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MORSE DRUM 201/20-3 Portable Drum Roller, 20 RPM, 3 Phase, 60Hz, 0.5 Hp, TEFC Motor | AF6FCK

MORSE DRUM 201/20-3 Portable Drum Roller, 20 RPM, 3 Phase, 60Hz, 0.5 Hp, TEFC Motor

Item: AF6FCK Model: 201/20-3
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Product Specifications:

ItemPortable Drum Roller
Amps2.5-2/ 1A
Capacity Dry300 lbs.
Capacity Liquids500 lbs.
Drum Dia.6" to 28"
Drum HeightUpto 40"
Drum MaterialSteel, Plastic
Drum RPM20 RPM
Drum SizeUpto 55 gal.
Frequency60 Hz
HP1/2 hp
Loaded Height40"
Max. Operating Temp.140 Deg. F
Motor Enclosure DesignTotally Enclosed Fan Cooled
otherOptional adaptors for plastic drum / 1 - 5 gallon can
Overall Depth34 3/4"
Overall Height19 1/4"
Overall Width21"
Speed TypeFixed
tiltTipping lever
Tilt StyleTipping Lever
Voltage208-230/ 460V AC
Wheel ConfigurationTwo Swivel Casters and Two Axle Mounted-Wheels
Wheel Diameter3"
Wheel MaterialPolyolefin

Shipping Info:

Ship weight (kg) 89.1
Ship height (cm)66.04
Ship length (cm)91.44
Ship width (cm)60.96
HS code8479820080
Country of OriginUS

Product Details:

Drum rollers are ideal for mixing drum contents at either fixed or variable speeds. They are used to eliminate the requirement of opening a drum to mix its contents for reducing worker exposure to harmful chemicals and minimising the need for clean up associated with immersion mixers. These drum rollers are generally used for blending batches of powder, mix paints, oils, urethane resin, glue, dyes, flavours, etc. inside a sealed drum at both fixed and variable speed settings.
Morse Manufacturing Company, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of drum handling equipment for applications in the petroleum, oil, brewery and food processing industries. Its electric & hydraulic drum mixers are suitable for use in both normal or hazardous working conditions. These Morse drum mixers can be used to produce a homogeneous mixture in plastic, fibre, metal and stainless steel drums.
Morse Drum 201 Series portable drum rollers are equipped with 4 heavy duty caster wheels for quick drum relocation and portability. They also feature a built in tipping bar with a top rim hook & kickstand for supporting the roller in the upright position, tipping it over into the rolling position and drum loading & unloading.
Morse Drum 201/20-3 portable drum roller has a 0.5hp, 60hz totally enclosed fan cooled motor that can be operated in 208 - 230V or 460V 3 phase electric supply. This roller can mix drum contents at a fixed speed of 20 rpm. It can handle metal drums of 6 to 28 inch diameters and 30 to 38 inch heights for proper mixing while engaged by the tipping lever. This roller has 4 wheels ( 2 front and 2 back) for easy manoeuvrability while carrying it from one place to another. Its 4 drive & 4 idler wheels can roll any standard 55 gallon metal drum. This drum roller can be used to mix drums having 500 lb liquid & 300 lb dry load. The dry load capacity of the unit is lesser than the liquid load capacity as the former exerts greater stress on the drum rotator than the fluid motion of the latter. Users may also dispense the mixed drum content directly through a faucet into smaller containers for use in batches.
Raptor Supplies delivers this drum roller in variants having broad belts instead of the wheels for mixing fibre drums; stainless steel construction for use in corrosive environments; variable speed motor for mixing different types of drum contents using the same unit.


Morse Drum 201/20-3 drum roller is used to homogenise liquid or solid contents inside drums without even opening them. It helps in mixing sediments / stratified ingredients at the bottom of a drum and minimises the hazards due to worker exposure and messy cleanup associated with the use of insertion mixers. This drum roller is strong enough to haul and move industrial drums from one area to other without causing leakage. It is ideal for use in the petroleum, oil, paints, brewery and food processing industries.

Working Mechanism:

  • Morse Drum 201/20-3 drum roller is firstly tilted to an upright position by extending tipping lever and activating kickstand. The roller should be able to stand by itself.
  • Then, a drum is loaded onto the unit's base plate using a drum truck or below hook drum lifter. The drum is locked on the drum roller by extending the tipping lever fully towards the drum & engaging a chine hook on the top rim of the drum.
  • The tipping lever is pushed towards the drum to allow the kickstand to clear the floor and tilt the drum roller over to a horizontal rolling position.
  • Then, the drum roller is moved into an enclosure with an interlock and power is connected to turn on the unit. This starts up the motor that powers the rolling wheels for rolling the drum & mixing its contents.
  • After the rolling is complete, the drum roller is disconnected by turning it off. The enclosure guarding it is also removed once the mixing is complete.
  • The drum roller is tilted back in the upright position by extending the tipping lever, engaging the chine hook on the top rim of the drum and pulling the kickstand with the foot.
  • The unit can be moved to the desired location for unloading the drum using a drum truck or below hook drum lifter.


  • Morse Drum 201/20-3 is a portable drum roller used to mix dry and liquid contents inside a sealed drum.
  • It rotates at a fixed speed of 20 rpm by using a three phase, 60 Hz TEFC motor.
  • The drum roller saves time, labour and money by reducing losses due to transferring or using special vessels for homogenising the contents.
  • It is also helpful in protecting workers from getting in contact with harmful industrial chemicals.
  • This drum roller is integrated with 2 polyolefin wheels, 2 swivel casters for portability and a built-in tipping bar to provide leverage for vertical loading and unloading.
  • Its 4 drive and 4 idler wheels are used for rolling drums.
  • This drum roller can mix the contents of any standard 55 gallon rimmed metal drum.
  • It is capable of mixing 300 lb dry load and 500 lb liquid load.

Compatible Accessories:

  • Morse Drum offers an idler attachment for rolling 1 to 5 gallon (4 to 20 litres) cylindrical cans at approximately double speeds. It can be easily attached to the drum roller using 4 bolts.
  • The brand's POLY-201 drum roller is an ideal choice for rolling plastic drums. It features extra wheels to support less rigid plastic drums and an end stop to prevent the plastic drum from rolling off during operation. This attachment also has a chain for pulling an upright drum over into the rolling position. It can be installed either at the factory prior to purchase or afterwards as a field install kit.
  • Morse Drum GEK-201-3 guard enclosure kit with a safety interlock is recommended for additional safety of the user & the unit. It is used to switch off the drum roller when anyone opens the gate. This guard enclosure is shipped separately from the drum roller and comes disassembled.
  • Raptor Supply can also deliver Morse Drum CP-201-3-230 & CP-201-3-460 AC control packages for controlling Morse Drum 201/20-3 drum roller remotely.

Standards and Approvals:

For a safe & secure operation, Morse Drum 201/20-3 drum rotator should be installed in accordance with OSHA subpart O.1910.212 "General requirements for all machines" and O.1910.212(a)(4) that states "Barrels, containers, and drums. Revolving drums, barrels, and containers shall be guarded by an enclosure which is interlocked with the drive mechanism, so that the barrel, drum, or container cannot revolve unless the guard enclosure is in place."
Weld ing on this drum roller is performed by ANSI/AWS D1.1 welding qualification test certified welders.


  • Morse Drum 201/20-3 drum roller is shipped without switch, cord and plug. Customers should get them installed by an electrician according to local codes and customer's preference.
  • The unit should be kept away from an area with heavy foot traffic to prevent intrusion & injury while the power is on.
  • The drums should be loaded & unloaded from the drum roller by ensuring secure footing and a firm hold.
  • It is recommended to use safety shoes, work gloves, hard hat and other personal protective devices while operating the drum roller.
  • Its pillow block bearings & drive chains should be greased using a multiservice lubricant every 6 - 12 months in an ordinary environment and monthly in dirty conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What other variants of Morse Drum 201/20-3 drum rotator are available on Raptor Supplies?

A. Raptor Supplies delivers this drum roller in various other variants having single phase, 115V supply; 50 Hz motor to agitate drum contents at 16 rpm speed; explosion proof motor to operate in hazardous environments. We also supply similar drum rollers having variable speed motors for mixing different drum contents using the same unit and belt dive (fixed speed & variable speed) instead of the wheels for mixing fibre drums.

Q. What is the maximum temperature for operating the drum roller?

A. The maximum ambient operating temperature that Morse Drum 201/20-3 drum roller can withstand is 140 degrees F (60 degrees C).

Q. How can users select the suitable variant for their needs?

A. Users can select a drum roller based on the drum they will be using. Customers should also consider whether they require fixed speed rollers or variable speed rollers, depending on whether they will be using the units to mix a diverse range of contents that require different speeds of mixing.

Q. What is the difference between a drum roller and a drum tumbler?

A. Drum tumblers are used to vigorously mix drum contents by forcing the contents from one end / corner to the other. They are ideal for thorough mixing of viscous or easily sedimented fluids, coarse pellets, wet grains or powders. The drum tumblers are not portable and hence, require moving of the drums to them for mixing. Drum rollers on the other hand are generally lightweight and mix the content more safely by holding the drums in place and turning them on rollers. These drum rollers are easily movable and can be transported to the point of use for mixing the drum contents.

Q. Does Morse Drum offer drum rollers in stainless steel construction?

A. Yes, Morse drum rollers are also available in stainless steel variants to provide corrosion free performance & enhanced service life. Request a quote for these rollers on Raptor Supplies.



Product Variants

ProductModelPhaseVoltageSpeed TypeDrum RPMPrice
MORSE DRUM 201/20-1 Portable Drum Roller, 20 RPM, 1 Phase, 115V | AF6FCH 29XU26
201/20-11115V ACFixed20 RPM£3,917.54
MORSE DRUM 201/20-1-50 Portable Drum Roller, 16 RPM, 1 Phase, 50Hz, TEFC Motor | AF6FCJ
201/20-1-501110/ 220V ACFixed16 RPM£2,344.33
MORSE DRUM 201/20-3-50 Portable Drum Roller, 16 RPM, 3 Phase, 50Hz | AF6FCL
201/20-3-503230/ 400V ACFixed16 RPM£2,309.47
MORSE DRUM 201/20-575 Portable Drum Roller, 20 RPM, 3 Phase, 575V | AF6FCM
201/20-5753575V ACFixed20 RPM£2,178.76
MORSE DRUM 201/20-A Portable Drum Roller, 20 RPM, Air Motor | AF6FCN
201/20-A--Fixed20 RPM£2,196.18
MORSE DRUM 201/20-E1 Portable Drum Roller, 20 RPM, Explosion-Proof, 1 Phase | AF6FCP
201/20-E11115/ 208-230V ACFixed20 RPM£2,775.73
MORSE DRUM 201/20-E1-50 Portable Drum Roller, 16 RPM, Explosion-Proof, 1 Phase, 50Hz | AF6FCQ
201/20-E1-501110/ 220V ACFixed16 RPM£3,285.55

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MORSE DRUM 201/20-3 Portable Drum Roller, 20 RPM, 3 Phase, 60Hz, 0.5 Hp, TEFC Motor
£2,165.68 /unit (Inc. VAT)