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OETIKER 177 Series Worm Drive Clamps, Stainless Steel

Worm drive clamps, also known as gear clamps, are the most widely used multi range hose clamping solutions that provide a sealed connection between hoses / pipes. When the requirement is to ensure a ...Read More

Band Material: 301 Stainless Steel , Screw Material: 410 Stainless Steel
StyleModelSize RangeBand WidthSAE SizePack SizePkg. Qty.Price
9 mm to 22 mm1/2"61010£14.02
11 mm to 25 mm1/2"81010£14.23
13 mm to 27 mm1/2"101010£22.82
14 mm to 32 mm1/2"121010£14.99
17 mm to 38 mm1/2"161010£15.72
19 mm to 44 mm1/2"201010£16.37
25 mm to 51 mm1/2"241010£16.77
32 mm to 57 mm1/2"281010£17.35
38 mm to 63 mm1/2"321010£17.53
46 mm to 70 mm1/2"361010£18.98
52 mm to 76 mm1/2"401010£20.35
57 mm to 82 mm1/2"441010£20.57
64 mm to 114 mm1/2"641010£24.45
65 mm to 89 mm1/2"481010£22.46
70 mm to 95 mm1/2"521010£22.93
76 mm to 127 mm1/2"721010£25.82
78 mm to 101 mm1/2"561010£23.69
83 mm to 108 mm1/2"601010£24.12
89 mm to 140 mm1/2"801010£27.45
102 mm to 152 mm1/2"881010£27.96
114 mm to 165 mm1/2"961010£30.02
127 mm to 178 mm1/2"1041010£40.64

177 Series Worm Drive Clamps, Stainless Steel

Oetiker 177 Series clamps are designed for fastening pipes & securing hoses in non critical, low to medium pressure applications. By clamping down the hose, these gear clamps prevent the fluid from leaking through the connection. Oetiker worm drive clamps are suitable for both low & medium pressure range applications to secure the flow of gases, liquids and chemicals. These clamps provide static tension to the hose & fitting for preventing slippage. The design of these gear clamps is simple yet effective at clamping solid fittings to pliable hoses. Oetiker worm drive clamps offer a wide clamping range which means the same sized clamp is suitable for various joint diameters. The design of these worm drive clamps ensures that the clamp grips the hose / fitting evenly throughout the circumference once installed and also prevents the chances of clamp loosening from external vibrations. Oetiker 177 Series worm drive clamps have 301 stainless steel construction that makes them an ideal choice for harsh outdoor conditions & abrasive industrial environments. These clamps feature a stainless steel hex head screw for securely adjusting & clamping the clamps in position. Oetiker 177 Series worm drive clamps are available in various diameter ranges on Raptor Supplies. The brand also offers various screw style clamps for applications that require clamp flexibility & frequent adjustments.


Oetiker 177 Series clamps are suitable for applications that involve tightening a hose around a fitting. It could be fastening a machinery part or tying components inside a car engine. These clamps are ideal for diverse applications in shipping, marine, forestry, agriculture, operations and maintenance & repair industries.

Working Mechanism

Oetiker worm drive clamps are extremely easy & quick to install due to their simple working mechanism. These gear clamps have band style design with a housing saddle & a housing screw. The housing screw of these gear clamps is loosened / tightened for increasing / decreasing the band size. The bands of Oetiker 177 Series clamps feature small perforations that engage & keep the clamp locking mechanism in position once fastened. Once installed, the locking mechanism keeps the clamp engaged and locked for extended periods even in adverse conditions & environments.


  • Flexible / Changeable Circumference: Oetiker worm drive clamps feature adjustable style band & screw housing arrangement. This feature enables the user to adjust the clamp circumference on site using a simple screwdriver or torque wrench. This adjustable band design ensures that the clamps fit hoses having various diameters.
  • Robust Housing Connection: Oetiker 177 Series worm drive clamps have robust housing connections, ensuring that the clamp withstands high radial loads upon installation.
  • Enhanced Surface Pressure: Oetiker 177 Series worm drive clamps feature curled design to provide maximum surface pressure on hoses, thereby maintaining optimum sealing. In order to shield clamped parts from scarring and prevent injuries during assembly, Oetiker worm drive clamps feature burr free strip edges. Burr free strip edges completely prevent the chances of component damage both during & after assembly.
  • Extremely Durable: Oetiker 177 Series worm drive clamps feature 301 stainless steel construction that resists wear & damage against harsh industrial conditions. These clamps have stainless steel hex screws as well for preventing screw wear due to repeated opening / closing.

Standards and Approvals

Oetiker 177 Series worm drive clamps fully comply with the designated requirements of SAE J1508 for Type F clamps.


Oetiker 177 Series worm drive clamps consist of four components. These clamps feature a housing, captive screw and band. This arrangement allows for quick & secure installation. Let's further discuss the step by step installation process.

  • Firstly, select the right size gear clamp that is suitable for the targeted application requirements. The user should match the size range of the clamp with the diameter of the hose.
  • User should turn the worm gear screw counterclockwise and open the clamp. Use the screwdriver until the screw threads are free (from the slotted band).
  • Open the clamp's band by pulling it outward from screw housing to the point it fits the hose diameter.
  • Place the clamp around the hose with the clamp's screw head facing in the direction necessary to access the clamp's screw head.
  • Turn the screw clockwise to tighten the clamp using a screwdriver. The worm gear band meshes / slots draw the clamp tighter around the circumference of the hose as the screw is turned.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose an Oetiker hose clamp?

To check the size requirement, install the hose on pipe or fitting (which expands the hose), then check the outside diameter of the hose. Lastly, select a hose clamp that supports the hose diameter in its clamping range.

How to loosen / tighten Oetiker worm drive clamps?

Oetiker worm drive clamps can be easily loosened / fastened using a simple tool like a screwdriver. In order to loosen the clamp, the housing screw should be rotated anticlockwise. Similarly, for tightening the clamp, the housing screw should be rotated clockwise. This movement draws the clamp tighter around the hose to ensure even compression.

Are Oetiker clamps reusable?

Yes, Oetiker hose clamps like worm drive, StepLess screw & V clamps are reusable. They can be easily opened & installed anytime the requirement arises. Especially for maintenance & servicing in manufacturing & automotive facilities. These clamps can also be installed both radially and axially. Users can also choose Oetiker 2 ear clamps for applications that require permanent clamp installation.

Do Oetiker worm drive clamps loosen over time?

No, worm drive clamps from Oetiker are not prone to loosening over time. This feature is crucial as worm drive clamps prevent leakage of fluid from the hoses with which these clamps are used. However, the housing screw should be properly & tightly fastened to prevent any chances of clamp loosening & fluid leakages due to human error.

Can Oetiker worm drive clamps be overtightened?

It is recommended that the worm drive clamps be tightened to a limit. Over tightening the clamps causes damage to their hose. This could result in hose damage / failure sooner than normal. It is best to fasten the clamp's screw using a flat screwdriver.

What are the different types of Oetiker clamps?

Oetiker offers a range of clamping products other than gear / worm drive clamps. The brand offers various crimping rings, ear, low profile, V profile & strap clamps for various applications in automotive, oil & gas and hydraulic sectors.

Does Oetiker offer tools for installing worm drive clamps?

Yes, Oetiker offers manual closing tools like a digital torque wrench for the installation of worm drive clamps. These wrenches ensure that the clamp's housing screw is tightened to pre-set torque for preventing both clamp loosening and hose damages by overtightening. The brand also offers various assembly / disassembly tools for the installation & removal of Oetiker ear clamps.

Are Oetiker 177 Series clamps suitable for confined space applications?

Yes, these clamps are also suitable for installation in hard to reach spaces. It is recommended to use a flexible screwdriver for the same. A flexible tool ensures easy installation in confined spaces.

Which material hose clamps are the best for marine applications?

Always go for high-grade stainless steel (it should at least have 316 stainless-steel construction).

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