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STRONG HOLD Storage Cabinets

Combination, countertop, janitorial and wardrobe storage cabinets with 14-gauge shelves (capable of holding loads up to 1900 lb) and 7-gauge welded legs (to provide mobility in lifting). Available in clearview, standard, roll-up and ventilated door options

StyleNumber of ShelvesOverall HeightOverall WidthShelf CapacityPrice(inc. VAT)ModelSku
A366"36"1900 lb.£ 3664.90
35-303 AA7JQJ
A478"36"1900 lb.£ 4146.64
36-304 AA7JQK
A366"48"1200 lb.£ 4363.86
45-303 AA7JQL
A478"48"1200 lb.£ 4859.82
46-304 AA7JQM
A366"60"1650 lb.£ 5020.18
55-303 AA7JQN
A478"60"1650 lb.£ 5540.84
56-304 AA7JQP
A366"72"1525 lb.£ 5559.83
65-303 AA7JQQ
A478"72"1525 lb.£ 6592.92
66-304 AA7JQR
StyleNumber of ShelvesOverall HeightOverall WidthShelf CapacityPrice(inc. VAT)ModelSku
A366"36"1900 lb.£ 4087.80
35-363 AA7JQT
A478"36"1900 lb.£ 4707.23
36-364 AA7JQU
A366"48"1200 lb.£ 4863.37
45-363 AA7JQV
A478"48"1200 lb.£ 5568.20
46-364 AA7JQW
A366"60"1650 lb.£ 5572.03
55-363 AA7JQX
A478"60"1650 lb.£ 6336.42
56-364 AA7JQY
A366"72"1525 lb.£ 6303.89
65-363 AA7JQZ
A478"72"1525 lb.£ 7384.33
66-364 AA7JRA
StyleNumber of DoorsOverall DepthOverall HeightOverall WidthShelf CapacityPrice(inc. VAT)ModelSku
A220"36"24"1000 lb.£ 1825.14
23-LD-202 AC3CYG
A120"36"36"1600 lb.£ 2599.70
33-LD-202 AC3CYH
A124"42"48"1200 lb.£ 3287.15
43.5-LD-242 AC3CYJ
StyleOverall DepthOverall HeightOverall WidthShelf CapacityPrice(inc. VAT)ModelSku
A20"36"24"1000 lb.£ 1569.67
23-202 AB3MFK
B20"36"36"1600 lb.£ 2497.32
33-202 AB3MFL
B20"42"36"1600 lb.£ 2662.20
33.5-202 AB3MFM
B24"36"36"1900 lb.£ 2776.48
33-242 AB3MFN
B24"42"36"1900 lb.£ 2367.98
33.5-242 AB3MFP
B24"42"48"1200 lb.£ 3206.74
43.5-242 AB3MFQ
StyleFinishNumber of ShelvesOverall HeightOverall WidthShelf CapacityPrice(inc. VAT)ModelSku
AEnamel666"36"950 lb.£ 3082.66
35-DS-246 AC3CXT
BEnamel878"36"950 lb.£ 3308.53
36-DS-248 AC3CXU
AEnamel666"48"1275 lb.£ 3619.43
45-DS-246 AC3CXV
AEnamel666"60"1600 lb.£ 3963.07
55-DS-246 AC3CXW
AEnamel666"72"1950 lb.£ 4394.72
65-DS-246 AC3CXX
BElectrostatically Painted Enamel878"48"1275 lb.£ 3838.01
46-DS-248 AE7MLE
BElectrostatically Painted Enamel878"60"1600 lb.£ 4292.28
56-DS-248 AE7MLF
BElectrostatically Painted Enamel878"72"1950 lb.£ 4814.50
66-DS-248 AE7MLH

Industrial CabinetSTRONG HOLD

StyleFinishGaugeNumber of ShelvesOverall DepthOverall HeightOverall WidthShelf CapacityWidthPrice(inc. VAT)ModelSku
AEnamel12324"66"36"1900 lb.£ 2463.24
35-243 AC3CXN
AEnamel12324"66"48"1200 lb.£ 3121.48
45-243 AC3CXP
AEnamel12324"66"60"1650 lb.£ 3609.62
55-243 AC3CXQ
AEnamel12324"66"72"1525 lb.£ 4247.10
65-243 AC3CXR
BEnamel12424"78"36"1900 lb.£ 2955.74
36-244 AD9ULN
CEnamel12424"78"48"1200 lb.£ 3635.06
46-244 AD9ULP
DEnamel12424"78"60"1650 lb.£ 4301.68
56-244 AD9ULQ
BElectrostatically Painted Enamel12420"78"36"1600 lb.£ 2659.26
36-204 AE7MLD
BElectrostatically Painted Enamel12424"78"72"1525 lb.£ 4804.32
66-244 AE7MLG
E1436"£ 2500.13
36-243-L CE7YQC
F48"£ 2924.94
46-243-L CE7YQD
GBaked Enamel14360"£ 3327.23
56-243-L CE7YQE
StyleNumber of DrawersNumber of ShelvesTotal Number of DrawersPrice(inc. VAT)ModelSku
A333£ 4295.46
36-243-3DB AB3MFY
B343£ 4361.65
36-244-3DB AB3MFZ
C727£ 5767.76
36-242-7DB AB3MGA
D818£ 5860.68
36-241-8DB AB3MGB
StyleOverall WidthShelf CapacityPrice(inc. VAT)ModelSku
A48"1125 lb.£ 6439.40
46-244-6/5DB AB3MFR
A60"1575 lb.£ 7093.64
56-244-6/5DB AB3MFT
A72"1450 lb.£ 7794.53
66-244-6/5DB AB3MFU
StyleOverall WidthShelf CapacityPrice(inc. VAT)ModelSku
A48"1275 lb.£ 4950.37
46-4D-248 AE4GDF
A60"1600 lb.£ 5756.62
56-4D-248 AE4GDG
A72"1950 lb.£ 6389.40
66-4D-248 AE4GDH
StyleAssemblyCabinet ColorOverall HeightOverall WidthShelf CapacityPrice(inc. VAT)ModelSku
AAssembledFederal Green72"48"1375 lb.£ 4326.49
BWeldedDark Gray78"36"1025 lb.£ 3080.63
36-BC-244 AD2PXW
BWeldedDark Gray78"48"1375 lb.£ 3748.27
46-BC-244 AD2PXX
BWeldedDark Gray78"60"1750 lb.£ 4435.96
56-BC-244 AD2PXY
StyleOverall WidthShelf CapacityPrice(inc. VAT)ModelSku
A36"1900 lb.£ 4832.27
36-WP-244 AC3CXY
A48"1200 lb.£ 5835.44
46-WP-244 AC3CXZ
A60"1650 lb.£ 7150.94
56-WP-244 AC3CYA
StyleCabinet ColorNumber of ShelvesOverall HeightOverall WidthShelf CapacityPrice(inc. VAT)ModelSku
ADark Gray666"36"950 lb.£ 7495.67
35-DS-246SS AB3MGM
ADark Gray666"48"1275 lb.£ 8871.58
45-DS-246SS AB3MGN
BGray878"72"1950 lb.£ 12726.38
66-DS-248SS AC3CYF
StyleCabinet ColorFinishNumber of ShelvesOverall DepthOverall HeightOverall WidthShelf CapacityPrice(inc. VAT)ModelSku
ADark GrayEnamel324"66"36"1900 lb.£ 6598.26
35-243SS AB3MGE
ADark GrayEnamel324"66"48"1200 lb.£ 7930.16
45-243SS AB3MGF
BDark GrayStainless Steel420"78"36"1600 lb.£ 7013.40
36-204SS AC3CYB
BDark GrayEnamel424"78"36"1900 lb.£ 7453.63
36-244SS AC3CYC
BGrayStainless Steel424"78"48"1200 lb.£ 8807.04
46-244SS AC3CYD
BDark GrayEnamel424"78"60"1650 lb.£ 10413.76
56-244SS AC3CYE
StyleCabinet ColorFinishMaterialNumber of ShelvesOverall HeightOverall WidthShelf CapacityPrice(inc. VAT)ModelSku
ADark GrayEnamelSteel366"48"1200 lb.£ 3651.29
45-LD-243 AB3MFV
BDark GrayEnamelSteel478"48"1200 lb.£ 3942.94
46-LD-244 AB3MFW
BDark GrayEnamelSteel478"60"1650 lb.£ 4591.04
56-LD-244 AB3MFX
CStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless Steel366"48"1200 lb.£ 10377.70
45-LD-243SS AB3MGG
DDark GrayStainless SteelStainless Steel478"48"1200 lb.£ 11023.72
46-LD-244SS AB3MGH
DDark GrayStainless SteelStainless Steel478"60"1650 lb.£ 12655.07
56-LD-244SS AB3MGJ
StyleNumber of DoorsOverall WidthShelf CapacityPrice(inc. VAT)ModelSku
A436"1900 lb.£ 5769.67
36-RUD-244 AA7JRC
A148"1200 lb.£ 6467.22
46-RUD-244 AA7JRD
A60"1650 lb.£ 7179.18
56-RUD-244 AA7JRE
StyleFinishMaterialOverall WidthShelf CapacityPrice(inc. VAT)ModelSku
AEnamelSteel36"1900 lb.£ 3017.50
36-V-244 AB3MFG
AEnamelSteel48"1200 lb.£ 3528.80
46-V-244 AB3MFH
AEnamelSteel60"1650 lb.£ 4089.59
56-V-244 AB3MFJ
BStainless SteelStainless Steel36"1900 lb.£ 7809.17
36-V-244SS AB3MGK
BStainless SteelStainless Steel60"1650 lb.£ 10458.85
56-V-244SS AB3MGL
StyleAssemblyCabinet ColorNumber of DrawersNumber of ShelvesOverall HeightOverall WidthShelf CapacityStylePrice(inc. VAT)ModelSku
AWeldedDark Gray0572"36"1100 lb.Combination£ 3148.44
36-W-245 AD2PXP
AWeldedDark Gray0572"48"1500 lb.Combination£ 3786.22
46-W-245 AD2PXQ
AWeldedDark Gray0572"60"1900 lb.Combination£ 4489.54
56-W-245 AD2PXR
BWeldedGray7378"36"1025 lb.Combination£ 5392.67
36-W-243-7DB AD2PXT
BWeldedGray7378"48"1425 lb.Combination£ 6520.30
46-W-243-7DB AD2PXU
BWeldedGray7378"60"1825 lb.Combination£ 7029.08
56-W-243-7DB AD2PXV
CAssembledDark Gray0178"36"1900 lb.Wardrobe£ 2610.28
36-WR-241 AE4GDK
CAssembledDark Gray0178"48"1200 lb.Wardrobe£ 3131.75
46-WR-241 AE4GDL
CAssembledDark Gray0178"60"1650 lb.Wardrobe£ 3672.18
56-WR-241 AE4GDM
DAssembledDark Gray01078"72"825 lb.Combination£ 5488.86
66-DSW-2410 AE4GDN

Combination Storage Cabinet AssembledSTRONG HOLD

Combination Storage Cabinet Assembled
Price(inc. VAT)ItemModel

Heavy Duty Flammable Safety Cabinent, 43 x 18 x 66 Inch Size, 3 ShlevesSTRONG HOLD

Heavy Duty Flammable Safety Cabinent, 43 x 18 x 66 Inch Size, 3 Shleves
Price(inc. VAT)ItemModel