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Machine Tool Accessories

  • Clamping Kits

    Used in various clamping applications to suit and match milling machines or CNC machine centres. Comprise different sized studs, flange nuts, T-nuts and clamps. Available in different thread sizes, types (BSW, metric and UNC) and table slot widths

  • Machining Vise Accessories

    Includes a wide range of rotary cross slide tables, rotary cross slide tilting tables, adjustable jack screws, dual cross slide tables, jack screw manual sets and jack screw magnetics of differrent sizes

Finishing Supplies


Machining Supplies

  • Hydraulic Presses

    Ideal for pressing, bending and straightening operations. Features an air-operated bench, high-quality air cylinders, dual safety controls and an adjustable-depth stop nut. Available in varied lengths, widths and heights

Power Tools

Finishing Tools

  • Arbor Presses

    Ideal for installing and removing bearings, and for staking and riveting applications in automobile workshops and garages. Have a ram / rack (gear) which, when used with a pinion, converts rotatory motion into straight-line motion

Power Saws and Accessories

Power Drills


Pneumatic Tools

  • Air Tapping Arms

    Air and electric tapping arms suitable for small, medium and large size taps; have air motor for easy thread tapping and lubricated arms providing weightless operation through the use of gas counterbalance springs

  • Tap Holders

    Have the ability to tap on parts that can't be easily tapped and can change from one size tap to another in 3 -5 seconds. Used for tapping blind holes and are available in different tap sizes and lengths

Hand Tools


  • Bench Vises

    Multi-Jaw rotating pipe and bench vises featuring 360 degree rotation for clamping at any angle. Designed to securely clamp straight and irregular-shaped workpieces, as well as round tubes and pipes


Welding Supplies

  • Welding Accessories

    Help to perform 22-, 45- and 90-degree angle cuts and saddle cuts on metal pipes. Can automatically shut off gas on welding and brazing production projects

Palmgren, a subsidiary of C.H. Hanson, is a leading manufacturer of multi-functional work holding and positioning tools. Its catalogue comprises arbor presses, air tapping arms, tap holders, clamping kits, bench vises, spring clamps and hydraulic presses. Palmgren's arbor presses are designed for installing & removing bearings and delivering heavy force required for punching, riveting, squeezing and bending. These presses feature sturdy cast-iron construction for durability and a lockable, fine adjusting screw which precisely limits / maintains the depth of the ram stroke. They are equipped with a base drilled specifically for mounting on a bench / pedestal and a removable machined steel anvil to facilitate accurate work-support in four different slot positions. To meet specific force requirements, these arbor presses are available in forces ranging from 0.5 to 3 tons. The brand's automatic band saws are designed to deliver fast & accurate cutting and feature a saw head & a base built with cast-iron & rigid steel to facilitate full blade support and eliminate deflection & vibration. These saws are equipped with a hydraulic feed control to cut stock at variable rates and for locking the saw head at different heights. Choose from a wide range of these band saws and other brand products such as bench grinders, tap holders and clamping kits on Raptor Supplies, an authorised Palmgren distributor.