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DESTACO 210-UB Vertical Hold Down Clamp, Height Under Clamp 2.2 Inch, Arm Length 3.65 Inch

  • Model: 210-UB

  • Item: AJ8BBN

  • Brand: DESTACO

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£89.16 /unit
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Product Specifications:

ItemVertical Hold Down Clamp
Bar Width (In.)0.79"
Base Length1.89"
Handle StyleStraight
Holding Capacity600 Lbs.
Mounting BaseStraight
Movement58 Deg.
Opening103 Deg
Overall Height9.11"
Overall Length6.700"
Product Datasheetdestaco-201-u.pdf
Height Under Clamp Arm2.2"
Clamp Arm Length3.65"
Clamp Bar Opening103 Deg.
Handle Opening58 Deg.
Toggle Lock PlusNo
Clamp Arm StyleU-Bar

Shipping Info:

Ship weight (kg) 0.59
Ship height (cm)17.15
Ship length (cm)12.4
Ship width (cm)3.91
Country of OriginUS

Product Details:

Destaco 210-UB vertical hold down clamp is suitable for holding workpieces in woodworking & metalworking applications. This medium duty steel clamp provides 103 (+10) degree clamp bar opening


  • Assembly & testing
  • Checking fixtures & closures
  • Welding
  • Light machining


  • Adjustable neoprene spindle for preventing workpieces from slipping
  • Handle grip for improving grip while minimising fatigue over prolonged usage

Compatible Accessories:

  • Destaco 240208-M replacement spindle assembly & 235106 washer assembly

Standards and Approvals:

  • ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015 certified


  • Straight base with mounting holes for securing the clamp to a fixed & flat surface

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is the difference between a vertical & horizontal toggle clamp?

A. The difference lies in the positioning of the handle when the clamp is in the locked position. A vertical clamp handle is positioned vertically (perpendicular to the base) when in locked position, while in the case of a horizontal toggle clamp, it is positioned horizontally (parallel to the base).

Q. How do you adjust a toggle clamp?

A. After clamping, the clamping force can be adjusted by loosening / tightening the spindle nut.

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DESTACO 210-UB Vertical Hold Down Clamp, Height Under Clamp 2.2 Inch, Arm Length 3.65 Inch