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Definite Purpose AC Motors

  • 50 Hz Motors

    Single- and three-phase heavy-duty motors intended for use at rated voltages with tolerance of + / - 15 per cent. Feature copper windings, ball bearings and high temperature insulation

  • Cooling Tower Motors

    Designed for high humidity environments; can operate at optimal system efficiency point with variable speed control. Come with an Inpro / Seal combination slinger and labyrinth non-contact shaft seals for protection from contaminants

  • Definite Purpose Motors

    Baldor-Reliance industrial motors designed to meet or exceed NEMA standards and ensure optimal operation in harsh industrial environments. Include two speed, pressure washer, arbor saw, woodworking, Pre-1952 NEMA, U-frame, automotive duty and synchronous permanent magnet motors

  • Farm Duty Motors

    Feature a lip seal and V-ring slinger on the drive end for protection against contaminants and Class B / F / H insulation system to keep motor cool. Available in different break-down torque ratings and frames

  • Hazardous Location Motors

    Designed to operate safely in hazardous environments in chemical, oil and gas, water and paper industries. Have a cast-iron construction and available in a totally enclosed heavy gauge steel

  • Vector Motors

    Offer maximum breakaway torque possible at zero speed and are ideal for precise positioning, conveyors and batch mixing / blending in food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Available in TEFC, TEBC, DPFV and TENV enclosures

  • Washdown Motors

    Ideal for high-pressure steam and chemical sterilisations in food and beverage, medical and pharmaceutical industries. Have a break-down torque up to 224 LB-FT and are available in rigid and no mounting base types

Pump Motors

  • Close-Coupled Pump Motors

    High-quality Baldor electric motors featuring oversized ball bearings with a locked drive end and a TENV or TEFC enclosure. Ideal for commercial and industrial water pumps and food processing applications

  • Jet Pump Motors

    Intended for pumping applications in wet or humid environments. Feature a steel frame construction and aluminium end plates with steel bearing seat inserts for reliability

  • Oil Well Pumping Motors

    Intended for application where high slip and high torque is required. Feature a steel / cast-iron frame, NEMA Design D/ B / F insulation and rigid base. Offered in 230 / 460 / 796 voltage ratings

  • Vertical Pump Motors

    Designed for use in fans, aerators, in-line process pumps, centrifugal pumps, sump pumps and turbine pumps. Have a maximum speed of 5400 rpm and feature a cast iron frame construction, rotatable conduit boxes, energy efficient windings and stainless-steel nameplates

HVAC Motors

  • Condenser Fan Motors

    Designed for use in commercial freezers, refrigeration condenser units and air conditioners. Available in rigid, bracket and no mount base styles

  • Direct Drive Blower Motors

    Class B and Class F insulation direct drive blower motors suitable for HVAC repair and maintenance operations. Have a maximum breakdown torque of 15.2 lb-ft and are available in different no-load currents and hp ratings

  • Pedestal Fan Motors

    Includes 4-, 6- and 8-pole pedestal fan motors suitable for continuous air-over applications with moderate starting loads. Feature a heavy gauge steel yoke, aluminium endplates, reversible rotation and Class B / F insulation. Available in different ampere and breakdown torque ratings

General Purpose AC Motors

  • AC Motors

    Suitable for applications in transportation machinery, electrical power plants, and marine and cargo pumps. Include IEC frame, severe duty, HVAC, washdown, pump, explosion-proof and farm duty motors

  • Brake Motors

    Used in conveyors, speed reducers and door operators, etc. requiring sudden stoppage in a limited amount of time. Feature an Inverter Spike Resistant insulation system, NEMA-standard BA dimensions and spring-set brakes. Available in different voltage and rpm ratings

  • Metric Three Phase Motors

    Includes UL and CSA recognised Baldor electric motors for application where IEC frames are required. Used in ventilators, machine tools, gear reducers, pumps and fans, and available in different rpm and hp options

DC Motors

  • DC Permanent Magnet Motors

    Ideal for applications requiring variable speed and constant torque. Feature a heavy-duty steel frame, a removable mounting base, durable brushes, Class F insulation, ceramic ferrite magnets, double-sealed ball bearings and die-cast alloy endplates with steel bearing inserts

  • General Purpose DC Motors

    Baldor Motors ideal for smooth and vibration-free operation in plastic, printing and packaging industries. Available in machined die cast aluminium or steel housing


Sump Effluent and Sewage Pumps

  • Submersible Sump Pumps

    Includes single- and three-phase submersible cast iron pumps featuring dual carbon ceramic mechanical seals, two NC thermostats, dual moisture sensing probes and stainless-steel shafts. Suitable for applications in aerators, slurry pumps and mixers

Power Transmission


  • AC Gearmotors

    Ideal for application where low shaft speed and high torque output are required. Commonly used in material handling, pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries. Available in single-phase, three-phase and inverter duty power ratings

Baldor Motors is a leading manufacturer of washdown, general-purpose, farm-duty, jet pump, hazardous location, pedestal and condenser fan motors. Baldor process performance motors are ideal for variable frequency drive applications in chemical plants, paper mills and material handling facilities. These CE-marked motors feature IP55 rated enclosures to prevent the ingress of contaminants and a Class F insulation system with a Class B rise limit to withstand temperatures up to 155 deg C. They are capable of delivering speeds up to 2862 rpm at an ambient temperature range of -20 to 40 degrees C. Selected models come equipped with a dynamically balanced rotor design to enhance the bearing performance and a dampening base to absorb vibrations & reduce noise levels. They are available in cast-iron & aluminium frame and 230 to 690 V variants. Baldor's washdown motors handle pressurised washdowns and harsh cleaning agents. These high-performance motors feature an improved paint system for rust resistance and customer-friendly drain plugs & shaft seals to prevent the ingress of moisture inside the chamber. To provide 100 times more resistance to rising temperatures, the brand's paint-free C-Face washdown motors feature patented moisture-resistant ISR (Inverter Spike Resistant) magnet wire and permanently sealed ball bearings with water-resistant grease for aiding corrosive operations. They are offered in 1-phase and 3-phase designs and have 300 Series stainless-steel rugged construction for structural rigidity and moisture sealant on bolt heads & between frame and endplates to block the circulation of processing fluid & dust through the system. Choose from a wide range of washdown motors in operating speeds ranging from 1755 to 3470 rpm and other brand products such as definite purpose, oil-well pumping & submersible sump pump motors on Raptor Supplies, an authorised Baldor Motor distributor.