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Chemical Pumps


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Chemical Transfer Pump, 230V

Chemical Transfer Pump, 230V

Item: BR2UMX
Model: TE-4-MD-SC
£595.99 /unit (Inc. VAT)
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Magnetic Drive Pump, 230V

Magnetic Drive Pump, 230V

Item: BR2UMU
Model: TE-4MDX-SC
£607.60 /unit (Inc. VAT)
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Metering Pump 15 Gpd 110 Psi
Item: AC9LUR
Model: XP015LAHXG19
£894.37 /unit (Inc. VAT)
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Metering Pump 170 Gpd 25psi
Item: AD8VXA
Model: 170JL5A1STG1
£1,086.54 /unit (Inc. VAT)
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Peristaltic Metering Timer Pump 5 Gpd
Item: AC7LQG
Model: E10T2A81S4G1
£464.50 /unit (Inc. VAT)
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Pump Magnetic Drive 1/2 Hp 115/208-230v
Item: AC8KWL
Model: DB6V-T-M226
£2,174.45 /unit (Inc. VAT)
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Pump Magnetic Drive 10 Hp 208-230/460v
Item: AC8KWK
Model: DB22P-3-21-M239
£7,804.11 /unit (Inc. VAT)
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Pump Magnetic Drive 208-230/460v
Item: AC8KVP
Model: SP15P-M209
£4,756.35 /unit (Inc. VAT)
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Pump Magnetic Drive 3/4 Hp 115/208-230v
Item: AC8KWB
Model: DB8P-M204
£1,886.51 /unit (Inc. VAT)
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Pump Tube C Santoprene 1/4 inch PK2
Item: AH4XHK
Model: EC30C-2G1
£68.25 /unit (Inc. VAT)
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Transfer Pump, Non Corrosive, 1 Hp, 115V, 10.5A
Item: BQ6QAT
Model: S1JCM-A3
£636.40 /unit (Inc. VAT)
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Transfer Pump, Non Corrosive, 2 Hp, 115/230V
Item: BQ6QAJ
Model: S2A
£759.67 /unit (Inc. VAT)
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Chemical Pumps

Chemical pumps are suitable for use in food and chemical processing industries, as well as in off-site refineries and high-temperature heating systems. Raptor Supplies offers a wide range of these chemical pumps from brands like Chem-Tech, Control Company, Finish Thompson, Global Water, Grainger, Little Giant Pumps and Mec-o-Matic. These chemical-transfer magnetic-drive pumps can handle mild acids, mild alkalis and saltwater; and isolate the pump mechanism from the motor to help remove seal-caused friction loss, wear, contamination and leakage.

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