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SPEEDAIRE Reciprocating Air Saws

Air Inlet: 1/4" NPT , Housing Material: Aluminum , Required Pressure: 90 psi , Throttle: Lever , Variable Speed: Yes
StyleModelAverage CFM @ 15 Second Run TimeCFM @ Full LoadDutyMin. Hose SizeOverall LengthTool WeightPrice
0.71.33Industrial1/4"6.125"0.88 lb.£184.58
210General3/8"9.25"1.2 lb.£184.83
28General3/8"10.375"1.5 lb.£327.00

Reciprocating Air Saws

Speedaire reciprocating saws are machine-powered saws in which the cutting actions are performed through the push-and-pull motion of the blade. They are compact and lighter in comparison to corded or cordless saws so that they can reach smaller areas and can be managed with one hand. These saws are equipped with lesser moving parts than corded and battery-operated tools, so they run cooler. Choose from a range of these reciprocating saws, available in 6.125, 9.25 and 10.375 inch lengths.

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