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Drum Lifters


Drum lifters are designed to lift and transport heavy drums containing chemicals or other liquids. These machines are employed in the manufacturing, warehousing and chemical processing...Read more


FMDL Series Automatic Eagle Beak Drum Lifters

StyleModelOperation TypeDrum MaterialDrum TypeDrum SizeLoad CapacityDrum ActionNumber of DrumsPrice (inc. VAT)
AFMDL-1-Steel, Plastic, FiberOpen, Closed30 gal., 55 gal.--1£1,782.75
BFMDL-2-Steel, Plastic, FiberOpen, Closed30 gal., 55 gal.--2£2,794.89
CFMDL-1-LDS-B1-Steel, Plastic, FiberOpen, Closed30 gal., 55 gal.--1£1,723.41
DFMDL-1-LDS-R3-Steel, Plastic, FiberOpen, Closed30 gal., 55 gal.--1£1,708.41
EFMDL-2-LDS-B1-Steel, Plastic, FiberOpen, Closed30 gal., 55 gal.--2£2,602.20
FFMDL-2-LDS-R3-Steel, Plastic, FiberOpen, Closed30 gal., 55 gal.--2£2,573.59

S-CB Series Counter-Balanced Drum Lifters

StyleModelCapacityLengthWidthHeightColorMaterialStylePrice (inc. VAT)
AS-CB-62-DDC1000 lbs.-33"78"Yellow, BlackSteelDual Grip£15,279.35
BS-CB-62-SDC1000 lbs.-33"78"Yellow, BlackSteelSingle Grip£14,991.45

Portable Drum Lifter

StyleModelTypeConstructionDrum CapacityFinishLoad CapacityOverall HeightOverall LengthOverall WidthPrice (inc. VAT)
A12R540Open Head, Hoist MountedWelded Steel30 to 55 gal.Industrial Yellow1000 lb.8.5ft.-28ft.£276.91
B21VG33VerticalSteel55 gal.Powder Coating800 lb.8"18.5"8"£152.76
C21VG34VerticalSteel55 gal.Powder Coating1000 lb.16"21"9"£227.09
D21VG31VerticalSteel55 gal.Powder Coating800 lb.31"23"20"£363.37
E21VG36VerticalSteel55 gal.Powder Coating1000 lb.9"24"16"£170.71
C21VG35VerticalSteel30 gal.Powder Coating1000 lb.18.5"19.25"9"£232.58

Economical Hoist Mounted Drum Handlers


Heavy Duty Hoist Mounted Drum Handlers


Ergomatic Power Drive Drum Handlers


Drum Lifters

StyleModelDrum ActionFinishLoad CapacityOperation TypePrice (inc. VAT)
A21VG59-Powder Coating1000 lb.-£281.12
B30YP27Lift , Tilt , TransportPowder Coated800 lbs.Manual , Mechanically Automated£688.27

Drum Stackers

Dayton drum stackers are mechanical equipment designed to protectively lift, grip and transfer cylindrical modules. These drum stackers allow 360 degrees rotation of steel, powder-coated drums and feature polyurethane casters for easy maneuverability.

StyleModelPrice (inc. VAT)

Ergomatic Counter Balanced Drum Handlers


HDC-450 Series Hydraulic Drum Stackers

StyleModelDepthHeightMotor HPPower SourceRotation TypeVoltageWidthPrice (inc. VAT)
AHDC-450-60-DC109.25"77.38"1 hpElectric CordlessHand Crank12V49.19"£5,521.26
BHDC-450-72-AC109.25"92.5"3/4 hpElectric CordedPull Chain115V49.19"£5,499.10
CHDC-450-72109.25"92.5"-ManualPull Chain-49.19"£4,131.71
DHDC-450-72-DC109.25"92.5"1 hpElectric CordlessPull Chain12V49.19"£5,665.40
EHDC-450-60109.25"77.38"-ManualHand Crank-49.19"£3,983.44
FHDC-450-60-AC109.25"77.38"3/4 hpElectric CordedHand Crank115V49.19"£5,359.31
GHDC-450-96124.875"118.75"-ManualPull Chain-53.19"£4,424.83
HHDC-450-84124.875"105.94"-ManualPull Chain-53.19"£4,383.82
IHDC-450-84-AC124.875"105.94"3/4 hpElectric CordedPull Chain115V53.19"£5,746.45
JHDC-450-96-DC124.875"118.75"1 hpElectric CordlessPull Chain12V53.19"£6,090.85
KHDC-450-84-DC124.875"105.94"1 hpElectric CordlessPull Chain12V53.19"£5,920.25
LHDC-450-96-AC124.875"118.75"3/4 hpElectric CordedPull Chain115V53.19"£5,912.04

DRUM-55 Series Portable Drum Jacks

StyleModelHandle HeightCapacityCaster MaterialHeightRear Caster WidthWidthCaster TypeColorPrice (inc. VAT)
ADRUM-55FP-1000 lbs.Mold on Rubber48.75"-41.75"--£8,125.80
BDRUM-55-FSP42"800 lbs.Hard Rubber46.25"2"39.5"SwivelYellow£6,028.90
CDRUM-55-3642.75"500 lbs.Poly on Steel57.5"1 1/2"30.5"(2) SwivelYellow£1,559.16
DDRUM-55S47.5"660 lbs.Nylon47.5"2"28.5"-Blue£1,290.42
StyleModelTypeSizePrice (inc. VAT)
AF89265Beak(37-51)" x (25-32)" x 63"£3,796.57
AF89263Cylinder(37-51)" x (25-32)" x 63"£3,796.57
AF89264Strap(37-51)" x (25-32)" x 63"£3,796.57

Stainless Steel Drum Lifters

Vestil stainless steel drum lifters provide three-point drum contact with stabilising arms for lifting, stowing and transporting 30 & 55 gallon, steel or plastic drums. These units have strong & durable 304 SS construction and are quick & easy to operate by a single person. Drum lifters / transporters are ideal for pharmaceutical, washdown & cleanroom applications and allow the operator to load / unload drums on & off the pallets. They have a foot pump for raising / lowering and a straddle leg for allowing the drum lifter to glide over the pallet & grab the drum. Raptor Supplies offers a variety of these drum lifters for use with overhead hoist, cranes and forklift attachments.

StyleModelCapacityDepthDrum TypeHeightWidthPrice (inc. VAT)
ADRUM-LT-SS800 lbs.35"Steel, Plastic63"48"£11,551.30
BDL-1000-SS1000 lbs.24.25"Open, Closed6"24.25"£1,085.10

42 Series Heavy-Duty Drum Lifters

42 Series heavy-duty drum lifters by Morse Drum are suitable for lifting 55-gallon steel drums using hoists or cranes. These drum lifters offer both horizontal and off-vertical mode of operation for upending and setting the drum down on its side. They are further integrated with forged hooks for engaging the rims at opposite ends of the drum and can handle loads up to 2000 lb.

StyleModelPrice (inc. VAT)

Portable Drum Lifter

StyleModelDrum CapacityOverall HeightOverall LengthOverall WidthPrice (inc. VAT)
A30YP2630, 55 gal.2"38"22.5"£140.95
B30YP2555 gal.6"33"2.75"£143.71

P-JIB Series Portable Cantilever Hoists

StyleModelLengthBase HeightCapacityWidthCaster MaterialCaster SizeGround ClearanceHeightPrice (inc. VAT)
AP-JIB-2-39.63"2000 lbs.35.69"Glass Filled Nylon8" x 2"72.91"89"£7,229.49
BP-JIB-4-40.88"4000 lbs.35.69"Phenolic8" x 3"40.12"89"£7,976.55
CP-JIB-BALL-216.5"-2000 lbs.27"---24"£1,503.33
DP-JIB-BALL-433"-3000 lbs.27"---24"£2,325.08
StyleModelLift HeightSizePrice (inc. VAT)
AF80136A971"47" x 32" x 78"£18,374.39
AF80135A884"47" x 32" x 90"£19,008.21

PDL Series Multi-Purpose Overhead Drum Lifters/Wrenches

StyleModelColorDepthHeightMaterialWidthPrice (inc. VAT)
APDL-800-MBlue, Yellow14.75"19"Steel14.75"£241.63

90 Series Verti-Karrier Below Hook Drum Lifters

StyleModelDrum Dia.CapacityDrum SizeMaterialPrice (inc. VAT)
A90-3018 1/16" to 18 7/16"1000 lbs.30 gal.Carbon Steel£502.00
A9022 1/16" to 22 7/16"1000 lbs.55 gal.Carbon Steel£463.95
A90S-HD22 1/16" to 22 7/16"2000 lbs.55 gal.Carbon Steel£1,787.37
A90M22 1/16" to 22 7/16"1000 lbs.55 gal.Carbon Steel-
B90-SS22 1/16" to 22 7/16"1000 lbs.55 gal.Stainless Steel£1,134.61
A90-8525 1/16" to 25 7/16"1000 lbs.85 gal.Carbon Steel£807.00

Ergonomic Drum Trucks

StyleModelCapacityDepthDrum SizeHeightWidthPrice (inc. VAT)
ADRUM-55-SCL500 lbs.43"30 gal., 55 gal.41"31"£5,568.53
BDRUM-55-SCL-E900 lbs.38.625"Any Size64"35"£5,200.28

CHDL Series Crane/Hoist Drum Lifters

StyleModelDrum Dia.Drum SizePrice (inc. VAT)
ACHDL-162016" to 20"16 gal.£608.34
BCHDL-202520" to 25"20 gal.£608.34

Drum Lifters

Drum handling equipment like barrel lifters are used for moving around different-sized drums without entailing any physical strain to the user. The most basic kind in this product category is the crane / hoist / overhead drum lifters, used in conjunction with cranes, to lift and transport heavy drums by grabbing the upper rim. The portable or forklift drum lifters can be simply strapped onto the portable truck, without grabbing the rims. These forklift barrel lifters have automated hydraulic controls for minimising user fatigue while loading / unloading.

  • Drum Handling Safety Tips: Heavy drums should be handled with proper drum handling equipment, like below-hook drum lifters, drum trucks or forklift attachments.
  • Conditions such as uneven or slippery floors and restricted spaces can entail greater risks. Plastic and fibre drums should be handled with utmost care in such situations.
  • One should be extremely careful when using a forklift. The blades on the forklift can easily pierce through the drum and can cause spillage.


Drum lifters are widely used for handling steel, plastic and fibre drums in food & packaging, recycling, material handling, marine, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.


  • Morse Drum overhead crane lifters are meant for transporting the drum in an upright position.
  • They feature a built-in plate that supports the drum and load binders for securing the drum in position.
  • These drum lifters come integrated with fork pockets and fork mount hooks to be attached with a monorail, crane or chain block for moving the drums.
  • Their heavy-duty steel / stainless-steel construction protects the drum lifter against weathering damages.

Justrite overhead drum lifters feature tong-style design for lifting heavy drums by simply gripping the drum chime. These rugged lifters resist accidental opening / bending under heavy loads.

  • Portable drum lifters are suitable for applications that require the user to lift and rotate the drum to safely dispense into containers.
  • They feature compact base for a small footprint and manoeuvrability in confined spaces with a tight turning radius.
  • These drum lifters can easily accommodate steel, plastic & fibre drums and rotate them up to 360 degrees.
  • Some models also include a built-in scale indicator for weighing the drum weight with accuracy while dispensing the material.

Drum stackers from Dayton & Vestil are designed for lifting & stacking heavy drums in commercial warehouses. The hydraulic lifting mechanism of these lifters prevents them from losing balance (even mid-transit) and facilitate fatigue-free drum stacking in heavy workload environments.

Valley Craft drum loaders feature three-wheel design with a rear-mount swivel caster for maximum manoeuvrability in tight spaces. These drum loaders are further integrated with a brake for preventing unwanted movement.

Working Mechanism

The overhead drum lifters are easy & safe to operate in contrast to traditional lifting equipment. These lifters are used in conjunction with overhead cranes and a chain to hold & lift the drum using the rim. The directional flexibility of the drum depends upon the crane movement and can be easily repositioned / relocated / detached by unlocking the drum lifter's locking mechanism.If the requirement is to lift & transport drums with or without the upper rim, portable drum lifters are an ideal choice. These hydraulic drum lifters feature swivel casters for reducing the frictional losses on factory floors. They can also tilt / rotate the drum, allowing the inner content to flow easily.

Standards and Approvals

The drum lifters provided by Dayton, Eagle, Enpac, Grainger, Justrite, Morse Drum, Vestil, Valley Craft and Wesco meet OSHA industry standards for user safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can drum lifters be used for both horizontal and vertical orientation?

Some drum lifters can be used in both horizontal and vertical orientations. These lifters are also called 'bi-directional' drum lifters having a pivot or hinge mechanism that allows them to easily convert the orientation from horizontal to vertical and vice versa, allowing great versatility in different lifting and transporting applications.

Are there manual or electric drum lifters?

Yes, oth manual and electric drum lifters are available for different industrial applications. Manual drum lifters are operated by using a hand crank or lever to lift and transport drums. On the other hand, electric drum lifters are powered by an electric motor and operated by a control panel or remote control. They lift and transport drums with minimal physical effort, making them more ergonomic for continuous use.

Do I need any special training to use a drum lifter?

    It is recommended that operators receive proper training before using a drum lifter. Proper training should cover the following topics:
    • Safety: Operators should be made aware of the potential hazards associated with drum lifters, such as falls or chemical spills.
    • Operating procedures: Users should be familiar with the proper procedures for operating drum lifters. This includes basics like how to attach and detach the lifter from the drum, how to properly transport the drum and how to safely secure the drum in place.
    • Weight limits: Operators must be familiar with the weight limits of the drum lifter to prevent any mishappening.
    • Use of PPT kits: Users should know appropriate personal protective equipment when operating the lifter, including hats, safety glasses and steel-toed boots.
    • Inspection & Maintenance: Users must be familiar with inspection & maintenance procedures. This includes checking for wear & tear, lubrication / relubrication of moving parts and troubleshooting problems.

Which safety features are important in a drum lifter rotator?

Safety features include locking mechanisms to secure drums during rotation, load capacity indicators and emergency stop buttons to ensure safe drum handling.

How do you operate a hydraulic drum lifter?

To operate a hydraulic drum lifter, pump the hydraulic handle to raise the drum and a release valve is used to lower it safely.

What are the advantages of using steel drum lifters over other materials?

Steel drum lifters offer durability, resistance to corrosion and the ability to handle heavy steel drums, making them ideal for rugged industrial environments.

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