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Arc Faceshield Kit, 12 Cal.
Item: CJ3XEF
Model: AFS-12HK
£205.72 /unit (Inc. VAT)
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ArcShield, Standard, Grey, 12 Cal, Z94 Cap
Item: CT4HPD
Model: 21AGR12-CC+500
£305.32 /unit (Inc. VAT)
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Face Shield, Anti-Fog Window, Pk 36
Item: CF4RQD
Model: 14215
£38.12 /unit (Inc. VAT)
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Faceshield Visor Frames Prop Clear
Item: AC6MGR
Model: 10115851
£35.13 /unit (Inc. VAT)
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Faceshield Visor Pcu 10 Inch Height x 3/16 Inch Width Pk12
Item: AG4KUB
Model: FS18GL
£244.08 /unit (Inc. VAT)
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Faceshield Window Polycarbonate 8 x 15.5in
Item: AF4ECJ
Model: 15584PC
£5.66 /unit (Inc. VAT)
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Fire And Rescue Visor Tuffshield Clear 4in
Item: AD8KKV
Model: 10071006
£278.33 /unit (Inc. VAT)
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Item: CT7LZB
Model: HG4-S
£48.77 /unit (Inc. VAT)
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Ratchet Faceshield Assembly Black 8 x 15in
Item: AE6QZL
Model: S31200
£142.27 /unit (Inc. VAT)
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Ratchet Faceshield Assembly Plastic Gray
Item: AF9NHZ
Model: 10127062
£53.46 /unit (Inc. VAT)
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Replacement Bracket
Item: CD2YYA
£33.64 /unit (Inc. VAT)
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Visor Clear 8inh x 15inw x 0.06in Thick
Item: AB7RMT
Model: 860T
£20.27 /unit (Inc. VAT)
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Face Protection

Face protection equipment refers to a range of safety gear designed to protect the face from potential hazards in various work environments. They include items such as face shields, safety goggles, welding helmets and full-face respirators. These protective devices shield the eyes, nose, mouth and face from impact, chemicals, sparks, UV radiation or airborne particles. Face protection equipment is crucial in construction, manufacturing, healthcare and welding applications, where workers may be exposed to hazards that could cause facial injuries or long-term health risks.

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