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HVAC and Refrigeration

Air Treatment


  • Belt Drive Blower Accessories

    Includes carpet clamps, snout adapters and duct venting system kits for use with belt drive blowers. 300-inch-long extension ducts made of PVC coated polyester for use with model AE6QUC, also available

Air Filters

  • Air Cleaner Filters

    HEPA filters for use with air scrubbers to capture volatile organic compounds including smoke, odours and fumes from the air; feature a leak-proof, sturdy frame & an efficiency of 99.97%



  • Carpet Extractor Accessories

    Flood extraction tools to extract water from flooded basements; made of stainless-steel and plastic. Feature an easy-to-clean rotomolded head with a clear view window, a replaceable glide and an ergonomic handle

For over 40 years, DRI-EAZ, a subsidiary of Legend Brands Inc, has been offering a wide variety of cleaning and drying equipment ideal for ventilation, heating, moisture detection, dehumidification and commercial restoration applications. Its extensive catalogue includes air movers, dehumidifiers, flood extractors, blowers, foggers, speciality dryers and odour control solutions. DRI-EAZ dehumidifiers are used to control the moisture / humidity levels in food processing facilities and warehouses and feature rugged, compact construction for ease of carrying. These units come equipped with a Dri-Eaz rotomolded housing capable of resisting scratches and dents and are available in 6.2 - 10.5 ampere ratings. The DRI-EAZ portable blowers are designed to generate high-velocity airflows for enhanced drying, cooling and ventilating operations. These units feature non-skid rubber feet capable of turning or tilting in six operating positions for precise airflow direction and allows easy stacking with multiple Ace Turbodryer units for efficient storage and jobsite portability. Raptor Supplies, one of DRI-EAZ's authorised distributor provides customers with a wide range of these products along with various air cleaner filters and extractor accessories.