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TRIM LOK INC 7100B3X1/4C-100 Trim Seal Aluminium Clip 0.42 Inch Width 100 Feet | AA2BWV 10D130

TRIM LOK INC 7100B3X1/4C-100 Trim Seal Aluminium Clip 0.42 Inch Width 100 Feet

Item: AA2BWV Model: 7100B3X1/4C-100Cross Ref: 10D130
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Product Specifications:

ItemEdge Grip Seal
Bulb Dia.0.75"
Fits Edge.250"
Leg Length0.5"
MaterialEPDM Closed Cell Sponge
Max. Temp.150 F
Min. Temp. Rating-20 Deg.F
Overall Height1.25"
Overall Width0.75"
StyleTop Bulb w/Vinyl Grip

Shipping Info:

Ship weight (kg) 5.4
Ship height (cm)5.08
Ship length (cm)50.8
Ship width (cm)45.72
HS code4016935050
Country of OriginUS

Product Details:

Trim Lok 7100B3X1/4C-100 edge trim seal clip covers & protects naked edges from wind, water & dust and ensures a secured seal. It is ideal for glass, metallic, plastic & wooden materials. Without using screws, the trim clip can join parts to panels. It is a designed fastener that affixes to a panel stud or shaft. For tool-free assembly, a hole in a connecting part can then be forced over springs or barbs on the clip.


  • Trim Lok 7100B3X1/4C-100 edge trim seal clip features a durable aluminium & steel core with PVC (poly vinyl chloride) covering for better gripping & abrasion resistance.
  • It is supplied in a top bulb style with a flexible vinyl grip to provide excellent insulation.
  • This unit has an EPDM, closed-cell sponge rubber bulb for weather-proof sealing at a maximum temperature of 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

Standards and Approvals:

  • FMVSS 302
  • UL
  • FAA / FAR

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How to install an aluminium edge trim seal clip?


  • Over the flange, edge trim is pushed into position.
  • Use a pneumatic air hammer in place of your hands for installations with a large volume.
  • Installing lengths of edge trim will provide an excellent outcome as the ends won't fray.
  • Leave some material in the produced loop after pressing the ends together.
  • Then apply pressure to the edge trim to prevent stretching and ensure correct fit.

Q. Is the wire cutter suitable for cutting the edge trim?

A. Using a hand instrument, such as a wire cutter, can cause material waste due to crimped ends and subpar cuts.

Q. How to choose the right edge trim?


  • Make certain that the edge thickness and the seal you choose are the same. In other words, avoid choosing a trim seal that is either too thick or too thin for the flange.
  • The length of legs is another crucial factor. Shorter leg lengths are typically needed for rubber trim with deeper flanges.
  • If the edge you need to cover has a bend, measure it and note the radius of the bend. Then, compare this measurement to the edge trim you are considering for minimum bend radius. Because it can't fit the radius, the edge trim may buckle, which might cause the trim seal to malfunction.

Product Variants

ProductModelLeg LengthLengthOverall HeightOverall WidthStylePrice
TRIM LOK INC 5M062B3X1/64A-25 Trim Seal Aluminium Clip 0.19 Inch Width 25 Feet | AA2BPH 10C973
5M062B3X1/64A-250.375"25ft.0.375"0.385"Side Bulb w/Vinyl Grip£55.76
TRIM LOK INC 5M062B3X1/32A-25 Trim Seal Aluminium Clip 0.2 Inch Width 25 Feet | AA2BPJ 10C975
5M062B3X1/32A-250.375"25ft.0.375"0.401"Side Bulb w/Vinyl Grip£61.09
TRIM LOK INC 5M062B3X1/16A-25 Trim Seal Aluminium Clip 0.23 Inch Width 25 Feet | AA2BPK 10C977
5M062B3X1/16A-250.375"25ft.0.375"0.432"Side Bulb w/Vinyl Grip£68.10
TRIM LOK INC 5M062B3X1/16C-25 Trim Seal Aluminium Clip 0.23 Inch Width 25 Feet | AA2BPL 10C978
5M062B3X1/16C-250.375"25ft.0.575"0.2"Top Bulb w/Vinyl Grip£69.74
TRIM LOK INC 5M062B3X3/32A-25 Trim Seal Aluminium Clip 0.26 Inch Width 25 Feet | AA2BPM 10C979
5M062B3X3/32A-250.375"25ft.0.375"0.463"Side Bulb w/Vinyl Grip£67.61
TRIM LOK INC 5M062B3X3/32C-25 Trim Seal Aluminium Clip 0.26 Inch Width 25 Feet | AA2BPN 10C980
5M062B3X3/32C-250.375"25ft.0.575"0.2"Top Bulb w/Vinyl Grip£67.61
TRIM LOK INC 5M062B3X1/64A-100 Trim Seal Aluminium Clip 0.19 Inch Width 100 Feet | AA2BPP 10C981
5M062B3X1/64A-1000.375"100ft.0.375"0.385"Side Bulb w/Vinyl Grip-

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TRIM LOK INC 7100B3X1/4C-100 Trim Seal Aluminium Clip 0.42 Inch Width 100 Feet
£378.70 /unit (Inc. VAT)