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Lufkin, a company of Crescent, is a leading manufacturer of quality measurement tools that are popularly used across factories, refineries and construction sites. The company's product line includes callipers, micrometers, gauges, wood rules, engineering and surveying tapes, power tapes, speciality tapes & measuring wheels. Crescent Lufkin's patented Quikread power-return tape measures tape measures feature printed fractional values & their decimal equivalent graduations for easy readability and a rounded case for a comfortable hold. Further protected with ASTM-standard clear-coating and a patented Quad Hook facility, the blades of these tapes are abrasion- and corrosion-resistant and minimise breakage rates, respectively. To easily measure the diameter of pipes, cables and tires, Lufkin W606PD Executive diameter pocket tape measures are best suited because of their double-sided blade print that allows conversion from diameter to circumference just by turning over the blade. The company also offers a wide range of oil gauging tapes featuring a heavy-duty frame equipped with a grounding strap (plumb bob available separately) for proper grounding and a turn knob for minimising hand fatigue when handling large surface areas. These Atlas Chrome Clad tapes further comprise black markings enclosed in multiple layers of nickel & chrome electroplating for wear resistance and can easily fit with popular tape wipers as their front portion has an adjustable diameter & a longer attachment bolt. Raptor Supplies, one of the company's authorised distributors, offers a wide range of these oil gauging tapes and other Lufkin products, such as adhesive tape measures, plumb bobs and rules & straight edges.