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C-Frame Motors


Dayton C-frame motors are ideal for powering small fans & blowers used in bathroom ventilation equipment, humidifiers, range hoods, electric heaters, hair dryers and refrigeration equipment. They drive easily startable fans or other loads as they offer small torque durin...g startup and increase the torque when running at full speed. Dayton offers C-frame motor kits including a motor, brackets, fan blades and adapters for easy installation in fan & blower applications.Read more


C-Frame Motor Kits

Dayton C-frame motor kits are used in HVAC fan and blower applications. They include an AC motor, brackets, adapters & fan blades. The single-phase, direct drive motors can rotate in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions with a maximum speed of 3000 RPM. Thermal protection prevents the motors from overheating. They can be mounted in any orientation using H-brackets. They are CSA-certified and UL-listed for safe operation. Choose from a wide range of C-frame motor kits, available in 1/45 and 1/150 HP motor ratings.

StyleModelShaft LengthThermal ProtectionVoltageBearingsFull Load AmpsHPHzMotor Thermal ProtectionPrice (inc. VAT)
A3HEH21 5/16"Auto115/230Sleeve1.1/0.551/4550/60Auto£101.60

Shaded Pole C Frame Motors, 230V

Dayton shaded pole C frame motors are used to power electric heaters, hair dryers, humidifiers, bathroom ventilation fans and refrigeration equipment. These motors are equipped with ball / sleeve bearings for less rotational friction while running at a maximum speed of 3200 rpm. They allow stud or hole mounting for easy installation and feature open air-over enclosures to prevent motor overheating. These motors can withstand ambient temperatures up to 40 degrees C, and are available in 1/250, 1/150, 1/70 & 1/40 hp variants.

StyleModelMounting HolesThermal ProtectionFull Load AmpsNameplate RPMRotationRPM RangeShaft Dia.Shaft LengthPrice (inc. VAT)
A5M066-Auto1.953200CWLE3001-36007/32, 5/16"3/4, 2"£141.20
B4M069Each Side of StatorImpedance0.173000CWSE1801-30003/16"1"£53.62
B4M071Each Side of StatorImpedance0.243000CWSE1801-30003/16"1"£50.72
B4M074Opposite Shaft EndAuto0.483000CWSE1801-30003/16"1"£64.25

115 Voltage Shaded Pole C-Frame Motors

StyleModelMounting HolesShaft LengthFull Load AmpsNameplate RPMNumber of SpeedsRotationRPM RangeShaft Dia.Price (inc. VAT)
B4M180-2 5/16"0.5227501CWSE1801-30007/32"£57.83
C4M987-1.375"0.3530001Mechanically Reversible1801-30003/16"£51.17
D4M249-2.5"0.2630001Mechanically Reversible1801-30001/8"£79.47
B4M211-1 5/16"0.6128501CWSE1801-30003/16"£58.64
B4M210-1 9/16"0.5928001CCWSE1801-30003/16"£54.91
E5M065-3/4, 2"3.9832001CWLE3001-36007/32, 5/16"£128.10
F4M067Each Side of Stator1"0.2630001CWSE1801-30003/16"£50.76
F4M070Each Side of Stator1"0.5430001CWSE1801-30003/16"£43.40
F4M068Each Side of Stator1"0.4130001CWSE1801-30003/16"£40.92
F4M072Each Side of Stator1"0.6230001CWSE1801-30003/16"£55.44
F4M073Opposite Shaft End1"1.1630001CWSE1801-30003/16"£58.73
G4M080Opposite Shaft End2"1.4430001CWSE1801-30001/4"£101.08
G4M079Opposite Shaft End2"0.9630001CWSE1801-30003/16"£90.24
G4M078Opposite Shaft End2"1.0830001CWSE1801-30003/16"£88.01
G4M077Opposite Shaft End2.25"0.3730001CWSE1801-30003/16"£79.78
F4M075Opposite Shaft End1"1.0330002CWSE1801-30003/16"£64.62
F5M064Opposite Shaft End1"2.8330001CWSE1801-30001/4"£104.15
F4M076Opposite Shaft End1"1.1930001CWSE1801-30001/4"£76.36

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the speeds of rotation of these C-frame motors?

These Dayton C-frame motors have nameplate rotations ranging from 2750 to 3200 rpm.

What is the meaning of different motor rotation direction codes?

The direction of motor shaft rotation is generally specified as code, such as CWLE, CCWLE, CWSE & CCWSE. These codes indicate whether the motor shaft rotates clockwise (CW) or counter-clockwise (CCW) as seen from the shaft end (SE) or from the lead end (LE). Some motors are reversible and will have suitable wiring diagrams for choosing the desired rotation setting.

How are these C-frame motors installed?

These Dayton C-frame motors feature mounting holes on each side of the stator or the opposite shaft ends for easy installation.

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