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TRIDON Worm Gear Hose Clamp, Quick Release


Ideal Tridon quick release worm gear hose clamps are suitable for fluid, coolant & hydraulic lines, in addition to cable bundling, hanging caution signs and closed system operations in automotive, refrigeration, electrical & electronics, storage, hydraulic equipment and production applications. These worm drive hose clamps feature swivel-action screw locking mechanism for quick and hassle-free installation & maintenance and 200 stainless steel housing that offers high impact strength and complete protection against harsh outside conditions and abrasive liquids & chemicals. Choose from a wide range of worm drive hose clamps in plated carbon steel and 410 SS screw variants on Raptor Supplies, an authorised Ideal Tridon distributor.

 ModelSKUMax. Clamp Dia.Metric Dia. Max.Metric Dia. Min.PriceQuantity
TRIDON 56205620AB4EPK1.75"44.45mm19mm£ 19.23 (ex. VAT)
TRIDON 56245624AB4EPL2"50.8mm25.4mm£ 18.43 (ex. VAT)
TRIDON 56365636AB4EPM2.75"69.85mm25.4mm£ 37.56 (ex. VAT)
TRIDON 56565656AB4EPN4"101.6mm25.4mm£ 45.95 (ex. VAT)
TRIDON 56725672AB4EPP5"127mm50.8mm£ 67.95 (ex. VAT)
TRIDON 5610456104AB4EPQ7.75"177.8mm44.45mm£ 73.04 (ex. VAT)
TRIDON 58125812AB4EPR1.25"31.75mm12.7mm£ 21.47 (ex. VAT)
TRIDON 58205820AB4EPT1.75"44.45mm19.05mm£ 21.72 (ex. VAT)
TRIDON 58245824AB4EPU2"50.8mm25.4mm£ 21.72 (ex. VAT)
TRIDON 58285828AB4EPV2.25"57.15mm25.4mm£ 32.78 (ex. VAT)
TRIDON 58365836AB4EPW2.75"69.85mm25.4mm£ 39.75 (ex. VAT)
TRIDON 58485848AB4EPX3.5"88.9mm38.1mm£ 35.22 (ex. VAT)
TRIDON 58565856AB4EPY4"101.6mm25.4mm£ 50.19 (ex. VAT)
TRIDON 58725872AB4EPZ5"127mm51mm£ 69.14 (ex. VAT)
TRIDON 58885888AB4EQA6"203.2mm50.8mm£ 75.40 (ex. VAT)
TRIDON 5810458104AB4EQB7.75"177.8mm44.45mm£ 76.35 (ex. VAT)
TRIDON 56125612AE2LHD1.25"32mm13mm£ 17.86 (ex. VAT)
TRIDON 5618856188AE2LHE12.25"311mm60mm£ 62.10 (ex. VAT)
TRIDON 56285628AE2LHF2.25"57mm25.4mm£ 19.03 (ex. VAT)
TRIDON 56485648AE2LHG3.5"90mm42mm£ 22.27 (ex. VAT)
TRIDON 56885688AE2LHH6"152mm51mm£ 47.89 (ex. VAT)