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HVAC and Refrigeration

HVAC Controls

  • Air Vents

    Brass, bronze or thermoplastic air vents used for ventilating, heating, and air conditioning; can withstand temperatures up to 250 degree F. Available in 1-1/4 FNPT, 1/8 and 3/4 MNPT inch variants

  • Aquastat Relays

    Includes dual aquastat, immersion and multi-zone immersion controllers used for temperature control of liquids in boilers and storage tanks

  • Damper and Valve Replacement Motors

    Powered devices used to operate a damper and adjust the flow of air and smoke. Offer easy installation with a self-centering shaft adapter for mounting flexibility and a greater clamping force

  • Fan and Limit Controls

    Ideal for use with forced air heating systems to handle line voltage, low voltage or millivoltage control applications. Turns fan on and off according to the plenum temperature. Selected models come with a three-wiring terminal option for simple installation

  • Fan Coil Thermostats

    Used for controlling the fan coil units (FCUs), usually wall-mounted, that heat and cool hotel rooms, workshops, apartments and other small spaces. Feature an economy setback mode to save energy using a wired or wireless occupancy sensor

  • Furnace Ignitors Controls

    Provide ignition sequence, flame monitoring and shutoff facilities for intermittent pilot central furnaces. Offer 100 percent pilot gas shutoff if the pilot fails to light. Ideal for use in single or dual rod / remote sensing applications engaging natural or LP gas

  • Gas Valves

    Offer broad-capacity control for almost any IP, HSI or DSI gas-fired appliances. Come equipped with a manual valve, automatic operators, a pressure regulator, a pilot adjustment facility, a pilot plug and an ignition adapter

  • Hot Water Controls

    Integrated with an outdoor reset facility to save energy by controlling the boiler's settings based on the actual outdoor temperature. Feature Wireless AquaReset technology that installs in only 30 minutes with the help of RedLINK wireless communication. Includes a module and a wireless sensor

  • Humidity Controls

    Helps in managing the humidification and dehumidification levels, as well as control the ventilation or bathroom fans from a central location. Display and automatically adjust the indoor temperature and humidity levels based on the outdoor conditions

  • HVAC Relays

    Offer heavy-duty switching in refrigeration and air conditioning equipment or vending machines. Equipped with dual 1/4 inch quick-connect coil terminals and laminated magnet construction for advanced efficiency rates

  • Line Voltage Thermostats

    Easy-to-use thermostats featuring a digital, push-button operation, with 100-percent TRIAC silent switching and no clicking noise, for accurate temperature control in Fahrenheit or Celsius scales

Air Treatment

Radiators Boilers and Accessories

Air Filters

Cooling Fans and Accessories

Air Distribution Venting and Duct Accessories

A/C Refrigeration

Electric Process Heaters and Accessories

Refrigeration Test Equipment



  • Aprons

    ANSI-compliant stainless-steel aprons ideal for welding, carpentry, and food and chemical processing applications. Feature 20 (H) x 20 (W) inch mesh with 4-ring joint design for flexibility

Identification Products

Gas Detection

    Honeywell is a leading manufacturer of aerospace products and services, control, sensing and security equipment. Its extensive catalogue includes safety interlock switches, low voltage thermostats, line voltage thermostats, gloves, respirators, safety glasses, laser eyewear and goggles, gas masks, military police and tactical gloves and aprons, HVAC controls, air filters and humidifiers. The Honeywell low-voltage thermostats are designed for use in commercial, military and aerospace industries to cut the electrical supply of the system when the temperature reaches a predefined limit. These thermostats feature a large, backlit screen that is easy-to-read and 2 - 5 day programming facility that offers precise control to comply with the user's schedule. They are available in both vertical and horizontal mounting configurations. Choose from a wide range of these thermostats along with other products, such as air vents, humidity controls, zone valves, immersion wells and toggle switches on Raptor Supplies.