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Pump Accessories

  • Compression Seals

    Used for creating pressure-tight bonds between the pumping equipment and component parts. Can prevent leaks by forming a hermetic seal through axial force that helps the seal to fill all voids around an element

  • Extracting Tools

    Used to remove compression packing rings from pumps and valves. Feature interchangeable corkscrew and wood screw tips for removal of both fibrous and hardened packing, and flexible shaft extractors which make it easier to remove hard-to-reach packings

  • Pump Shaft Seals

    Self-adjusting, shaft-mounted axial lip seals designed to deflect dust, dirt, mud and water away from shafts, and prevent lubricant loss. Feature resilient nitrile rubber (NBR) whose natural tension holds the seal in place while the shaft turns

Hand Tools

Cutting Tools

  • Gasket Cutter and Accessories

    Includes a wide range of mortised and hand-operated gasket cutters and their accessories, such as scale bars, handles, shafts, cutting blades, hardware kits, thrust bearings, cutting discs and extension arms

Inspection and Retrieving Tools

  • Hooks and Picks

    Packing extraction picks used to remove compression packing rings from pumps / valves, fibrous / hardened packings and flexible shaft extractors. Available in 8-, 11- & 13-inch length variants

Since 1889, Palmetto Packing has been offering a complete line of high-quality packing materials, such as compression / pump shaft seals and extraction tools ideal for use with pumps and valves. The brand's compression packing seals are designed to help form pressure-tight bonds between pumping equipment by forming a hermetic seal, using an applied axial force, that helps the seal to fill all voids around an element. The high-performance and chemically inert Palmetto injectible packings are used to eliminate leaks, sleeve replacements, repacking and follower adjustments in worn shafts and old machines. As compared to braided packings and mechanical seals, these PAC-KING units exhibit negligible wear & tear and also do not require any additional cooling assistance. The company also offers self-adjusting and shaft-mounted pump shaft seals which are designed to deflect dust, dirt, mud and water away from the shafts, as well as to prevent lubricant loss. The natural tension and tough hinged lip of these resilient nitrile rubber (NBR) seals are capable of holding the seal in place while the shaft turns and sealing axially against a perpendicular (radial) face, respectively. Choose from a wide range of these seals and other company products, such as hooks, picks and gasket cutter sets available on Raptor Supplies, one of the authorised Palmetto Packing distributors.