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EATON Duplex Ground Fault Receptacles

Eaton duplex ground fault receptacles are electrical outlets that protect people from electric shock and electrocution. These GFCI outlets are used in bathrooms, kitchens and outdoor spaces having a risk of electrical shock.


Working Mechanism

  • They have two internal components: a relay and a sensor.
  • The relay carries the electrical current to the load while the sensor monitors the current flowing in the circuit.
  • When the sensor detects any difference between the current flowing into & out of the circuit, it triggers the relay to interrupt the flow of electricity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I reset these GFCI receptacles after they have tripped?

Yes, users can reset these Eaton receptacles after they trip by pushing the reset button on their face.

How often should I test these ground fault receptacles?

It is recommended to test these receptacles once a month to ensure proper functioning. To test the receptacle, press the 'Test' button located on its face. If the unit is functioning properly, it will trip and shut off the power.

How is a GFCI receptacle better than a standard receptacle?

A standard receptacle does not have the same level of protection against electrical shock hazards as a GFCI receptacle. A GFCI receptacle detects and interrupts the electrical current in the event of a ground fault caused by numerous factors, including electrical shock or a short circuit.

What is a duplex receptacle?

Duplex receptacle is an electric outlet that contains two electrical sockets, one above the other, in a single unit. The two sockets are used to plug in two separate electrical devices. They provide an easy & convenient way to connect multiple devices to a single electrical circuit.

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