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OETIKER 16700010 Hose Clamp, Band Width 0.276 Inch, Size Range 10.8 mm to 13.3 mm, Pack Of 100 | AE3NGR 5EFD3

OETIKER 16700010 Hose Clamp, Band Width 0.276 Inch, Size Range 10.8 mm to 13.3 mm, Pack Of 100

Item: AE3NGR Model: 16700010Cross Ref: 5EFD3
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Product Specifications:

ItemEar Clamp
Band Dimension7 x 0.6 mm
Band MaterialStainless Steel, Material no. 1.4301/UNS S30400
Band Thickness0.023"
Band Width0.276"
Ear Width8 mm
MaterialStainless Steel, Material no. 1.4301/UNS S30400
Pack Size100
Size Range10.8 mm to 13.3 mm
Size Reference13.3-706R
TypeCrimp, Stepless Ear

Shipping Info:

Ship weight (kg) 0.24
Ship height (cm)2.01
Ship length (cm)5.99
Ship width (cm)3
HS code7326908588
Country of OriginUS

Product Details:

Oetiker ear clamps are used to permanently clamp cross linked PEX tubing & hoses in water supply piping systems, petrochemical, hydraulic & automotive industries and commercial sectors. They get their name from the closing mechanism that replicates the human ear.
Oetiker 167 Series StepLess ear clamps are integrated with mechanical interlock having several engagement positions to change the size of the clamps according to diverse hose diameters. They have stainless steel construction for high corrosion resistance & structural rigidity. These ear clamps offer StepLess design with a tongue-in-groove feature for uniform leak-free sealing around the hose. They have burr free strip edges to prevent damage to the hoses or other parts that are being clamped.
Oetiker 16700010 ear clamp has a 7 mm narrow band of 0.6 mm thickness for lightweight and concentrated transfer of clamping force around the clamp. It can fit hoses having sizes ranging from 10.8 to 13.3 mm. Oetiker 16700010 clamp has an 8 mm wide single ear with a dimple for delivering the maximum clamping force while adjusting to thermal expansions. Raptor Supplies offers this Oetiker 16700010 StepLess ear clamp in a pack of 100 clamps for use in similar settings and similar sized hoses.


Oetiker 16700010 clamp is ideal for clamping hoses & preventing their disconnection from fittings in agricultural, automobile and industrial applications. This Oetiker 16700010 clamp exerts high clamping force to ensure leak-free operation without damaging the hoses.

Working Mechanism:

Oetiker 16700010 clamp is locked at the interlock position nearest to the hose diameter and permanently installed on the hose by squeezing the clamp ear. Squeezing the clamp ear results in crimping of the ear & a decrease in clamp ear width. This results in driving one end (tongue) of Oetiker 16700010 clamp towards the groove like design. This further locks Oetiker 16700010 clamp and leads to its tightening around the hose.


  • Oetiker 16700010 StepLess ear clamp is used to hold hoses & tubings tightly over fittings.
  • It has stainless steel construction for exceptional corrosion resistance & durability in harsh environmental conditions.
  • Oetiker 16700010 clamp has a single ear with a dimple for tamper proof handling in case of temperature fluctuations.
  • This Oetiker 16700010 ear clamp has tongue-in-groove / StepLess design for applying radial force continuously around its circumference.
  • Oetiker 16700010 clamp is equipped with a multi-position interlock for closing / locking the clamp over different sized hoses.
  • It has burr-free edges on its 7 mm narrow band for reducing hose damages and concentrating clamping force transmission for a tight fitting.

Compatible Accessories:

  • HMK 01 & HMK S01: These manual clamping tools have a straight clamping jaw (HMK 01) for standard operation or a side clamping jaw (HMK S01) for low volume assembly in small spaces. They are useful during force-monitored field operations. Users can alternatively use ratchet pincers for closing Oetiker 16700010 ear clamp.
  • HO 2000 - 4000 ME: These pneumatic pincer systems are ideal for high volume uniform installation of Oetiker 16700010 clamps. These pincers provide optimum closing force for crimping clamp ears & tightening the clamp around a hose.
  • CP 01: This cordless clamp pincer has lightweight & ergonomic design for free motion during Oetiker 16700010 clamp assembly. It offers precise clamping force and unrestricted operation at any location.
  • HO 2000 - 4000 EL: These electronically controlled clamp pincers are suitable to control & monitor clamping force for consistent closure of Oetiker 16700010 ear clamp.

Standards and Approvals:

  • Oetiker 16700010 clamp is manufactured in compliance with DIN EN ISO 9227 international standards for corrosion resistance & durability.
  • Oetiker 16700010 hose clamps & its accessories also meet the requirements of IATF 16949:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 standards to ensure environmental health and defect-free & superior performance of the clamps.


Steps for installing ear clamp over hoses are:

  • Measure the outer diameter of the hose fitted to an attaching material (like a nipple). The outer diameter of the hose should be slightly above the diameter range of Oetiker 16700010 clamp.
  • Place Oetiker 16700010 clamp near the hose end and engage the multi position interlock having lock tabs.
  • Use a constant force tool jaw or pincer to crimp across Oetiker 16700010 clamp ear width & reduce the clamp diameter for tight fitting over the hose.
  • Apply a single tool stroke for closing Oetiker 16700010 clamp in one go to prevent damage to the clamp.
  • The closing force applied by force monitored installation tools for giving the required material compression / surface pressure must be based on dimensional evaluation and experiment on type & tolerance level of the parts being clamped.
  • Due to Oetiker 16700010 clamp's tamper-resistant construction, it needs to be either cut at the clamp band / ear or pried open at the mechanical interlock. This leads to the destruction of Oetiker 16700010 clamp, eliminating chances of reuse.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Are Oetiker clamps reusable?

A. Yes, Oetiker hose clamps like worm drive, StepLess screw & V clamps are reusable. They can be easily opened & installed anytime the requirement arises. They are ideal for maintenance & servicing in manufacturing & automotive facilities. These clamps can also be installed both radially and axially.

Q. How to choose the suitable Oetiker hose clamp?

A. To check the size requirement, install the hose on pipe or fitting (which expands the hose), then check the outside diameter of the hose. Lastly, select a hose clamp that supports the hose diameter in its clamping range.

Q. What clamp materials are suitable for marine applications?

A. For marine applications, the user should always use hose clamps made of high-grade stainless steel (such as 316 stainless steel).

Q. How to properly position Oetiker 16700010 hose clamp?

A. Hose clamps come in diverse shapes, styles & sizes. However, the majority of them follow the same process for proper fitting on a hose and tube / pipe fitting. Once the hose is pressed securely onto the mating part, Oetiker 16700010 hose clamp is positioned towards the end of the hose. Approximately, there should be 1/4 inch space between the clamp and the end of the hose.

Product Variants

ProductModelSize RangeBand WidthSize ReferenceBand DimensionEar WidthPack SizePkg. Qty.Price
OETIKER 16700992 Hose Clamp, Band Width 0.276 Inch, Size Range 9.8 mm to 12.3 mm, Pack Of 100 | AC8UDC 3DUP8
167009929.8 mm to 12.3 mm0.276"12.37 x 0.6 mm-100100£92.70
OETIKER 16702490 Hose Clamp, Band Width 0.276 Inch, Size Range 10.3 mm to 12.8 mm, Pack Of 100 | AC8UDD 3DUP9
1670249010.3 mm to 12.8 mm0.276"12.87 x 0.6 mm-100100£92.70
OETIKER 16700011 Hose Clamp, Band Width 0.276 Inch, Size Range 11.3 mm to 13.8 mm, Pack Of 100 | AC8UDE 3DUR1
1670001111.3 mm to 13.8 mm0.276"13.8-706R7 x 0.6 mm8 mm100100£83.00
OETIKER 16700015 Hose Clamp, Band Width 0.276 Inch, Size Range 12.8 mm to 15.3 mm, Pack Of 100 | AC8UDF 3DUR4
1670001512.8 mm to 15.3 mm0.276"15.3-706R7 x 0.6 mm8 mm100100£85.07
OETIKER 16702494 Hose Clamp, Band Width 0.276 Inch, Size Range 13.7 mm to 16.2 mm, Pack Of 100 | AC8UDG 3DUR6
1670249413.7 mm to 16.2 mm0.276"16.2-706R7 x 0.6 mm8 mm100100£86.32
OETIKER 16700993 Hose Clamp, Band Width 0.276 Inch, Size Range 10.8 mm to 13.3 mm, Pack Of 100 | AD7FBX 4E571
1670099310.8 mm to 13.3 mm0.276"13.37 x 0.6 mm-100100£84.19
OETIKER 16700997 Hose Clamp, Band Width 0.276 Inch, Size Range 11.5 mm to 14 mm, Pack Of 100 | AD7FBY 4E572
1670099711.5 mm to 14 mm0.276"147 x 0.6 mm-100100£92.18

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OETIKER 16700010 Hose Clamp, Band Width 0.276 Inch, Size Range 10.8 mm to 13.3 mm, Pack Of 100
£66.41 /pack (Inc. VAT)