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Plugs and Receptacles

Electrical Boxes

Strain Relief

Raceways and Accessories

Extension Cords and Outlet Strips

  • Cord Adapters

    Corrosion-resistant straight blade adapter cords with a twist-lock female receptacle, and intelligent Y-adapter cord sets to split power. Suitable for marine applications and designed to operate at temperatures ranging from -40 to 75 degrees Celsius

  • Extension Cord Reels

    CSA-certified and UL-listed extension cord and cable reels (retractable) with a multi-position guide arm for easy wire management. Feature a 5-ft-long plug-in power cord and can be mounted on benches, ceilings and

  • Extension Cords

    25- and 50-ft-long extension cords with an outlet box and a marine cord set to power electrical devices installed away from the power supply. Require up to 50 ampere current and suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications

Conduit Fittings and Accessories

Data and Communication

Wire Management

  • Cable Protection System Components

    Includes modular cable protection systems, cable trackers, end caps and ramps to protect electrical cables from damage in industrial and public places. Have a maximum load capacity of 20000 lb

  • Cable Protectors

    Made from durable and flexible PVC to protect electrical cables and cords from light pedestrian traffic in workshops, garages, offices and other places. Available in 3-, 5-, 10- and 25-foot variants

Conduit and Accessories


  • Electrical Device Enclosures

    UL-listed NEMA 1 enclosures for 30 ampere switches and lighting controls. Made from industrial grade thermoplastic / aluminium and suitable for standard-duty indoor applications

Starters and Contactors


Hand Tools

Electrical Tools

  • Cable Pulling Grip Kits

    CSA certified 6-piece cable pulling mesh grip kits made of galvanised steel to help install or remove cables from a conduit or a duct. Feature a flexible eye for easy attachment to pulling line

  • Cable Pulling Mesh Grips

    Non-metallic / galvanised steel pulling mesh grips with a maximum breaking strength of 33000 lb to easily install / remove cables from a conduit or a duct. Feature a flexible / rotating / ring / offset eye for easy attachment to pulling line

Electronics Appliances and Batteries



Replacement Parts


Test Instruments

Electrical Power Testing

Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems, a division of Hubbell Inc, provides an extensive line of electrical and electronic equipment for the construction, medical, manufacturing and electrical industries. Its extensive catalogue comprises floor boxes, switches, connectors, plugs, receptacles and electrical wall plates. Hubbell electric extension cords are designed for temporarily providing power to electrical devices, such as power tools, patio heaters and outdoor lighting operations. These extensions feature a metal outlet box for withstanding industrial abuse and a flexible electrical cable with a power rating of 125 kW. For outdoor lighting installations, Hubbell electric connectors are best suited for interfacing electrical tools and devices with a power source. These connectors feature liquid-repellent construction for preventing short-circuits and offered in PVC and thermoplastic elastomer materials. Choose from a wide range of these products along with other brand products, such as cable protectors, support grips and cord adapters on Raptor Supplies, an authorised Hubbell distributor.