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DESTACO Straight Line Action Clamps, 6015 Series

Base Length: 2.25" | Base Width: 1.26" | Handle: 184 Deg. | Handle: T | Overall Height: 1.59"
StyleModelHolding CapacityToggle Lock PlusMaterialMounting BasePlunger Thread SizePlunger HeightPlungerPrice
560 Lbs.NoStainless SteelFlange1/4-200.5"Round£159.85
560 Lbs.YesSteelFlangeM60.5"Round£123.30
560 Lbs.NoStainless SteelFlangeM60.5"Round£147.77
560 Lbs.NoSteelFlangeM60.5"Round£73.86
560 Lbs.YesSteelFlange1/4-200.5"Round£107.11
560 Lbs.NoSteelFlange1/4-200.5"Round£72.91

Straight Line Action Clamps, 6015 Series

Destaco 6015 Series straight-line action clamp features a compact yet rigid design and is the smallest in the entire range of straight-line action clamps. It has a low-profile design that allows the handle to fall below mounting plane to lock in a retracted position. This straight-line action clamp is used in assembling, fixture checking and tensioning of various commercial and industrial tools and equipment. The 6015 Series Destaco straight line action clamp is available in different handle types, load capacities, materials and thread sizes.


  • Destaco 6015 Series straight line action clamps are ideal for assembly, checking & welding fixtures, and tensioning operations in the consumer goods, aerospace, automotive and food & packaging industries.


  • Destaco 6015 Series straight line action clamps have a low profile design to allow the handle to fall below the mounting plane to lock in the retracted position.
  • These units feature a flanged base that has threaded holes for easy mounting.
  • They are equipped with hardened plungers and steel pivot pins & bushings for extended life and durability.
  • These straight line action clamps can be locked in two positions, allowing the operator to use them as either push or pull clamps.
  • Destaco Toggle Lock Plus versions are also available (models ending with -R). This feature offers added safety by ensuring that the over centre locking condition is maintained and the clamp remains protected against unintentional opening.
  • Destaco 6015 Series straight line action clamps are also available in stainless steel versions as -SS models.
  • They are available in both metric & imperial variants.

Compatible Accessories

  • Destaco 205203 & 205203-M: These hex head spindle assemblies feature threaded rods that are used to mount Destaco 6015 Series straight line action clamps to secure material to work surfaces. The spindles can be adjusted to accommodate materials of varying thicknesses
  • Selected models such as 6015-SS & 6015-MSS are supplied with hex head spindle assemblies (202943 & 202916-M, respectively) for maximum holding force.
  • These spindle assemblies can also be used to replace worn out / damaged spindles to extend the service life of clamps.

Standards and Approvals

  • Destaco 6015 straight line action clamps conform to international standards like ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 9001:2015 for ensuring environmental health & safety, and efficient performance of clamps.


  • These Destaco 6015 straight line action clamps have a flanged base with threaded holes that allow quick and secure mounting onto flat surfaces / workpieces using a screwdriver.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you adjust a toggle clamp?

After clamping, the force can be adjusted by loosening / tightening the spindle nut (supplied with the unit for protection from damage caused by abrasion, twisting or flexing).

Are these straight line action clamps supplied with a spindle nut?

Selected models (6015-SS & 6015-MSS) come with a spindle nut to provide maximum holding force for safety and durability.

What does holding capacity mean in terms of clamps?

The holding capacity or the holding force depicts the clamp's capability to hold down equipment or sheet metal on assembly lines or during similar manufacturing processes.

How do Destaco manual clamps work with, and benefit, fixture applications?

Destaco straight line action manual clamps securely hold a part into a fixture in a safe and ergonomic way. These quick acting clamps improve productivity and cycle times.

What does clamping pressure mean?

The holding power of a straight line action clamp is a crucial factor to take into account before starting an application. The operator has to place the right amount of pressure on the workpiece while clamping. We suggest not to exceed the recommended pressure because it may tremendously damage your workpiece. In addition, too little weight is not also ideal.

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