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General Purpose AC Motors


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C213T34DB45C General Purpose Motor 50-60 Hertz
Item: AJ2TEY
Model: 170143.60
£1,448.73 /unit (Inc. VAT)
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DC Motor PM TENV 1/30 HP 3000 rpm 90VDC
Item: AG9YJQ
Model: 23L378
£215.81 /unit (Inc. VAT)
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Dowel Pin, 1/4 Inch Nominal Dia., 0.25 Inch Pin Dia.
Item: CG8PKD
Model: U39080.025.0125
£4.78 /unit (Inc. VAT)
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Hex Head Cap Screw, 7/8-9 Thread Size, Grade 9
Item: CG8XNW
Model: 440678
£1,303.85 /unit (Inc. VAT)
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Iec Frame Motor, M3aa, B3, 112, 2p, Mb, 4kw
Item: AJ6XMQ
Model: MM11042-APN
£798.54 /unit (Inc. VAT)
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Motor 3 Phase 5hp 1200rpm 208-230/460 Eff 90.2
Item: AB7GXL
Model: U5P3DC
£1,898.74 /unit (Inc. VAT)
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Pump Motor, 3 Hp, 182t, 1800 Rpm, 60 Hz, 3ph, Tefc, Fo
Item: AJ6XXP
Model: P18G2134
£3,052.05 /unit (Inc. VAT)
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Single Phase Open Motor, 115/230v, 3475 Rpm, 60 Hz, .33 Hp, Odp, 48
Item: AJ6TEZ
Model: EL11205
£1,196.34 /unit (Inc. VAT)
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Spring Pin, 0.163-0.171 Inch Dia. Range, 5/32 Inch Nominal Dia., 420 Grade
Item: CG8TLN
Model: U51430.015.0075
£11.23 /unit (Inc. VAT)
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Three Phase Open Motor, 3ph, 1.5 Hp, Odp, 3490 Rpm, 56
Item: AJ6TTT
Model: EM31120
£1,398.49 /unit (Inc. VAT)
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Three Phase Open Motor, 460v, 1190 Rpm, 60 Hz, 125 Hp, Odp, 445t
Item: AJ6TQW
Model: EM2557T-4
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Uss Washer, 0.165 Inch Thickness
Item: CG8NQV
Model: U38131.100.0001
£17.84 /unit (Inc. VAT)
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General Purpose AC Motors

General purpose motors are all-purpose motors offered by Raptor Supplies. Magnet motors, fan-cool motors with brakes, three phase motors -all are available at Raptor Supplies. These all-purpose motors can be used in a variety of projects for a variety of jobs. Motors offered by us come in different voltage specifications as well as a range of RPM. Find affordable and good quality all-purpose motors at Raptor Supplies.

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