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Indoor Fixtures



  • CFL Ballasts

    Electronic / magnetic ballasts designed to control the current flowing from power supplies to lights. Feature 1 / 2 / 3 lamps with power ratings ranging from 10 to 104 W and can start at temperatures as low as -4 degrees F

  • Electronic Ballasts

    NEMA-rated ballasts suitable for use with lamps not requiring frequent switching. Provide precision-control flicker-free operation with power factors greater than 0.95

Task Lights

Emergency Lighting

  • Emergency Lighting Batteries

    Replacement sealed-lead acid / nickel-cadmium batteries featuring AMP / male-Faston terminal connectors for use with Lumapro emergency lights. Available in 300, 650, 4500 & 12000 mAh capacity ratings

  • Emergency Lighting Fixtures

    Wall- / ceiling-mounted emergency lights comprising 2 adjustable incandescent lamps (5.4 W) that operate on lead-calcium batteries

  • Exit Sign and Light Combinations

    1- / 2-face exit signs illuminated by incandescent / LED lamps for use in hospitals, universities and other commercial places. Available in red and green letter colours

Light Bulb Related Products

Outdoor LED Light Fixtures

Indoor HID Fixtures

Hand and Portable Lamps


Extension Cords and Outlet Strips

Fleet and Vehicle Maintenance

Automotive Electrical


Replacement Parts

LumaPro, a brand of W.W. Grainger, is a leading provider of high-quality lighting solutions for both commercial and industrial applications. The LumaPro Product catalog includes bulbs, LEDs, HIDs, worklights, flash lights, capacitors, CFL ballasts, motion sensors and fluorescent lamps. The company also offers single- and double-faced exit signs for use in hospitals, universities or recreational facilities. These lamps are compatible with a wide range of batteries, such as lithium iron phosphate, lead calcium and nickel cadmium. LumaPro electronic / magnetic CFL ballasts are designed to control the current flowing from power supplies to lights and can start at temperatures as low as -4 degrees Fahrenheit. These come equipped with 1 / 2 / 3 lamps with power ratings between 10 and 104 W. Choose from a wide range of these products and related accessories on Raptor Supplies, an authorised LumaPro distributor.