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Material Handling

Lifting Magnets and Suction Cup Lifters

Straps and Tie Downs

Below The Hook Lifting Accessories

Hand Tools

Inspection and Retrieving Tools

  • Inspection Mirrors

    Ideal for viewing hard-to-reach areas like behind, underneath or around machinery / vehicles. Selected models feature retrieving magnets at the end for lifting loads and light fittings to illuminate dark areas

  • Magnetic Pickups

    Clean-up tools suitable for retrieving tools, key rings, parts or ferrous metal items from tanks / acid baths / oil reservoirs / heat bake ovens. Feature ceramic magnets (on selected models) capable of withstanding both wet & dry environments

Tool Storage and Transfer Tanks

Electrical Tools

Hammers and Striking Tools

Crimping Tools

  • Hose Crimpers

    Used for positive gripping / removal of metal and plastic constant-tension hose clamps in irrigation systems, vehicles or agricultural equipment. Feature swivelling jaws capable of rotating up to 360 degrees and locking in three holding positions


Arc Welders and Plasma Cutter Consumables and Accessories

Welding Supplies

Fleet and Vehicle Maintenance

Automotive Mechanical

  • Engine Specialty Tools

    Insulated pliers ideal for removing spark plug boots and cables, and preventing wire damage / electrical shocks / burns. Feature 90-durometer plastic-coated handles & jaws for a secure grip. Available in 20-, 45- & 90-deg; & straight jaw inclination variants


Confined Space Equipment

MAG-MATE, a product line of Industrial Magnetics, Inc, is a leading manufacturer of magnetic assemblies ideal for industrial applications requiring rare earth magnets, ceramic magnets and electromagnets. The brand's extensive catalogue includes below-the-hook lifting magnets, engine speciality tools, crimpers, inspection mirrors and magnetic manhole lifters. MAG-MATE inspection mirrors are made from glass, acrylic & stainless steel and are used to see around corners, tight spots & other difficult places in devices and equipment. The stainless steel FOD-free (Foreign Object Damage) inspection mirrors are designed to handle high-temperature areas of engines or fuel lines and feature a slim profile capable of telescoping or bending and locking hinged joints to facilitate angular positioning up to 180 degrees. Selected models further come equipped with LED lights to illuminate dim areas and a non-slip, solvent-resistant grip to prevent accidents. The brand's manhole cover lift dollies and associated rare earth lifting magnets (sold as a complete system and individual components) are designed in accordance with ASME standards and are best suited for use on both flat and round surfaces. These also comprise an internal release On / Off circuit that lifts the parts without damaging its surface and are therefore ideal for handling steel sheets, plates and other hot or oily parts. Choose from a wide range of these MAG-MATE products along with retrieving magnets, magnetic welding squares / grounds / angles, cutting cable tools, fixture magnets, raw magnets, electromagnets, magnetisers / demagnetisers and magnetic sweepers on Raptor Supplies, an authorised distributor of the brand.