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Plugs and Receptacles

  • Hazardous Location Plugs and Receptacles

    CSA certified aluminium / iron plugs and receptacles featuring dead-end / feed-thru hubs. Used to avoid unnecessary power interruptions and ensure safe electrical connections. Available in different hp ratings, hub sizes and finishes

  • Mechanical Interlock Devices

    UL listed disconnect switches used to prevent electrical arcing when an equipment is used in adverse environments. Available in fused or non-fused versions

  • Pin and Sleeve Device Accessories

    NEMA 3, 3R, 4, 4X rated ground lug kits, bushing bags, crown bushing, threaded covers and spring covers made for protecting plug contacts from excessive moisture, dirt and corrosion

  • Pin and Sleeve Devices

    NEC / CEC compliant clamping ring plugs and connector bodies designed to supply power to generator units, compressors and pumps on shipping docks and ports. Available in 30, 60,100 and 150 amp variants

Push Buttons

  • Hazardous Location Control Station Accessories

    Push-button station covers, LED replacement bulbs and jewel guard assemblies used for protecting push-button control panels from damage in hazardous environments

  • Hazardous Location Control Station Switches

    Selector / push-button switch assemblies offered in 2- and 3-position modules. Suitable for controlling electrical equipment at power plants, paper processing industries, petroleum refineries and other potentially hazardous locations

  • Hazardous Location Control Stations

    Explosion- and flame-proof push button / pilot light / selector switch / dust cap control stations designed to contain explosions and prevent ignition in in hazardous atmosphere

  • Legend Plates

    Aluminium-made half-round legend plates for use with control stations. Slow, fast, run, start, close, reset and several other legend plates available


  • Cable Pull Switch Accessories

    Includes conduit plugs, torsion springs and mounting brackets for cable pull switches. Used to install emergency stop switches for conveyors or industrial machinery

  • Hazardous Location Cable Pull Switches

    Allow users to signal emergency stop or normal stop; ideal replacement for alarms and computer interface. Widely used in steel mills, mining ores, warehouses and docks

  • Hazardous Location Tumbler Switch Accessories

    Widely installed in refineries and chemical plants for preventing electrical arcing during connect and disconnect operations. Available in different current, voltage and power rating variants

  • Hazardous Location Tumbler Switches

    Intended to break the circuit whenever a ground fault is detected while making or changing connections in an electrical circuit. Suitable for places where flammable vapours, gases or highly combustible metal dusts are present

Electrical Boxes

  • Hazardous Location Electrical Boxes

    Explosion- and flame-proof electrical boxes and mounting bodies made of iron or aluminium. Ideal for guarding the circuit against hazardous dust and corrosive moisture

  • Weatherproof Box Covers

    NEMA 3R rated box covers used for protecting the circuits from ingress of solid foreign objects and water. Have a rugged construction with single and double gang gaskets

  • Weatherproof Boxes

    One- and two-gang metallic weatherproof boxes having a rugged continuous and corrosion-resistant construction ideal for indoor and outdoor installations

Starters and Contactors

Conduit and Accessories

  • Conduit and Outlet Bodies

    Provide access to electricians for pulling, splicing and connecting wires, and to secure electrical installations near flammable or explosive materials and in chemical plants

  • Conduit Body Covers and Gaskets

    Screw in / clip-on / lay in / threaded conduit body covers and gaskets used for protecting electrical installations. Conduit body covers compatible with Form 35 / 85 Unilet and FM7 / FM8 Unilet bodies and JB, SEH, CPU and GRJ Series also available

Strain Relief

  • Strain Relief Connector

    Industrial cable glands and connectors featuring nickel-plated brass / aluminium / copper-free aluminium construction. Designed for use with armoured, unarmoured or exterior braid armour cables


  • Hazardous Location Circuit Breakers

    UL listed circuit breakers designed to protect electrical circuits from current overload and short circuits in hazardous environments. Feature a precision-machined flame path between the box and cover

Conduit Fittings and Accessories

  • Hazardous Location Conduit Fittings

    Designed for application where conduit is connected to an enclosure. Include elbows, couplings, unions, drains, bushings, plugs and breathers in different connection types, materials, conduit sizes and lengths

Safety Switches


Hazardous Location Fixtures

  • Hazardous Location Lighting Accessories

    Includes glass globes, mounting hoods, lens guards and coupling hangers designed to withstand harsh conditions. Explosion- and ignition-proof prismatic glass globes also available

  • Hazardous Location Lighting Fixtures

    Used to install emergency or warning lights in hazardous and wet locations. Compatible with HPS, incandescent, induction and compact PL-T fluorescent lamps


Machine Fluids

Appleton Electric, a subsidiary of Emerson, is a leading provider of high-end electric solutions for applications in automotive, chemical, oil & gas and manufacturing industries. The brand's broad catalogue includes lifting solutions, hazardous location cable pull switches and circuit breakers, weatherproof boxes, fittings and control stations. Appleton electric cable pull switches are ideal for normal and emergency switching applications in motor driven conveyors, unloaders, cranes and bulk handling systems. These units feature NEMA 4X rated enclosure suitable for use in hazardous locations and a pull cord equipped with a right hand / double end levers. Appleton Emerson cast aluminium device boxes are designed to allow easy access to conductors for repair & maintenance services and provide resistance against corrosion, thereby suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations. These units feature stainless steel screws to speed up the installation process and cast gasket covers for offering a weatherproof, raintight and dust tight performance. Choose from a wide range of these Appleton electrical products alongwith related accessories, such as location motor starters, legend plates, strain relief connectors and panel indicator lights on Raptor Supplies, an authorised distributor of the brand.