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WILTON TOOLS Cross Pein Hammer

Wilton cross pein hammers are ideal for metalworking, automotive repair and construction applications. These hammers feature steel heads with two striking faces, one flat and one cross-pein. The flat ...Read More

Face Diameter: 1.5" , Handle Color: Black , Handle Design: Nonslip Grip , Handle Material: Vulcanized Rubber and Steel , Head Color: Hi Vis Green , Head Material: Forged Steel , Head Width: 1.5" , Overall Length: 17.5" , Tether Capable: Standard Tool(Accessory Needed for Tethering)
StyleModelHead LengthHead WeightPrice
4.75"2 lb.£91.64
5"3 lb.£111.27

Working Mechanism

  • When the hammer is swung and strikes an object, the impact force is transferred from the handle to the head of the hammer, causing direct impact on the object to move or deform it.
  • The shape and size of the object's surface affect the precision and force of the hammer's strike. Hence, the tool must be used with the utmost care.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of an anti-vibe neck?

Wilton cross pein hammers reduce the amount of vibration caused due to striking hard on an object. It is accomplished by adding an anti-vibe neck, located between the handle and the head of the hammer. It is made from a material that can absorb and dissipate vibration and reduce hand fatigue through the prolonged use of a vibrating hammer.

What is the advantage of tapered design handles?

A tapered design handle is thinner towards the end, providing a comfortable grip and improving control over the tool. It helps the user to hold the tool with more precision and less effort, allowing it to easily rotate in the hand to make fine adjustments. The taper also distributes the weight of the tool more evenly, reducing hand fatigue over time.

What is a safety plate?

A safety plate is a thin piece of metal or plastic placed between the hammer's striking face and the surface being struck. It reduces the risk of chipping or breaking the surface, thus protecting the user from potential injury due to flying debris or shrapnel. Additionally, the plate reduces the amount of noise generated while striking, making these cross-pein hammers more suitable for noise-sensitive environments.

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