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  • Aerators

    Includes high-quality Neoperl faucet aerators for creating a non-splashing, straight and evenly pressured stream. Available in different thread sizes and flow rates

  • Faucet Accessories

    Includes plastic aerator wrenches for quick installation and removal of faucet aerators. Available in red and blue

  • Faucet Repair Parts

    Includes a wide range of brass, acetal and EPDM washers, tools, faucet adapters, faucet adapter kits and faucet adapter snap fittings in different sizes and connection types

Neoperl, a German-Swiss company, provides innovative water transfer solutions ideal for applications in the plumbing, water management and irrigation industries. The brand's product line includes faucet aerators, flow regulators, check valves, connecting hoses, shower hoses, kitchen pull-out hoses and diverters. Neoperl aerators are the key components found in almost all kitchens and lavatories and typically used for controlling the stream straightness and decrease the splash / side spray by adding more water volume into the stream. These units are designed in accordance with all the local plumbing codes and standards to minimise water wastage and energy consumption. Choose from a wide range of these Neoperl faucet aerators and related accessories, such as brass / acetal / EPDM washers, faucet adapters and plastic aerator wrenches available on Raptor Supplies, an authorised distributor of the brand.