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The UL-listed and CSA-certified Carling toggle switches are widely used in commercial and residential electrical appliances / equipment for On / Off and low voltage (12 / 24 VDC) applications. These SPDT toggle switches feature a sturdy mechanical lever handle to facilitate the flow of electric current in a circuit and a slow-break contact mechanism providing a slight time delay that allows AC waves to go through its zero-energy level. They have a lifespan of 50000 cycles, dielectric strength of 1000 V and AC contact rating of 15 A at 125 VAC. All these toggle switches are housed in an anti-tracking molded case to prevent dust buildup. 

 ModelSKUMounting HoleNumber of ConnectionsStem Dia. and Thread SizePriceQuantity
CARLING TECHNOLOGIES LT-1561-601-012LT-1561-601-012AA2BJA0.469" Dia.50.406"£ 16.69 (Inc. VAT)
CARLING TECHNOLOGIES 2GP51-732GP51-73AA2BJF0.469" Dia.60.406"£ 14.60 (Inc. VAT)
CARLING TECHNOLOGIES 2GG51-732GG51-73AA2BJG0.469" Dia.60.406"£ 13.24 (Inc. VAT)
CARLING TECHNOLOGIES 2FB54-732FB54-73AC3WLR0.5" Dia.30.47"£ 11.96 (Inc. VAT)
CARLING TECHNOLOGIES 2FC54-732FC54-73AC3WLT0.5" Dia.30.47"£ 11.90 (Inc. VAT)
CARLING TECHNOLOGIES 6FC54-736FC54-73AE2EUJ0.5" Dia.30.47"£ 13.87 (Inc. VAT)
CARLING TECHNOLOGIES 2FB53-73-TABS2FB53-73-TABSAE2EXP0.5" Dia.30.47"£ 11.17 (Inc. VAT)
CARLING TECHNOLOGIES 2FC53-73-TABS2FC53-73-TABSAE2EXQ0.5" Dia.30.47"£ 11.12 (Inc. VAT)