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DESTACO 802 Series Replacement Clamp Assemblies

Clamp Arm Length: 43.9mm , Clamp Bar Opening: 102 Deg. , Duty Cycle: Poor/Low , Height Under Clamp Arm: 27mm , Holding Capacity: 200 Lbs. , Operating Temp.: -10 To 90 Deg.C , Port Size: 1/8 NPT
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802 Series Replacement Clamp Assemblies

Destaco 802 Series replacement clamp assemblies are used for applications, such as fixturing, testing, welding and assembly in automotive and food & packaging industries. These pneumatic clamps are ideal for applying pressure on workpieces by using air actuated cylinders. They work in conjunction with a pneumatic cylinder that utilises the compressed air for moving the clamp bar & holding the workpiece. They can handle temperatures ranging from -14 to 194 degrees F and pressures up to 200 psi.

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