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Data Recording


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AC Voltage/Current Datalogger, Dual Input, True RMS
Item: CD4DFH
Model: R5003
£410.80 /unit (Inc. VAT)
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Air Quality Meter, Indoor, Datalogger, O2, CO2, CO, Temp/RH
Item: CD4DDG
Model: SD-9901
£1,288.91 /unit (Inc. VAT)
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Chart 10.313 In -35 - +75 7 Day Pk 100
Item: AG7DTK
Model: BN 24001661-023
£63.22 /unit (Inc. VAT)
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Data Logger Room Occupancy to 12m/Light 128 KB
Item: AH6FLE
Model: UX90-006
£372.83 /unit (Inc. VAT)
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Kit Card Reader

Kit Card Reader

Item: AD8MZX
Model: A220
£150.42 /unit (Inc. VAT)
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Paper Chart, 4 Inch, -30 - 50 Deg C, 7 Day Recording, Pk 60
Item: AB4GMW
Model: C181
£101.52 /unit (Inc. VAT)
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Paper Chart, 4 Inch, Range 7 - 32 Deg C, 7 Day Recording, Pk 60
Item: AD2FVU
Model: C208
£78.70 /unit (Inc. VAT)
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Smart Power Cable, 30 A, 240 VAC

Smart Power Cable, 30 A, 240 VAC

Item: CE6ULN
Model: HBLSG30L6L6
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Strip Chart Fanfold Range None 50 Feet
Item: AJ2HZV
Model: BN 46187045-050
£51.41 /unit (Inc. VAT)
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Temperature Datalogger 3 Channel
Item: AE7CXL
Model: SD200
£460.30 /unit (Inc. VAT)
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Temperature Recorder, 4 Inch -22 To 122 F Display
Item: AC2DKD
Model: SL4350
£490.99 /unit (Inc. VAT)
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Universal Input Chart Recorder, 8 Inch
Item: AA9CAA
Model: ET855
£1,219.64 /unit (Inc. VAT)
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Data Recording

Data recording of atmospheric levels and temperature is essential for maintaining the properequipments, conducting tests and performing facilities. That's why you will find tools for properrecording of electrical and atmospheric properties along with best charts, tickers and strips for recordingall your data. Measuring conditions and levels in wide varieties our tools will help serve all your needsand give you precise information for maintaining, troubleshooting and managing proper atmosphericconditions.

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