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Cutting ToolsView all

  • Cable and Wire Cutters

    ANSI-compliant shear cut cable cutters featuring nickel chromium steel construction with induction-hardened cutting edges. Suitable for cutting copper and aluminium wires. Equipped with cushion grip on handles for operator comfort

  • Diagonal Cutters

    Includes standard & ESD diagonal cutters, as well as end cutting nippers. Feature induction-hardened cutting edges to cut a variety of materials and ProTouch grip for precision, control & reduced hand fatigue. Available in jaw sizes ranging from 1/2 to 4 inches

  • Metal Cutting Snips Sheet Metal Tools

    Aviation, duckbill, offset and tinner snips featuring forged steel / carbon steel jaws. Used to cut, trim or notch metal sheets in a straight, curved or angled style. Selected models come equipped with Pro-Touch grips for offering superior comfort

  • Nippers and Nibblers

    Concrete and end cutting nippers to cut wires. Vise-Grip nippers feature an induction-hardened cutting edge to keep nippers sharper for a longer period of time and ProTouch grip for operator comfort

  • Wire Strippers and Cable Slitters

    Vise-Grip wire strippers designed to remove insulation covering or outer sheath from wires and cables. Expose wires without damaging the wire element. Ideal for wires of sizes ranging from 24 to 10 AWG

PliersView all

  • Locking Pliers

    Curved, long-nose, straight and V-jaw pliers designed to securely hold a wide range of round, flat or cylindrical objects / tools while plumbing, welding or threading. Made of heat-treated alloy steel and feature adjustable screws and release triggers

  • Plier Sets

    Includes 8-piece mini plier sets and 3-piece straight & curved locking plier sets ideal for handling small wires / cables and fasteners. 3-piece plier sets pry and remove objects in high torque applications

  • Solid Joint Pliers

    Includes bent long nose pliers, flat nose, long nose and solid joint pliers with an induction-hardened cutting edge to stay sharp for a long period of time. Equipped with ProTouch grip to provide better control and reduced fatigue

  • Specialty Pliers

    Includes fence tool & locknut pliers, as well as oil filter & PVC pipe pliers to cut materials & fences, and remove filters. Fencing pliers double as a hammer and claw for multifunctional uses with nails. Feature vinyl grip

ClampsView all

  • Bar Pipe and L Clamps

    Designed to temporarily hold objects before attaching them permanently. Feature sliding ends to adjust according to the length of the workpiece and larger clutch plates for easy release. Can handle loads up to 1500 lb

  • Clamp Accessories
  • Locking Clamps

    Used to securely lock and hold small items or workpieces in place while hammering, grinding or bending. Feature a quick-release trigger and an adjustment screw for firm grip. Variants featuring swivel pads also available

  • Spring Clamps

    Available 1, 1-1/2, 2 and 3 inch jaw sizes to apply pressure on workpieces for holding objects in place. Feature plastic resin construction with anti-slip, ergonomically designed handle

Punches Chisels and Hand DrillsView all

  • Chisels

    Have hardened steel blades and bevelled edges ideal for making clean cuts and defined marks. Also feature a ProTouch grip handle for firm grip and better control

  • Punch and Chisel Sets
  • Wood Chisels

Screwdrivers and NutdriversView all

WrenchesView all

  • Adjustable Wrench Sets

    Professional-grade adjustable wrench sets featuring machined jaws to provide maximum gripping strength and ProTouch grip to minimise hand fatigue

  • Adjustable Wrenches

    Suitable for plumbing, electrical and metalworking applications. Have chrome vanadium steel construction for strength and durability, a hang hole for easy wall storage and ProTouch grip to minimise hand fatigue

  • Pipe Wrenches

Impact Sockets and BitsView all

  • Impact Bits

    Impact bits, insert bits and power bits made of cold-forged, high-grade steel. Can withstand high torque and are widely used with impact drivers

  • Impact Socket Extensions

    Used to provide access to fasteners in hard-to-reach locations. Made from heavy-duty chrome molybdenum steel with black oxide finish. Impact quick-change bit extensions with a large chuck design also available

  • Impact Socket Sets

    Includes impact bolt extraction sets designed to remove stubborn or damaged nuts and bolts. Available in 4-, 6-, 8-, 14- and 19-piece variants

Hand Saws and SawhorsesView all

  • Hacksaw and Coping Saw Blades

    Coarse / fine shatter-proof coping saw blades designed to make turning cuts on metals, woods or plastics. Feature carbon steel construction and contain up to 17 / 21 teeth per inch

  • Hand Saws

    Designed for cutting and trimming metal pipes, copper tubing, hardwoods and softwoods. Feature a hardwood or rubberised cushion handle for comfortable and firm grip, and contain up to 17 teeth per inch for precision cutting

About Irwin Industrial Tools

Irwin Tools is an American manufacturer of professional grade hand tools and power tools designed for woodworking, metalworking, plumbing and automotive applications. The Irwin Industrial Tools catalogue incorporates screwdrivers, screwdriver bits, drill bits, impact bits, saws, circular saw blades, utility knife blades, chisels, tape measures, snips and clamps.Irwin marples chisels are made from high-quality hardened steel and are offered in different tip sizes and lengths for a variety of hard wood carving and cutting jobs. The brand's bolt extractors remove rusted, broken, over tightened and rounded off fasteners easily. They include square drive bolt grip sockets of different dimensions to be used with multiple applications. Choose from a wide range of these tools and other Irwin products, such as impact socket sets, locking grip pliers and diagonal cutters on Raptor Supplies.

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