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Identification Products

  • Label Protectors

    Protective overlays with a self-adhesive backing to protect identification labels from tears and abrasions. Available in packs of 100

  • Marking and Warning Tapes

    Includes 2-/ 3- / 4-inch wide and 100-ft-long continuous-roll floor tapes used for marking off hazards, caution and other dangerous areas in industries or warehouses. Glow-in-the-dark marking tapes also available


  • Specialty Mats

    Absorbent floor mats (100 ft) with leak-proof adhesive backing for use in warehouses, grocery stores and retail stores. Easy to install and leave no residue upon removal

Material Handling

Dock Equipment

  • Pallet Rack and Door Track Guards

    Used to protect pallet rack structures from outside impacts and damages. Feature energy absorbing rubber design with a U-shaped steel insert to efficiently endure impacts with no loss of performance

Mighty Line is a trusted manufacturer of durable floor marking products ideal for use in industrial facilities. The extensive Mighty Line catalogue includes warning & floor marking tapes, office & facility signs, label protectors and mats. Floor marking tapes from Mighty Line are rated for industrial environments including high forklift & truck traffic, to identify intersections and equipment areas. These tapes feature a pressure-sensitive, rubber-based adhesive to deliver immediate peel & stick, and allow easy removal if a design or layout changes. They are ideal for marking aisles, warehouse floors, workshop areas & hazardous areas in an organization. Mighty Line applicators feature tubular steel construction for easy handling and a side laser guidance system to allow hassle-free operation. These tape applicators are ideal for harsh environments and can be used with various types of tapes such as duct, vinyl & gaffers tapes. Raptor Supplies is an authorised Mighty Line product distributor.