Air Powered Confined Space Fans And Blowers


While working in restricted & confined spaces, there is a chance of hazardous and toxic conditions evolving due to poor ventilation. Therefore, placing an air powered confined space fan...Read more


Circular Pneumatic Jet Fans

StyleModelDiameterInlet FlowMax. Flow in Free AirPrice (inc. VAT)
AASI-JF2020"60 to 290 CFM10400 CFM£6,835.88
BASI-JF2424"76 to 338 CFM16130 CFM£11,184.46

Portable Pneumatic Jet Fans

StyleModelDiameterInlet FlowInlet PressureMax. Free Air CFM RangeOutlet SizePrice (inc. VAT)
AASI-JF1212"55 to 130 CFM40 to 100 psi1680 to 2860 CFM12"£5,208.17
AASI-JF1616"54 to 128 CFM40 to 110 psi2540 to 4200 CFM16"£5,939.78

Jet Fans

Allegro jet fans circulate air and eliminate volatile fumes from small tanks, vessels or spaces by guaranteeing daily ventilation. They feature aluminium construction for corrosion resistance and have permanently sealed & lubricated, heavy-duty, ball bearings for prolonged life. These OSHA standard, safety screen fans push compressed air through an integrated nozzle (situated at the ends of each blade) enabling the fans to propel at speeds up to 11000 cfm at 80 psig. Further, they are equipped with side-mounted, inlet connectors to provide input power connections and a spark resistant fan for air circulation. Variants are available with recessed handles, preventing rolling off & ensuring easy portability.

StyleModelAir ConsumptionSizeInside Dia.Price (inc. VAT)
A9518-2060, 114, 186, 292 SCFM20"20 1/8"£5,849.18
A9518-2476, 147, 225, 338 SCFM24"24 1/4"£7,978.14



Air Driven Ventilator

StyleModelPrice (inc. VAT)

Jet Fans

StyleModelAir FlowAir ConsumptionRPMPrice (inc. VAT)
ATX-JF122866 CFM130 CFM5805£3,133.60
BTX-JF164216 CFM128 CFM3792£3,655.86
CTX-JF2010420 CFM292 CFM3670£4,047.56
DTX-JF2416136 CFM338 CFM3138£7,246.44


StyleModelPrice (inc. VAT)


StyleModelPrice (inc. VAT)

Low Profile Bo With Silencer And Sensor

ModelItemPrice (inc. VAT)

Slip On Ball

ModelItemPrice (inc. VAT)

Arv With 32 mm Ball Mount

ModelItemPrice (inc. VAT)


ModelItemPrice (inc. VAT)

Confined Space Blower/exhauster Air Driven 12 Inch

ModelItemPrice (inc. VAT)

Private Labeled Vsa 312 For Industrial M

ModelItemPrice (inc. VAT)

Venturi Assembly Bo 8 Style Sleeve

ModelItemPrice (inc. VAT)


ModelItemPrice (inc. VAT)

Air Powered Confined Space Fans And Blowers

Compressed air powered, confined space fans & blowers are designed to circulate fresh air or remove built-up fumes while working in enclosed spaces.
UL & cUL listed Americ confined space blowers have a shock-proof design to prevent electrical fires due to reaction with gases. They feature a high-performance & energy-efficient motor capable of producing a maximum airflow of 2063 CFM at 3000 RPM. The rugged dual-wall construction allows stacking up of units for convenient storage.
Allegro centrifugal blowers are air driven confined space blowers ideal for both positive and negative ventilation. These Allegro blowers feature 8 inch duct inlets and are powered by 1/4 HP motors capable of supplying air at a maximum rate of 1800 CFM. They come equipped with a pair of handles for enhanced portability. These pneumatic fans have blades made of aluminium or polyethylene for optimum airflow, and explosion proof motors to prevent potentially dangerous sparks.
Choose from a wide range of compressed air powered fans and blowers, in heights ranging between 9.875 & 48 inches. Raptor Supplies is a trusted distributor of confined space ventilation fans from brands like Air Systems International, Texas Pneumatic Tools, Allegro and Americ that help maintain atmospheric conditions and oxygen levels in areas where flammable, ignitable or combustible particles are present.


These compressed air powered fans offer a wide combination of features, making them useful for heavy duty operations in tanks, rails, granaries, underground utilities, mills & similar enclosed spaces that lack proper ventilation.


Allegro Jet Fans:

  • Allegro air jet fans have permanently sealed & lubricated, heavy-duty ball bearings for prolonged life.
  • They are configured with nozzles that have the capacity to enable fan propulsion at speeds up to 11000 cfm, at pressure of 80 psig.
  • These confined space fans ensure corrosion resistance in harsh environments, owing to their aluminium construction.
  • These compressed air powered fans are equipped with side-mounted inlet connectors to provide input power connection.
  • These spark resistant fans are designed for powerful air circulation.

Air Systems International Confined Space Ventilation Fans & Carts:

  • These Air Systems International saddle vents come with a 90 degree elbow for supplying air.
  • ASI confined space ventilation fans are supplied with galvanised steel constructed, confined space entry carts to provide mobility and storage for ventilation equipment or cylinders. They feature a maximum load capacity of 1200 lb.
  • These confined space ventilation fan carts are configured with cabinet storage spaces and nylon bottle straps with steel safety chains for cylinder security. They are also equipped with standard or semi pneumatic wheels.

Americ Pneumatic Ventilation Fans:

  • The design of these Americ pneumatic ventilation fans prevents dangerous sparking while delivering continuously circulating airflow in a limited space.
  • They are configured with rugged dual wall shells that are created to be stackable for saving storage space.
  • These polyethylene constructed, air powered fans comprise energy efficient, powerful pneumatic motors to redirect stale compressed air away from the main airstream.

Texas Pneumatic Tools Air Jet Fans:

  • These four bladed air jet fans eject a high velocity of compressed air from the trailing edge of the fan blade and operate at pressures up to 110 psi.
  • The bearings of these fans are lubricated enough to ensure prolonged life.
  • The electro polished stainless steel fan guards guarantee supreme strength & corrosion resistance.
  • They come with guide vanes to minimise turbulence and increase efficiency by smoothening air flow.

Working Mechanism

  • Allegro safety screen fans push compressed air through an integrated nozzle (situated at the ends of each blade), enabling the fans to propel air at speeds up to 11000 cfm at 80 psig pressure.
  • Texas Pneumatic Tools air jet fans eject a high velocity jet of compressed air from the trailing edge of the fan blades. The outcome of this phenomenon is that the forward rotation of the fan blade is just like a jet plane that is pushed ahead by the high velocity air emitted from the back of the jet engine.
  • Americ confined space fans have high performance, energy efficient pneumatic motors to help in redirecting stale compressed air from the main airstream.
  • Air Systems International pneumatic circular jet fans use a pneumatic air hose to push air in or ventilate air from tanks.

Standards and Approvals

Allegro, Texas Pneumatic Tools, Americ and Air Systems International offer confined space blowers or fans that meet OSHA, ANSI / API, UL & cUL, and AMCA 210 industry standards for environmental health, user safety and efficient performance of the blowers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a blower be placed vertically above a manhole?

Yes, confined space blowers can be placed above a manhole if it is supported safely, with proper ingress / egress, movement, vibration and weight mitigation.

What makes confined space fans unique?

Raptor Supplies offers confined space ventilation fans featuring -
  • Motors which are built to last: These motors are designed to operate in the harshest of environments. Some fan models have totally enclosed motors that can minimise the possibility of debris build-up, thereby maximising life expectancy.
  • Dual wall design - Large dents can not only produce rust spots, they can obstruct fan blade revolution as well, leading to costly repairs. Hence, dual wall shells and aluminium / polyethylene construction help prevent disturbances in airflow or internal mechanisms.
  • Safety - These confined space ventilation fans are made in compliance with OSHA, ANSI / API, UL & cUL, and AMCA 210 industry standards to ensure safety and superior performance.

Is it better to positively ventilate or to evacuate air?

Any confined space must be positively ventilated, and should be evacuated when smoke is being generated in a specific location (for example, during grinding or welding operations).

What is the main difference between axial and centrifugal blowers?

Axial blowers feature internally housed motors that make them more portable & compact, as well as less expensive than centrifugal models. They offer higher airflow ratings in free air configuration than centrifugal blowers. Centrifugal variants, on the other hand, have the motor located outside the housing. The design of these blowers permits them to push against higher static pressure (greater dynamic back-pressure) with enlarged lengths of ducting, as compared to axial blowers.

Where should ventilation be directed in a confined space?

The ventilation equipment should be directed to the nearest entrance within the restricted space, to exhaust fumes and smoke.

What should the minimum oxygen level be in a confined space?

The minimum acceptable oxygen level in a confined space can be 15 to 19%, but that usually results in decreased ability to work and impaired coordination, thereby risking the health of workers. Hence, a confined space fan and blower play a vital role in creating a safe & hazard proof working environment for anyone who works in a small & enclosed area.

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