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Material Handling

Casters and Wheels

  • Caster Accessories

    Includes caster swivel locks for use with the Hamilton SEC Series swivel casters to prevent unnecessary movements while loading and unloading items. Come with a steel plate having a bolt diameter of 1/2 inches for mounting

  • Caster Wheels

    Heavy-duty caster wheels with a maximum load rating of 12000 lb, suitable for easy transportation of large equipment in manufacturing industries and other material-handling applications. Available in polyurethane, cast iron, phenolic, ductile iron, steel and iron variants

  • Dual Wheel Casters

    Dual wheel rigid and swivel casters designed to distribute the load evenly on both wheels. Have a maximum load capacity of 12000 lb and widely used in towline and shock load applications in aerospace and shipbuilding industries

  • Plate Casters

    Rigid and swivel plate casters capable of bearing loads up to 18000 lb for various light- and heavy-duty mobility applications. Variants with brakes also available

  • Pneumatic Casters

    Rigid and swivel pneumatic casters with solid steel frame and pneumatic / solid rubber wheels. Have a maximum load rating of 2900 lb and ideal for lawn mowers, wagons and carts to ensure a quiet and shock-resistant ride

  • Specialty Casters

    Rigid and swivel casters with standard, single flange and double flange metal wheels. Can bear loads up to 999 lb and suitable for use in food carts and stretchers

  • Stem Casters

    Swivel stem casters featuring heat-treated rubber wheels with precision ball bearings for smooth, easy and quiet manoeuvrability. Can bear loads up to 75 lb and ideal for use in health and food service industries

Dollies and Movers

  • Dollies

    General-purpose dollies featuring a heavy-duty steel platform and polyolefin swivel casters. Have a maximum load capacity of 900 lb and suitable for transporting heavy loads and equipment

Hamilton is a US-based manufacturer of casters, caster wheels and dollies. The Hamilton Casters catalogue includes plate casters, dual wheel casters, pneumatic casters and speciality casters, with caster wheel material options in rubber, phenolic, steel, polyurethane, cast iron and nylon. These industrial caster wheels have a maximum load-bearing capacity of 20000 lbs and ensure trouble-free mobility of large equipment. From polyurethane wheels to forged steel wheels, Raptor Supplies, as an authorised distributor of the brand, offers a complete range of Hamilton caster wheels in different bore diameters and hub lengths.