provides safe and easy-to-use lifting equipment. The brand's extensive catalogue includes straps, chain and cable hooks, winch cables, wear pads, drum slings and tie-down winches. Lift-All cargo straps conform to U.S. DOT FMCSA and CVSA regulations and feature a soft and wide design for safeguarding the cargo against damages. These straps have polyester webbing construction for safely controlling loads up to 5000 lb and are available in J-hook, flat-hook and triangle ring fitting configurations. For heavy-duty secure lifting applications in the food processing industries, the brand's chain slings are an ideal choice because of their OSHA-certified Grade 100 / 80 alloy-steel construction offering high-temperature tolerances and resistance to abrasions. These chain slings, with one or two hooks, are available in maximum load capacity of 4700 lb for an overall reach of up to 16 ft. Choose from a wide range of these oblong links and sling hooks and other company products, such as drum lifters & dispensers, load binders and straps on Raptor Supplies, an authorised Lift-All distributor.