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DESTACO Horizontal Hold Down Clamps, 250 lb Load Capacity

Base Length: 1.43" | Base Width: 1.38" | Clamp Bar Opening: 87 Deg. | Diameter: 0.200" | Handle Opening: 78 Deg.
StyleModelHolding CapacityToggle Lock PlusMaterialMounting BaseClamp Arm StyleHandleClamp Arm LengthHeight Under Clamp ArmPrice
200 Lbs.NoSteelFlangeU-BarHorizonal2.26"1"£39.96
200 Lbs.NoSteelFlangeSolid BarHorizonal2.29"1"£55.00
200 Lbs.NoSteelStraightU-BarHorizonal2.25"1.15"£61.15
250 Lbs.NoStainless SteelFlangeU-BarHorizonal2.25"1"£68.71

Horizontal Hold Down Clamps, 250 lb Load Capacity

Destaco 215 Series horizontal hold down clamps feature a low-profile design and are available in U-bar and solid bar styles. These high-quality clamps are extensively used in fixture checking, assembly, closures and woodworking. These hold down toggle clamps are offered in different overall lengths, heights, spindle designs and thread sizes.


  • Destaco 215 Series horizontal hold down clamps are used for woodworking, light-duty clamping and automotive parts assembling.


  • Destaco 215 Series horizontal hold down clamps having a low profile design to prevent obstruction.
  • These horizontal hold down clamps are made of steel / stainless steel for structural rigidity & corrosion resistance on exposed surfaces.
  • Destaco 215 Series horizontal hold down clamps can accommodate M6 spindle accessories.
  • The Destaco 215 Series horizontal hold down clamps are equipped with flanged / straight bases with threaded holes for easy and secure installation.

Compatible Accessories

  • Destaco 202208-M: This flat tip bonded neoprene spindle can be adjusted to accommodate various material thicknesses and can also be replaced for extending the service life of toggle clamps by reducing the risk of marring when rubber stoppers start to wear away. This spindle is oil resistant & is LABS free, and is capable of being operated at temperatures ranging from -22 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Destaco 215105: This flanged washer is used with Destaco 215 Series horizontal hold down clamps for protecting the joint surface against damage during the tightening process and distributing the load under the nut & bolt head. This flanged washer is designed for use with a variety of Destaco clamp units such as 2002-U, 2002-UB, 2002-UR, 2002-UBR, 2002-U207, 2002-UR207, 202-U, 202-UL, 202-UB, 202-B, 202-TU, 202-T, 2017-U, 2017-UR, 217-U, 217-USS, 217-UB, 217-U-L and 217-UB-L.

Standards and Approvals

  • Destaco 215 Series pull action latch clamps are manufactured in accordance with industry standards like ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015 for utmost user safety, environmental health and superior performance of the clamp.


  • Destaco 215 Series horizontal hold down clamps feature flanged / straight bases with threaded holes for quick and secure installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are horizontal toggle clamps used?

Horizontal toggle clamps use an over-center locking action to hold a workpiece or fixture in the locked position against a workbench / flat surface for various industrial applications like woodworking & metalworking operations.

How do horizontal hold down clamps work?

Certain U bar style clamping arm clamps like Destaco 205-U toggle clamp, feature a flat tip bonded neoprene spindle that is manually operated using a handle / lever. This horizontal handle movement pushes the spindle against the workpiece and prevents it from moving mid operation thereby ensuring secure clamping.

What is the difference between a vertical & horizontal toggle clamp?

The difference lies in the positioning of the clamp handle when it is in the locked position. A vertical clamp handle is positioned vertically (perpendicular to the base) when in locked position, while in the case of a horizontal toggle clamp, it is positioned horizontally (parallel to the base).

What does clamping force mean?

Clamping force is the amount of force actually applied to the workpiece by closing & locking the clamp. It is normally less than the stated holding capacity. The actual clamping force depends on various factors including; cylinder bore, cylinder area, spindle position (clamping arm length) and available air pressure. In most cases, the clamping force is approximately 2 to 3 times the force exerted by a pneumatic cylinder.

Which grease is ideal for Destaco clamps for their rebuilding?

A coupling grease like Mobil XTC should be used when dealing with Destaco mechanical clamps, while the Magnalube G grease is great for use with pneumatic cylinder seals.

How are toggle clamps measured?

Toggle clamps are available in multiple variants having different holding capacities. The capacity of a particular toggle clamp can be measured by calculating the distance between the clamping plate (at its highest position) & the workbench.

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