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Power Tools

Finishing Tools

  • Angle Grinders

    Electric angle grinders featuring a no-load speed of up to 11000 rpm and a 3-position handle for better control

  • Belt Sanders

    Feature a belt and gear drive system, an 8-amp motor and a variable speed dial. Suitable for cabinet making, remodelling and woodworking projects

  • Corded Oscillating Tools

    Feature a 3 amp motor and a variable speed dial (10000 - 20000 OPM) ideal for heavy-duty cutting, sanding, scraping and grinding applications

  • Electric Polishers And Buffers

    Variable-speed random-orbit polishers used in cleaning, polishing and sanding applications in automobile and marine industries. Come with a sanding / polishing pad of 6-inch diameter and have no load speed ranging from 2700 to 7000 rpm

  • Electric Sanders

    Includes the popular Porter Cable drywall sander 7800, as well as sander models 380, 382 and 7345 for wood and floor finishing. Feautre a low-vibration design and a dust-sealed switch

  • Jointers

    Plate jointer kits comprising a 4-inch blade and a fence system with pivot point providing accurate height reading. Feature seven-cutting settings for application on a variety of wood types and a powerful 7-ampere motor with a maximum no load speed of 10000 rpm

  • Oscillating Tool Accessories

    Includes Porter Cable parts and accessories, such as scraper blades, sandpapers, sanding pads and bi metal plunge cut blades, for smooth operation on wood, PVC, drywall or metal workpieces

  • Plate Joiner Accessories

    Includes highly dried and compressed wooden biscuit joiners used for joining two wood pieces together. Available in different sizes and come in a pack of 1000

  • Sander Polisher Accessories

    Polishing and backing pads made from foam, rubber, sponge or lambswool. Designed to fit a variety of sanders for polishing various surfaces


  • Electrical Routers

    Includes a wide range of fixed, multi-base and compact electric router variants by Porter Cable. Available in different horsepower and current ratings

  • Laminate Trimmers

    Single- / variable-speed trimmers suitable for cutting and trimming materials, rounding edges, routing grooves and dados, and chamfering. Feature a micro-set collar for accurate bit height adjustments and LED light for providing maximum visibility

  • Router Bits

    Includes router collets and router corner chisels used to hold a router bit in a router and square the corners of a hinge. Designed for use with 1 / 2 inch shank router bits

Power Saws and Accessories

  • Chop Saws and Cut-Off Machines

    Corded chop saws with a vertical D-shaped handle and a 45 degree adjustable fence to cut rebars, struts, pipes, conduits and bar stocks at accurate angles. Have a maximum cutting capacity of 4.75 inches and provide a no-load speed of up to 3800 rpm

  • Jig Saws

    Motor-operated jig saws with a 7-position speed dial for multiple speed settings to provide optimal cutting results on various materials. Feature a 6-ampere motor for high-speed cutting applications and a keyless blade for fast and easy replacement

Cordless Tools

  • Cordless Circular Saws

    Motor-operated saws featuring a carbide tooth blade ideal for high-speed cutting of shallow materials. Have a maximum cutting speed of 4000 rpm and feature a contoured overmolded handle for comfort

  • Cordless Oscillating Tools

    Used in scraping, grinding, polishing, cutting and sanding applications. Feature an LED work light for visibility in darkened work conditions and a 3-position overmolded handle for better control

  • Cordless Tool Batteries

    Includes Li-ion and NiCd batteries needed for Porter Cable cordless drills and other power tools. Available in 1.5 Ah, 2 Ah and 4 Ah variants

Drilling Accessories

Heat Guns and Accessories

  • Heat Guns

    Electric heat guns that emit hot air stream at 19 CFM for shrink tubing, plastic bending, heating or drying of parts, paint stripping and thawing of frozen pipes. Have a pistol-grip design for extra comfort and control

Power Drills

  • Electric Drills

    Pistol grip drills featuring a low-speed, high-torque design ideal for pilot hole drilling, metal and wood fabrication and frame construction. Available in 6.5 / 7 amp motor variants and keyed / keyless chucks


Air Compressors and Vacuum Pumps

  • Portable Electric Air Compressors

    ISO 1217 and 3744 tested oil-free compressors equipped with a pancake-style tank for stability and durable oil-free pump for reduced maintenance. Lightweight and easy to carry at jobsites and workshops

Pneumatic Tools

  • Air Nailers

    Powerful air-powered nailers featuring an aluminium / magnesium housing, a maintenance-free motor, a tool-free jam release mechanism, a removable non-marring nose tip and an integrated rubber grip


Sanding Discs and Belts

  • Sanding Belts

    Includes fine / medium / coarse grade open coat aluminium oxide sanding belts in different grits. Ideal for wooden and metallic surfaces



  • Vacuum Cleaner Bags and Filters

    Filters and filter bags made for removing foul-smelling substances in laboratories and electronic and pharmaceutical facilities



  • Pneumatic Fasteners

    Includes straight and angled finish nails, brads and chisel pins in different gauges, head styles, lengths and point types


Porter Cable is a global leader in manufacturing high-quality power tools for woodworking and metalworking applications in the automotive and construction industries. Its catalogue includes chop saws, circular saws, drill presses, framing nailers, grinders, jigsaws, hammer drills and oscillating multi-tools. Porter Cable pistol grip drills feature a heavy-duty motor for delivering high torque and driving forces, thereby ideal for drilling both metal & wooden workpieces, as well as deck or frame building applications. These drills further come equipped with a soft-grip handle and a lock-on button for precise control during prolonged use. Porter Cable laminate trimmers are designed for small edge forming, trimming and hinge routing operations and feature a cast aluminium, precision-machined base for handling excessive vibrations. For precise bit adjustments, these trimmers also have a micro-set collar and provide single-handed control. Choose from a wide range of these products along with cordless tool batteries and routers on Raptor Supplies, an authorised Porter Cable distributor.