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TRIM LOK INC 3100B3X3/32A-100 Trim Seal Aluminium Clip 0.26 Inch Width 100 Feet | AA2BQR 10D011

TRIM LOK INC 3100B3X3/32A-100 Trim Seal Aluminium Clip 0.26 Inch Width 100 Feet

Item: AA2BQR Model: 3100B3X3/32A-100Cross Ref: 10D011
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Product Specifications:

ItemEdge Grip Seal
Bulb Dia.0.375"
Fits Edge0.09375"
Leg Length0.562"
MaterialEPDM Closed Cell Sponge
Max. Temp.150 F
Min. Temp. Rating-20 Deg.F
Overall Height0.562"
Overall Width0.638"
StyleSide Bulb w/Vinyl Grip

Shipping Info:

Ship weight (kg) 4.5
Ship height (cm)13.97
Ship length (cm)53.34
Ship width (cm)53.34
HS code4016935050
Country of OriginUS

Product Details:

Trim Lok 3100B3X3/32A-100 trim seal is a rubber gasket that provides sealing and insulation for doors or hatches with rounded corners. It is a combination of a PVC edge trim and a sponge rubber bulb glued together to create an attractive bulb seal.

Working Mechanism:

  • The trim seal bulb contracts as the door or hatch is closed.
  • The door and panel are sealed together by compression.
  • When the hatch or door opens, the bulb shrinks back to its original dimensions.


  • Trim-Lok Inc 3100B3X3/32A-100 trim seal is an extruded elastomer used to protect the edges or surfaces of objects from sudden impacts.
  • It has a vinyl side bulb that allows gap variation while maintaining a tight seal.
  • This trim seal has EPDM sponge rubber tubing for optimum sealing.
  • It has internal aluminium clips to enhance its durability.

Standards and Approvals:

  • FMVSS 302
  • FAA / FAR 23.853
  • UL 50E
  • UL 94HB

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is the ideal temperature for this trim seal?

A. Trim-Lok trim seal provides optimum sealing within the temperature range of -20 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

Q. How does rubber moulding work?

A. Rubber moulding is the transfer, compression or injection of raw rubber material into a metal mould cavity to convert an elastomer or uncured rubber into a usable product.

Q. How to make the exterior door panel waterproof?


  • Grab the seal tape and peel off the back of the first 10 cm of stripping.
  • Press this peeled-off tape into place at the bottom of the door frame.
  • Make sure there is no space between the door and the panel.
  • Peel back more of the stripping and push it up the door frame.

Product Variants

ProductModelLeg LengthLengthOverall HeightOverall WidthStylePrice
TRIM LOK INC 5M062B3X1/64A-25 Trim Seal Aluminium Clip 0.19 Inch Width 25 Feet | AA2BPH 10C973
5M062B3X1/64A-250.375"25ft.0.375"0.385"Side Bulb w/Vinyl Grip£55.76
TRIM LOK INC 5M062B3X1/32A-25 Trim Seal Aluminium Clip 0.2 Inch Width 25 Feet | AA2BPJ 10C975
5M062B3X1/32A-250.375"25ft.0.375"0.401"Side Bulb w/Vinyl Grip£61.09
TRIM LOK INC 5M062B3X1/16A-25 Trim Seal Aluminium Clip 0.23 Inch Width 25 Feet | AA2BPK 10C977
5M062B3X1/16A-250.375"25ft.0.375"0.432"Side Bulb w/Vinyl Grip£68.10
TRIM LOK INC 5M062B3X1/16C-25 Trim Seal Aluminium Clip 0.23 Inch Width 25 Feet | AA2BPL 10C978
5M062B3X1/16C-250.375"25ft.0.575"0.2"Top Bulb w/Vinyl Grip£69.74
TRIM LOK INC 5M062B3X3/32A-25 Trim Seal Aluminium Clip 0.26 Inch Width 25 Feet | AA2BPM 10C979
5M062B3X3/32A-250.375"25ft.0.375"0.463"Side Bulb w/Vinyl Grip£67.61
TRIM LOK INC 5M062B3X3/32C-25 Trim Seal Aluminium Clip 0.26 Inch Width 25 Feet | AA2BPN 10C980
5M062B3X3/32C-250.375"25ft.0.575"0.2"Top Bulb w/Vinyl Grip£67.61
TRIM LOK INC 5M062B3X1/64A-100 Trim Seal Aluminium Clip 0.19 Inch Width 100 Feet | AA2BPP 10C981
5M062B3X1/64A-1000.375"100ft.0.375"0.385"Side Bulb w/Vinyl Grip-

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TRIM LOK INC 3100B3X3/32A-100 Trim Seal Aluminium Clip 0.26 Inch Width 100 Feet
£221.93 /unit (Inc. VAT)